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Less Than Evil

Assalamualaikum ~ So here is the review of one of the drama that I actually enjoyed very much.
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Title : Less Than Evil / Bad Detectives / Nabbeun Hyungsa /나쁜형사
Episodes : 32 episodes / 30 minutes per episode
Genre : Crime, Drama
Network : MBC
Cast : Shin Ha Kyung, Lee Seol, Park Ho San, Baro, Kim Gun Woo, Bae Da Bin, Yang Jae Young, Bae Yoo Ram
Note : This drama series is a remake of UK television series, 'Luther' that aired on BBC One in 2010
Plot :

Woo Tae Seok is a detective that devoted his life to catch criminals. He swing between good and bad detective. 13 years ago, Woo Tae Seok was unable to save a witness from becoming a victim of murder. He once again faced the murderer of the victim. While catching Jang Hyung Min (murderer from 13 years ago), he came across a female psychopath, Eun Seon Jae who killed her own parents. However, she was released due to lack of evidence. Eun Seon Jae then help Woo Tae Seok in solving the cases.


Here is another intense and crazy-plot drama. I loved how they disclosed the murderer from the 13 years old case and how Woo Tae Seok determined to catch him. I actually expect him to save Jang Hyung Min when he was about to fall from the high place but when Jang Hyung Min fall and Woo Tae Seok looked satisfied, it was quite shocking. The appearance of Eun Seon Jae as a reporter and also a suspect for murder complete this drama.

The actress definitely portray a well-define psychopath character. Big applause for her as I have never watch a female psychopath in any drama or movie. This is the first. I love how twisted her character is. She seems like to be on Woo Tae Seok side but then she also seems to be against him. She is on her own side even Jang Hyung Min didn't scared her one bit. To learn that she is actually a witness to the murder that Jang Hyung Min commit and someone who Woo Tae Seok failed to protect are even crazier. The moment when she asked Woo Tae Seok to catch the murderer of her parents are crazy. She wanted him to catch herself to see either he will arrest her or let her go, given the relationship they had.

While watching this drama, I constantly had to held myself back from cursing out loud (which happen almost every episode) because of one character. Captain Jeon (the Jeon reminded me of Jeon Jung Kook *facepalm). He is the senior detective in the station. He is the one who responsible for covering Jang Hyung Min from becoming the murder for the case that happened 13 years ago. He is also the one who helped Jang Hyung Min from police when he was hospitalized. This freaking man knew how to get on my nerves every time he spoke.

I personally loved the transition used in this drama. Not a lot of drama nor movie had this great editing to transit one scene to another. It is refreshing to have this new experience. The transition were well made and it so smooth that I couldn't help to praise the editor every time.

I don't remember the last time I had enjoyed such intense drama with a very good soundtrack. I honestly had no idea who is the singer but I really do enjoy their collaboration. I honestly think that this should at least made it into the nominee for the best OST for the year-end award show.

I couldn't find the official video, so here it is.

For the overall, I really enjoy the plot, the characters, the OST and the screenplay. I had no complain about this drama. I think that even if you are not a fan of crime-related drama, you still could enjoy this drama. For that, I am rating this as 9.8/10.


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