Tuesday 21 January 2020

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Wedding Dress

Assalamualaikum, hola ! This is a movie from 10 years ago but it was great ! Heh, I finally watch this after a decade, great. This time, I opt for a sad movie because I had the need to get some tears out. hehe

Title : Wedding Dress / 웨딩드레스
Runtime : 109 minutes
Genre : Drama, Family
Country : South Korea
Released year : 2010
Director : Kwon Hyung Jin
Cast : Song Yoon Ah, Kim Hyang Gi
Plot : 

Upon discovering she had a terminal cancer, Ko Woon starts to prepare her nine years old daughter, Sora to live without her. She also took time to say goodbye to people around her.


I watch this movie this other night and let me tell you, I spent like 3/4 of the movie crying, weeping and sobbing. Yes, this movie is that sad. The saddest scene for me was the one when Ko Woon unconscious after asking Sora to sing her a lullaby. I was so scared that it was the goodbye even though I am aware that she will eventually died. 

The plot was simple and I could (anyone could) easily follow through. There was occasionally a funny scenes to tone down the sadness in the beginning of the movie so it wasn't all about sadness. As for character development, I think her daughter, Sora, had the most development. It was so sad to see a nine years old to pretend that she know nothing of her mother illness when she's fully aware of it. She then slowly changed herself so that her mother wouldn't worry of her.

This movie was called wedding dress was because Ko Woon, is a designer of bridal dress at her friend's shop. She then started designing a special wedding dress for Sora and asked her friend (also her boss) to make the dress and gave it to Sora when the time comes.

I really enjoy this movie and I could see myself watching it again and again in the future. Hehe. It was a great movie and it should be enjoyed by all !



  1. berdasarkan summary su cerita ni xberat.jadi kalau tgk pn santai2 je.kan. suke tgk weeding dress yg kembang2 tu... hehe

    1. hahaha... tak berat pun, cuma dia overly sedih hahah

  2. I think I'll give it a try. Heee :) Thank you for your suggestion!

  3. i cried. every single time.

  4. Macam nak tengok jugalah.. mood nak menangis je skrg nie.. 😂

    1. hahaha... kalau macam tu, cerita ni memang sesuai !