Friday, 14 August 2020

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Cheo Yong 2

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest ! Wow, I'm really feeling it this week heh? I don't think I have ever update an entry so much in a week. Kind of like an achievement for me then. Well, as usual, the weekly k-drama review is here. 

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Title : Cheo Yong 2 / The Ghost Seeing Detective, Cheo Yong 2 / Cheo Yong : The Paranormal Detective 2
Episodes : 10
Genre : Horror, Thriller, Action
Director : Kang Cheol Woo
Writer : Hong Seung Hyun
Network : OCN
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Cast : Oh Ji Ho, Jeon Hyo Seong, Ha Yeon Joo
Plot : 

A few years after the incident where Cheo Yong was suspected to be a murderer, the whole team was dismissed from WAS team and worked at different area. To solve a big case, Department Chief Kang Ki Young and Detective Jung Ha Yoon gather Cheo Yong, Team Leader Byun Kok Jin and Detective Lee Jong Hyun as a team. They later on was joined with Han Tae Gyeong who was a patrol officer. With the new team, they begin to solve big cases.


So, last week I did a review on the first season of this drama and it turns out to be one of the bad review I gave when I reread them again. Well, I was quite annoyed because the theme is quite good and something I am interested in. Anyway, I am really glad that the season two was given a new breath with a new director, thank god. Unlike the first one, there was no disturbing camerawork that I felt so relief. Save myself from a headache.

This season had a more firm back story and plot as every cases they solved were carefully explained and yeah, unlike the first season. However, they didn't mentioned what happened to Sun Woo after they were dismissed. And yeah kind of lacking there because I'm curious. Even in the start of the drama had shown that Department Head Kang and Detective Jung had a hidden intention of building a team outside of the police station. And that really catch my attention. They really seems like plotting something bad.

I personally feels like this season had a better cast member and their dynamic really matches. Detective Jung had a firm and more formal type of person while Na Young is somewhat careless and had a habit of talking carelessly so when Na Young possessed Det. Jung, it became a funny situation especially when she is talking to the other team member. As for Cheo Yong, the team leader and Det. Lee, nothing had changed from the first season.  Their character are still intact. And we have the eye-candy Det. Han. I think the decision to include him to the drama are really great because well, we need some eye-candy, aite ? And his character are great especially the first time he and Cheo Yong met. That was one epic scene. Department Head Kang was something a leader should. I just realized that last season there was no direct mention of someone from upper rank.

As for the overall, I can safely said that this season are way better than the first one. If you ever wanted to watch this drama, I should say that just watch this season alone because it wasn't hard to catch up. Especially there wasn't much interrelation going on between the two season except for the characters and basic storyline.

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