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Soul Mechanic

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! Wow, I really did ignored my blog for a week and more. It feels weird to write on the review but I hope you could bear it with me.

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Title : Soul Mechanic / Fix You / Soul Repairer
Episodes : 32 (30 minutes per episode)
Genre : Medical, Psychology, Romance
Director : Yoo Hyun Ki
Writer : Lee Hyang Hee
Network : KBS2
Cast : Shin Ha Kyun, Jung So Min
Plot : 

Lee Si Joon is a psychiatrist at Eun Kang Medical Center. He is workaholic and really care about his patients. One issue of his patient, Cha Dong Il led him to Han Woo Joo, who is a rising musical actress. Han Woo Joo had a problem to control her emotions and usually lose her temper. That incident changed her life, making it hard for her to get by. Feeling responsible, Si Joon offered a part time job to Han Woo Joo as a stage therapy actress. It turns out Han Woo Joo is a borderline personality disorder patient and he was asked to treat her.


Another medical drama on the list, here we go ! Okay, this drama highlighted on the psychological problem and the life of people with mental sickness. Watching this drama was like a comfort for me because I once dream to be a psychologist (obviously I'm too far from realizing that dream) and it was a great experience.

The pace are a little slow at first. Maybe it because of the new environment of the hospital and there wasn't much nerve-wrecking scenes as the other medical drama. However, it gets interesting when Lee Si Joon turns out to have a PTSD on Borderline Personality Disorder patients. And he was expected to treat Han Woo Joo. It might not make the pace any faster but at least there were some interesting moment that I could expect on. 

There were various cases that was discussed and the one that interest me the most were voyeurism. I never knew that it was counted as one of the mental sickness. I just thought it was pervert-ic type of a person. Turns out they are sick. Literally and figuratively. This drama had been an eye opener for me. Every one is sick. Be it in their heart, in their mind and not just physically sick. Just like Han Woo Joo, she was perfectly normal physically but there was a void in her heart  that makes her the way she is. 

The actors were so great with their roles! Shin Ha Kyun really surprises me. But then the only works of him that I had watch was 'Less Than Evil' and 'Room No.7'. And through this drama he was a bit more expressive than those two of his. He was like a lot more smile and jokes in this drama and it kind of weird, a good weird. Jung So Min was also a fun actress and her characters definitely put colors in this drama. 

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  1. I watched this drama (lol Imma big fan of Jung So Min tehee) and I really love it, such an eye opener like you said. I think it is a good drama to introduce people about mental health issues. Jung So Min's character is a bit different from other characters she used to act in, which I found really nice!

    1. yeahh, I am really glad that there are more and more movies/dramas about mental health...

  2. byk skrg drama/movie yang berkaitan dgn mental health kan! good sharing tau benda ni

  3. it is a good story wahh ๐Ÿ˜

  4. Dalam list nak tengok.. hehehe.. tak sempat je..

    1. hahaha, banyak sangat drama yng menarik sekarang