Thursday 26 May 2022

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Giveaway prizes is here!

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! I am sorry for not updating much when I had soooo much to share about. And this is one of those much. As we know, joining giveaways and segments on blog were one of the way to connect with another bloggers with a plus point of getting some prizes and gifts if we are lucky enough. This update is one of those moments when I got lucky and won!

This giveaway was actually from 2020 and due to the Ray's busy schedule and everything went on in her life, only this year she managed to announce the winners and luckily enough, I am included in her special winners list! So, after contacting Ray for the gift postage (due to cuti raya, and me not going to be in college and everything), the gifts were finally safely landed on my hands! So what do I got? Well, those that follow me on Instagram and checked my story might now, those who doesn't know, keep reading!

After Ray announced the winners, we actually need to fill up Google Form for basic postage information as well as our preferences on what type of gifts we were prefer to get. I actually doesn't remember what I pick and whatever that was lead me to this wonderful gifts!

2. E-card Hari Raya by Rasyidahsheresimple

The second giveaway is by sis Syidah and it is a quite recent giveaway. I actually misunderstood the title. I thought I would get an e-card raya but instead I have to make one! But with all the software and apps available nowadays, this thing become simpler and one don't even need a good editing skill, it is all hunch and what please the eyes! 

And for this giveaway, I became one of the winners to receive duit raya instead! Yeay, sis Syidah asked the winners to contact her through e-mail and click, click, click, another RM10 in my account! 

Oh, I already used the money to join Empayar 3 pre-order yeah. I am less rich now.  And I'm about to get even less rich as Sara Aisha is finally releasing the final book of The Shadow Series. Ugh. And KLIBF 2022 about to happen (though I'm not sure I am free to go but I WANT AND WILL go), it's all money talk baybeh (is there anyone nak kasi kite uit aye? comment je nnti kita kasi info hihi)



  1. Dah terima hadiah headphones dari Ray tempohari. Thanks a lot!

    1. Waahhh seronok juga tu!! boleh guna masa nak mengajar online (ke takde dah kelas online ni ya hehe, sy masih on off kelas online)

  2. wahhhh bestnya dapat set pen berwarna. Makin seronok lah buat notes lepas ni. Tahniah su

  3. Tahniah. Banyak dapat pen berwarna.

  4. alhamdulillah tahniah. murah rezeki