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Pitch Perfect 2 [2015]

 Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! Here we are, the review for the second instalment of the Pitch Perfect.

Title: Pitch Perfect 2

Runtime: 115 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Musical

Director: Elizabeth Banks

Writer: Kay Cannon

Released year: 2015

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Adaptation from: Pitch Perfect by Mickey Rapkin

Casts: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Hailee Steinfeld


Beca is now the leader of Barden Bellas and she is graduating soon. After a disastrous performance in front of the USA's president and the whole country, the Bellas is now a laughing stock of the acapella community. As the university viewed the incident as something that tarnish their reputation, the Bellas was banned to go on their tour and activities. The only chance of them redeeming themselves was by winning the international competition where they must competes against other groups from another country as well as their new found rival from Germany, the Das Sound Machine. All in while, Beca is struggling to find balance between her time composing a new demo song for her boss at her internship company and spending time with her fellow Bellas.


Here we are, getting ready to get a pitch slapped, again! The second installment views another complication in Beca's life as she is going to graduate soon after three years of hard work in collage and being a reining champion of the ICCAC. Compared to the first movie in the instalment, I gotta say, this one had a more well-structured with the plot as well as the performance.

Just like I mentioned in the previous review, Beca's character was a kind and good character and in this second instalment, her character speak for herself. I mean, she can't even say anything bad to the DSM's girl main vocalist. It was so funny seeing her trying to insult the girl and her team on her face but ended up giving her praises.

As the Bellas was not allowed to held an audition for new members, the unexpected Emily, a legacy came to them. Emily is a cute character I would say. Nothing much but her involvement opened up a new floor for the Bellas to win the world acapella competition. And surprise surprise, Benji got himself someone to impress. And the romance between Fat Amy and Bumper was kinda unexpected for me because Bumper does not seem like a character of commitment but okay. As for Beca and Jesse, nah, there was much of them so maybe that is the element of romance wasn't really a focused for this instalment.

Even though once again we did not have the scenes where the Bellas rehearsed for their performance, this time we actually got to see their bonding time together to find their sound again. And I actually quite like that even better. Well, I just realized that if there was the scene of them rehearsing for their performances, there will be no element of surprise for the performance, so yeap, I'm taking out my wish to see them rehearsing. 

As I said, the Bellas performance was even better in this instalment, especially the last one. It was really memorable and well, I have goosebumps all over me when they started singing 'Flashlight'. It was a really nice touch. And I am not expecting that post credit so, better stick around during the credits!

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