Sunday, 24 July 2022

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Pitch Perfect 3 [2017]

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! Well, we got another movie review and it is the third instalment of Pitch Perfect!

Title: Pitch Perfect 3
Runtime: 93 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Musical
Director: Trish Sie
Writer: Kay Cannon
Released year: 2017
Related title(s): Pitch Perfect 1Pitch Perfect 2
Casts: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Hailee Steinfeld 

Aside from Emily who are still in collage and part of the official Barden Bellas, the group had now graduated and face the real world of working. When the Bellas reunion was not what they expected - to sing again, Aubrey had an idea to have one last performance for the group and that is by joining an overseas USO tour. They now faced a singing competition to open for DJ Khaled on the last tour with groups that used not only their voices but also instruments.


 The Bellas gang is back and this third and final (as of now anyway) instalment of the franchise is a blow up. The beginning part of the movie we could see that Beca had really became a music producer, a career that she really desires. It however is not as exciting as she thinks it is and finally went freelanced. How the other Bellas were doing was also being flashed in one scene and that was enough for me. 

The Bellas now got even more challenges from the previous competition whereby now they had to win DJ Khalid using only their voices while competing against the loud instruments that other groups are using. And of course their main competitors would be Evermoist whose members' name were rhymed with -ity. 

The unexpected plot when Fat Amy met with her daddy after running away from home when she was 18 really hooked me up. The twist and turn of that journey was really great. So much laughter came out from that scenes. The song choices used in the movie were great, as usual and I really enjoying myself watching and singing at the same time.

Both last Bellas performances in both PP2 and PP3 are very emotional for me. In PP2, the last performance screams that the Bellas legacy will still continues with Emily taking the last spotlight and the last performance in the PP3 screams that no matter what, they would still be here and ready, with Beca going solo. And god, that performance got me teary and so choked up with emotions. It feels like they are really ending it all.

To my disappointments was that there was no mentioned of how the Treblemakers were doing because they pretty much is a big part of this film in the first movie. All we know is that Jesse and Beca were no longer together, Amy and Bumper were no more and Benji... Well, I don't know about Benji since there was no mentioned of him. So yeah, if there was one thing I could to the plot is the boys part of story. Oh yeah, the post credit scenes were brilliant, Aubrey's dad showed up, Chloe finally got a guy (I have been waiting for this to happen, really), and Beca will not only produce but also start becoming a singer. And and the behind the scene clips from all previous production, gotta love that.