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The Prince & Me 2: The Royal Wedding [2006]

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Title: The Prince & Me 2: The Royal Wedding

Runtime: 111 minutes

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Director: Catherine Cyran

Writer: Mark Amin, Katherine Fugate, Allison Robinson

Released year: 2006

Language: English

Related title(s): The Prince & Me, The Prince & Me 3: A Royal Honeymoon, The Prince & Me: The Elephant Adventure

Casts: Kam Haskin, Luke Mably,


A few weeks before their wedding, Prince Edvard aka Eddie and his fiancee, Paige Morgan found themselves getting caught in an ancient rules of unmarried heir to the throne may only marry a woman of noble blood or abdicate his right for the throne. This law came into the light when Prince Albert of Norway was on verge on bankruptcy and in need of fund and found this law. He planned for his daughter, Princess Kirsten to marry Eddie.


First of all, I kind of get weirded out seeing Paige in a 'new' form because I got really attached with the appearance of the last actress. Short hair and all. Hence, Kam Haskin as Paige Morgan doesn't really do it for me. And it wasn't just her but almost an entire new cast. Queen Rosalind doesn't have the kind of elegance of the last actress and King Haraald suddenly looked very lively as compared to what he looked like in the last movie. 

In terms of the storyline, lets face it, it is very predictable. Princess Kirsten came as an old friend of Eddie and offering a helping hand to Eddie and Paige for their predicament with her father but turns out to be a snake. And the rule applies to the ending as well. 

As for the chemistry between the main characters, I would say it wasn't as strong as what Luke and Julia had. Plus, the way I see it, this time around, Eddie doesn't really shine as most part are the rival or 'connection' between Paige and Kirsten. I spent most of my time watching with a scowl. Feeling annoyed and angry for Eddie's lack of attention for Paige's feelings toward Kirsten. 

Overall, it was a meh continuation. Will I watched it again? Nah. Will I watch the third and forth movie? Yeap, I will. Because I am really curious of how it will turn out.

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