Wednesday 2 November 2022

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The Prince & Me 4: The Elephant Adventure [2010]

  Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! 

Title: The Prince & Me 2: The Royal Wedding

Runtime: 90 minutes

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Director: Catherine Cyran

Writer: Blayne Weaver

Released year: 2010

Language: English

Related title(s): The Prince & Me, The Prince & Me: The Royal Wedding, The Prince & Me: A Royal Honeymoon

Casts: Kam Haskin, Chris Geere, Johnathan Firth, Selina Lo


A few days after celebrating their first anniversary, Queen Paige and King Edvard are off to a fictional kingdom of Sangyoon, situated in Southeast Asia to attend the wedding of Princess Myra, daughter of the kingdom's ruler. The visit also to discuss the treatment of kingdom towards the minority tribe and for  Denmark to offer them some help. Upon meeting with Princess Myra and her fiance, Paige realized that the princess was unhappy with the arrangement and she was in love with Alu, a stable boy she grew up with. Paige and Eddie promised to help Myra to get out of her situation but soon they fall into a predicament when the royal elephant, Kayla went missing. To save Alu and the tribe who were blamed for the missing elephant, Eddie, Paige and Soren went into the jungle to find the elephant before the wedding with the help of Rayen.


We finally came to the final instalment of The Prince & Me movie series. And after the boredom and disappointment I had after watching the second and third movie, I honestly did not expect much of this final movie. However, I was left quite satisfied after the movie finished - not as much as the first movie but better than the other two.

What can I say is that the Asian flavor in this movie is helping me to enjoy the movie a lot more. Well, the flavor is not that deep but it was so much better than an uncle trying to steal the crown and the crown trying to save the national forest of a crown protectorate country and annoying storyline. Though I must say that them looking for an elephant at a foreign country itself is ridiculous. But I could enjoy this kind of ridiculous-ness. 

Plus, there were plentiful of comedic scenes that I could actually enjoy and laughed at instead of just watching the movie 'pass through'. And the action scene with the character Rayen is so so good! She is a total girl crush! And the ending with Soren having a girlfriend and is going to apply for holiday is really nice. I mean, his character was lonely since the first movie, aye? Always on the beck and call of the crown prince turned king. So yeah. I am really satisfied with this end.

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