Wednesday 29 January 2020


January 29, 2020 10 Comments
Assalamualaikum, hi ! It's raining hard here at my place. I was really in a good mood so I decided to write a review on a very great movie. Hope you guys like it !

Title : Insane / Come To See Me  / Nal Boreowa / 날, 보러와요
Runtime : 91 minutes
Genre : Mystery, Suspense-Thriller
Country : South Korea
Released year : 2016
Director : Lee Chul Ha
Cast : Kang Ye Won, Lee Sang Yoon
WARNING : Sensitive content due to a minor adult scene
Plot : 

Kang Soo Ah was kidnapped in the broad day light and locked up in a psychiatric ward without knowing why. She was forced to take drugs and undergoes cruel violence. She begins to write all the horrific details of what going on in the psychiatric hospital. One year later, the diary of Kang Soo Ah was delivered to Na Nam Soo, a producing director in a broadcasting station. He then feels intrigued by the event and seek out for Soo Ah. Later, he found out that Soo Ah was charged as murderer and now served in the prison.

Alright... This is one of a hell movie. The plot twist was everywhere and the plot was so so so insane ! I may will spoil much more than what I supposed to sooo you have been warned ! Okay, so that girl, Soo Ah was kidnapped in the middle of the day and AT THE CROWD. Like, when those two men came to her and put her into the van, everybody was stunned but carried on with their lives.

The story then progress to how Na PD received the diary by anonymous person. Na PD was used to be a famous PD with his show, '24 Hours' that uncover the truth of a story or a case but then there was a rumor that he did something bad (I'm not really sure of this issue) and was used as the scapegoat. He went jobless for a year until the director of the broadcasting station (where he used to work) offered him a job as a PD for a ghost show.

When he received the diary, he was showing less interest because of he personally did not wanted to take the job but he had to. When a person mentioned in the diary, Han Dong Shik appeared at the scene with burned scars and all, he couldn't help but to investigate further and begin looking for Soo Ah.

What happened in the psychiatric hospital was definitely terrifying. With all the nurses used violent and sided with the hospital director is so sick. I definitely did not expect that they used all the patient for organ trafficking activities. That man would do anything for money. He also used one of the woman patient as a sex slave. That was so sick. Seriously.

The journey to uncover the truth behind the hospital and the murder was no easy as Soo Ah was claimed to have amnesia. Yes, she remembered what happened in the hospital but she did not remember her step father whom she was accused to commit murder on. The truth of her locked up was horrifying and nobody deserves to experience what she had.

The plot twist at the end of the movie was something that I did see it coming but decided to shrug it off. I was so blown-away by that. I could still remember the moment when Na PD sent Kang Soo Ah to her home, she said something to him. The thing that she said proved that she indeed is the murderer but Na PD did her a favor of telling her sides of story to the people. 

Every actors did a great job on screen. Kang Ye Won was so great that I could feel her terror living in the hospital. The only help she had was from Han Dong Shik who was a nurse that did not know about the organ trafficking performed by the hospital director. Even if his appearance was only a few scenes and short, he played a major role in this whole plot. Personally, I think the 91 minutes was not enough.


Tuesday 21 January 2020

Wedding Dress

January 21, 2020 10 Comments
Assalamualaikum, hola ! This is a movie from 10 years ago but it was great ! Heh, I finally watch this after a decade, great. This time, I opt for a sad movie because I had the need to get some tears out. hehe

Title : Wedding Dress / 웨딩드레스
Runtime : 109 minutes
Genre : Drama, Family
Country : South Korea
Released year : 2010
Director : Kwon Hyung Jin
Cast : Song Yoon Ah, Kim Hyang Gi
Plot : 

Upon discovering she had a terminal cancer, Ko Woon starts to prepare her nine years old daughter, Sora to live without her. She also took time to say goodbye to people around her.


I watch this movie this other night and let me tell you, I spent like 3/4 of the movie crying, weeping and sobbing. Yes, this movie is that sad. The saddest scene for me was the one when Ko Woon unconscious after asking Sora to sing her a lullaby. I was so scared that it was the goodbye even though I am aware that she will eventually died. 

The plot was simple and I could (anyone could) easily follow through. There was occasionally a funny scenes to tone down the sadness in the beginning of the movie so it wasn't all about sadness. As for character development, I think her daughter, Sora, had the most development. It was so sad to see a nine years old to pretend that she know nothing of her mother illness when she's fully aware of it. She then slowly changed herself so that her mother wouldn't worry of her.

This movie was called wedding dress was because Ko Woon, is a designer of bridal dress at her friend's shop. She then started designing a special wedding dress for Sora and asked her friend (also her boss) to make the dress and gave it to Sora when the time comes.

I really enjoy this movie and I could see myself watching it again and again in the future. Hehe. It was a great movie and it should be enjoyed by all !


Friday 17 January 2020


January 17, 2020 10 Comments
Assalamualaikum, hola. I'm back with another k-drama review. I just finished this one and it is a very heart touching drama. I tried not to spoil too much on the review, hopefully it is still great. Hehe

Title : D-Day / Di dei / 디 데이
Episodes : 20
Genre : Medical, 
Writer : Hwang Eun Kyung
Network : JTBC
Cast : Kim Young Kwan, Jung So Min, Ha Seok Jin
Plot :

Seoul was shocked with the sudden earthquake. The whole city became paralyze as the road was messed up, electricity, water supply and telephone line was cut. A lot of hospitals were forced to shut down due to lack in resources. Mirae Hospital then chosen to be the base for disaster relief because of the availability of the resources despite the protest of the hospital director, Park Gun.


I wondered why I never heard of this drama before because it is very great ! It had a very nice story line and great cast. The opening scene was very great and had me confused because I knew this drama is about natural disaster and life saving and not some bad boy related (because Dr.Lee was on his bike with full speed).

The scene when the earthquake happen was nerve-wrecking because it is appeared very realistic with the water burst from the pipe line, building collapsed and also the underground train shook and stop. Let's not forget the scene of Hangang Mirae Hospital collapsed. That was epic and sad at the same time. After everything Lee Hae Sung did to convinced the patient to get out of the building, two of the being stubborn and went back into the building right before the it collapsed. 

Lee Hae Sung character was the typical doctor's character whereby everyone need to be saved. He is stubborn and reckless but he also knew what he was doing. His only intention was to save every single patient and when he witnessed the death of the two patients he developed PTSD. 

There was not much of intense surgery scenes but more of who have the upper hand on handling the situation and how the unexpected situation arises during the time. As Lee Hae Sung was blacklisted by the hospital director, he had to beg on his knee to have the patients that he brought from Hangang Mirae Hospital to be treated at the Mirae Hospital. All of his actions was regarded as over-stepping his boundaries.

This drama shows the situation during earthquake and there was still people who would take advantage of the situation. First, the ultimate bad guy, the hospital director. I hate how he could find a tiny room to take in his advantage. His greed was just so unbelievable ! And then there's Congressman Go Ja Hyuk. He had pointed the natural disaster care in his campaign. So, when the calamity happened, he dream to built a new Seoul. But then, his intention was not evil, just a tiny bit annoying.

This is a great drama and I think I have cried quite a number of time, especially for the last three episodes. It serious seriously had tear me up so much. Kind of hoping medik viral channel on YouTube could do a reaction to one of the scene in this drama.


Tuesday 14 January 2020

Strangers From Hell

January 14, 2020 8 Comments
Assalamualaikum, here is the first k-drama review of 2020 ! Finally I'm up for reviewing k-dramas again !

Title : Strangers From Hell / Hell Is Other People / Taineun Jiokida / 타인은 지옥이다
Episodes : 10
Genre : Psychological thriller
Writer : Kim Yong Ki (webcomic)
Network : OCN
Related : webcomic Taineun Jiokida by Kim Yong Ki on webtoon
Cast : Im Si Wan, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Jung Eun, Lee Hyun Wook, Park Jong Hwan, Lee Joong Ok
Plot :

Yoon Jung Woo is a man in 20s. He lived with his mother and an older brother who had a mental disability. When his senior in collage offered him a job in Seoul, he accepted the offer and went to Seoul. He then discover a studio room in a redevelopment area that fit his budget even though he had to share the bathroom and kitchen with the other resident, he agreed on the price. Jung Woo however did not like to live in the studio and he find the other residents weird and suspicious.


Honestly, this drama creep me out. Seriously. For a ten episodes drama, I could easily finished this in two days at most. But ! I had less courage to watch this drama alone, at night. So, I may have spent about three weeks to finish this drama. Yes, that long.

If I was Jung Woo, I would gone crazy earlier than he did (not that he went insane at the end but close enough).  I couldn't imagine living in a room with a very minimal light and no source of fresh air. Just watching him in the room made me feel so suffocated. 

You know about human instincts. The instinct to gnaw at the weak, and enjoy as weak suffer. - Seo Mun Jo

I really respect Lee Dong Wook. His character was so insanely creepy. I had never knew he had this side. I mean, I always watched him acted as a strong-will character like the one he did in 'Life' or maybe the witty and funny character he had in 'Goblin' but whatever it is, it sure not a psychopath.

I personally think that this drama had a very good plot. As much as I'm creeping out with all of the characters, I am enjoying my time watching this drama. I wonder how good the webtoon version. Hm. The writer definitely had some kicks in this type of story. Maybe, should made it less creepy. Heh.

Besides the people in the studio who are so sicks with the needs to kill people without any apparent reason, that one guy at Jung Woo's work place stressed me out. He portrayed someone who had a very low esteem but still had the guts to put others down with his word. Dang, I actually hate the sight of him. 

Well, even though I said that I enjoyed this drama, I might not want to re-watch. Like, ever.

Do you know why people turn strange? It's not that they're strange to begin with, but those around them make them that way - Officer Soh Jung Hwa


Jan Giveaway + BW by lieyzanordin

January 14, 2020 6 Comments

Assalamualaikum, i'm joining another january giveaway ! yeay ! Prizes semua menarik ! Btw, syarat nak join kena tengok 3 YT video dekat channel yang owner blog ni dah bagi, so aku pun tengok la...


One of the video.....

Pasal Kfry......

Jujur dari hati, aku memang tak penah la try makan dekat Kfry ni.... Tapikan, aku serious terliur... OMG... Dah la sekarang ni musim aku craving macam macam. Ughhhh Rasa menyesal gak tengok makkkkkk.. Huwaaa

Dah, aku nak mereput tepi katil

Friday 10 January 2020

Tebus by Hana Ilhami

January 10, 2020 4 Comments
Assalamualaikum, akhirnya. Siap jugak review empat novel HI ni. Hehe, took me long enough.

Tajuk : Tebus
Penulis : Hana Ilhami
Muka surat : 594
Penerbit : Penulisan Enterprise
ISBN : 978-967-2102-96-0
Sinopsis :

Akak inspektor, tolonglah pulangkan duit mak saya! Saya tak tahu macam mana nak bagi tahu dia nanti. Mesti dia akan terkejut dan marah. Kesianlah kat mak saya. Dia susah payah kerja sebab nak sara anak-anak. Duit abah tu bukannya banyak mana. Hanya cukup untuk keperluan sekolah sehingga kami tamat belajar.
Thursday, 13 June. 15.20

Akak, tolonglah! Saya merayu kat akak. Kalau tak pulangkan semua, akak pulangkanlah separuh. Asalkan dapat cover perbelanjaan persekolahan saya dan adik-adik.
Thursday, 13 June. 16.00

Kerana kenaifannya, duit simpanan arwah bapanya lesap, ibunya meninggal dunia akibat serangan jantung dan dia menjadi mangsa kemarahan adik lelakinya.

Enam tahun berlalu, peristiwa itu masih segar dalam ingatannya. Kini, Durrah rasa dia bertanggungjawab menyekat penipuan siber dan Skim Cepat Kaya, dia berusaha menyebarkan pengetahuan agar yang lain tidak terpedaya. Tidak mahu masyarakat diambil kesempatan seperti dirinya.

Usaha Durrah tidak mudah. Semakin Durrah menyebarkan kebenaran, semakin dia terancam. Paling menakutkan, akibat kelantangannya dalam menentang Skim Cepat Kaya, maruah dirinya hampir diragut.

Peristiwa itu tidak mematahkan semangat Durrah. Malah dia jadi lebih berani. Tetapi lubang bahaya sentiasa menganga untuk menerima kehadiran Durrah. Durrah sekali lagi diduga. Dia diculik untuk dijadikan pelacur di negara jiran.

Durrah diselamatkan oleh Leo yag Durrang sendiri tidak tahu akan kewujudannya. Bukan sekali, malah dua kali harga dirinya berjaya dipertahankan.

"Terima kasihlah, penyelamat misteri kerana telah menyelamatkan maruah aku." - DURRAH

"Aku akan pastikan tiada sesiapa yang akan menyentuh anak-anak kau. Ini janji aku." - LEO

Siapakah Leo sebenarnya yang jauh tapi seeakan-akan dekat dengan Durrah? Berjayakah Durrah menebus kembali kesilapannya atau Durrah akan serik untuk menyebarkan kesedaran tentang penipuan siber?

Novel ni fokus tentang scammer and jugak Skim Cepat Kaya melalui MLM. This one, is another novel daripada HI yang sangat bermanfaat. Aku yakin most of us aware pasal scam ni tapi dalam tak sedar, kita mungkin jadi mangsa scam. Contohnya, adik Durrah. Dia mungkin  bukan mangsa scam tapi dia tanpa sedar terjebak dengan sindiket scam. Hah, kan lagi teruk tu... Percaya sangat dengan kawan rupanya diperguna.

Kalau korang pernah baca sebuah novel karangan Ramlee Awang Murshid yang bertajuk 'Mikhail', novel ni ada sikit feel yang sama dengan novel tu. Mungkin sebab keduanya fokus pada jenayah antarabangsa. Tapi unlike 'Mikhail', novel ni takdelah sampai ke tahap brainwashing and murder sebab watak Leo ni tahu asal usul dia.

Masa aku baca blurb dekat novel, tak tahu kenapa aku pergi bayangkan Leo ni someone yang dah berusia. Hahaha. Tak terbayang langsung sebenarnya dia dalam umur 30-an. Mungkin sebab dialog yang dia nak protect anak-anak si 'anon' ni bagi aku conclusion yang dia berusia. Hehe.

Bagi aku plot cerita sangat cantik and smooth je penceritaan. Ada jugak diselitkan dalam novel dibeberapa babak tentang cara nak kenali scam, and macam mana nak elak daripada di-scam, so basically novel ni penuh dengan scam (tapi novel ni bukan satu scam ya!). So, kalau any of you expect babak-babak yang penuh dengan lovey-dovey, boleh lupakan kot sebab tak banyak mana pun. Ada tu ada.

Selain cerita scam, kisah disebalik hidup seorang Leo memang menarik minat aku. Yelah, bab awal-awal, aku kenal Leo ni sebagai ahli sindiket 'Macau Scam' tapi aku tak tahu kenapa dia baik. I mean, sejak dia kenal Durrah, dia protect Durrah walaupun dia tahu yang Durrah tu bermati-matian sebarkan maklumat pasal scam and skim cepat kaya. So, make sense bila kisah dia diceritakan.

Disebabkan novel ni terlalu fokus pada scam, skim cepat kaya dan juga cabaran yang Durrah hadapi untuk menyebarkan maklumat pasal penipuan internet, aku crave Leo dengan Durrah punya chemistry. Seingat aku berapa kali je scene dua orang ni muncul bersama. Hm. So, harapnya HI ada niatlah nak kembangkan cerita Durrah dengan Leo ni sebab aku dapat bayangkan yang Leo ni seorang yang sweet ahhahahah (pretty pretty pleaseeee with cheery on top). So, novel ni jadi novel kedua yang aku nak sequel selepas BBJ. Hehe

Bab nak menipu, manusia memang bijak-bijak belaka. - Inspektor Izwan


Saturday 4 January 2020

Friday 3 January 2020

Patah Sayap Bertongkat Paruh by Hana Ilhami

January 03, 2020 4 Comments
Assalamualaikum, salam tahun baru semuanya ! Entry pertama tahun 2020, yeay ! Jadi, untuk entry pertama ni, aku nak langsaikan hutang review novel yang aku post dalam entry ni. Ni merupakan novel second last jadi lepas ni aku ada baki satu novel je lagi.

Tajuk : Patah Sayap Bertongkat Paruh
Penulis : Hana Ilhami
Muka surat : 501
Penerbit : Penulisan Enterprise
Genre : Malay fiction 
ISBN : 978-967-2102-42-7
Sinopsis :

"Kalau Aliah melangkah keluar dari rumah ni, gugur talak!" -HISYAM

Dari berterusan menjeruk rasa, lebih baik Aliah mencari bahagia sendiri. Aliah nekad pulang ke kampung bersama tiga orang anaknya untuk membina hidup baru. Rumah tangga yang dibina atas dasar suka sama suka akhirnya runtuh jua. Aliah pasrah.

Di kampung, kisah rumah tangganya terbongkar apabila Pak Osman, ayah Aliah yang nyanyuk terlepas cerita kepada Talhah, teman sekampung Aliah sedari kecil. Khabar tentang Aliah yang diabaikan suami mengundang rasa simpati Talhah.

"Kau nak bercakap pasal apa? Pasal rumah tangga aku ? Lepas tu kau nak buat apa? Ketawakan aku ?" - ALIAH

"Kalau aku nak, aku dah ketawakan kau masa kat pasar tani haritu lagi..." - TALHAH

Keikhlasan Talhah membantu akhirnya disambut baik oleh Aliah. Dalam dia cinta ynag pernah berputik dalam hati Talhah kembali mekar. Namun, amaran daripada Hisyam menyedarkan Talhah tentang status Aliah.

"Memilih tu memang bagus tapi jangan sampai terpilih tunang orang. Lagi haru kalau isteri orang. Memang cari nahas!" - HISYAM

Kerana cemburukan hubungan antara Aliah dengan Talhah, Hisyam berbohong dalam mahkamah bahawa dua tidak pernah melafazkan cerai taklik kepada Aliah, menyebabkan status Aliah kini tergantung..

Dugaan yang diterima kali ini berat bukan kepalang. Ia menuntut kesabaran dan kecekalan yang bukan calang-calang. Mampukah Aliah, wanita yang dianggap lemah ini merubah suratan? Ataupun terus tersungkur menyambut ketentuan? Bagaiman pula dengan Talhah? Apakah dia akan berdiam menyaksikan wanita yang dicintainya sepenuh hati terlepas buat kali kedua ?

Pertama-tama, aku nak cakap yang aku memang anti dengan watak Hisyam. Ya ampun, geram tak terkata weh. Kuasa talak yang ada pada dia senang-senang dia permainkan, ugut Aliah dengan penceraian kalau langgar perintah dia, dah tu nafikan lafaz taklik yang dia sendiri pernah ungkapkan. Allah. Lemah jantung kita peghati perangai dia ni.

Bagi aku, fokus novel ni merupakan isu yang sangat-sangat tak lari daripada masyarakat kita. Curang dan poligami. Kalau log in Twitter, ada sajalah umat yang buat thread berjela macam mana pasangannya curang, scroll ajalah, mesti ada. Kisah Aliah ni pun tak kurang hebatnya jugak. Dahlah setia dengan ikrar akad selama 13 tahun, berhenti kerja untuk jaga anak tapi ended up, diduakan. Salah siapa ?

Selain dua isu yang aku beritahu, HI ketengahkan jugak isu nyanyuk. Banyak orang anggap nyanyuk ni perkara biasa yang akan berlaku pada seorang yang dah tua. Tapi tak, isu nyanyuk ni boleh jadi isu berat jugak. Tengok ajelah ayah Aliah; disebabkan penyakit ni, anak menjadi mangsa tanpa sedar. Jadi, jangan pandang remeh dengan orang yang nyanyuk.

Aku suka dengan watak Aliah, sangat-sangat cekal untuk hadapi kehidupan dekat kampung. Dengan kelakuan anak-anak yang susah untuk sesuaikan diri dengan suasana baru, dengan menguruskan ayah yang sakit, dengan mengadap pandangan dan kata-kata orang kampung, manakan nak dari pendapatan lagi. Tabahnya dia. Andai akulah (moga dijauhkan) belum tentu aku mampu setabah Aliah. 

Watak Talhah yang sentiasa ada membantu Aliah tanpa prejudis pun buat aku kagum. Okay, mungkin sebab Talhah pernah suka Aliah. Tapi watak Talhah memang menyerlah bagi aku. Memang pada asalnya aku nampak dia macam pergunakan anak-anak Aliah untuk dekat Aliah tapi sebenarnya tak. 

Macam novel-novel sebelumnya, novel ni pun banyak ilmu yang kita boleh timba. Aku suka baca posting dalam account Instagram Pekidol (Perempuan Kaki Sondol, kreatif ennn ke memang wujud aku je tak tahu?), rasa terhibur sentiasa tapi tulah, struggle nak membaca sebab dia dalam layout Instagram so, makin kecil pulak nak baca. 

Ending novel ni memang melegakan. Kisah disebalik terjadinya perkahwinan kedua Hisyam terbongkar and sorry  not sorry to say, padan muka kau ! Hah. Puas hati baca ending dia. Rasa nak lompat-lompat (ini adalah hiperbola yang terlalu hiper). 

Antara penajaran yang aku dapat:-

  • perkahwinan atas dasar suka sama suka tak semestinya kekal 
  • bersyukurlah dengan apa yang kita ada dan usahalah untuk kekalkannya
  • jangan sesekali menyerah kalah !