Tuesday 30 April 2019


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Assalamualaikum guys ! I'm on my last lecture week and from next week, I will be in my study weeks, which means that I probably spend most of my time watching dramas  I might spent less time on blogging, but, who knows what will happen. So, before I ended the depressive months, here is a very heartfelt movie to watch.

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Sunny / Sseoni / 써니
Runtime : 124 minutes
Genre : Drama, Comedy
Released Year : 2011
Distributor : CJ Entertainment
Country : South Korea
Cast : Shim Eun Kyung, Kang So Ra, Min Hyo Rin, Kim Min Young, Park Jin Joo, Nam Bo Ra, Kim Bo Mi
Plot :

Nami a full housewife, she is married to a successful businessman and had a daughter. From the people's perspective, she is living a perfect life but in reality, Nami feels that her life is lacking on something. One day, Nami went to the hospital to visit her mother, there, she met her long lost friend, Chun Hwa who was hospitalized because of cancer. They had time to catch up with each other as it was the first time they met for 25 years. One her way out, Nami asked if there's anything she could for Chun Hwa. At first, Chun Hwa refused but then she asked for the Sunny members to reunited again.

I believe that most of movie fans, especially korean movie will be familiar with this movie. I often came across reviews of this movie and never once I thought that I wanted to watch this. So, I am very thankful for my friend for giving me this movie. It's.. magnificent.


This movie had the past and present scenes and the transition between the scenes are very smooth. Although it started as they were older, the scenes when they were younger are more enjoyable. Maybe because the scenes when they were younger are more cheerful and full of life. When they are older, the atmosphere are little dark as Chun Hwa are sick and Nami is trying her best to get the Sunny members to met her again. Overall, it is an excellent movie. Both past and present played important role on the movie.

Next, we should talk about the plot. Aside from crime, action, law, medical based movie, family related and friendship are my definitely my favorite. This movie is not about the challenges to their friendship but it's about how strong their bond is. This movie had seriously touched my heart. I envy the bonds that they had. I really really wish that I had that kind of friendship in my life. I am not asking for seven friends to stay with me, just one is enough. And now, I am not sure either I had that kind of friend yet.

What makes this movie more enjoyable is the actor who plays Chun Hwa. Kang So Ra, the one who played the younger Chun Hwa is really play her part really well. Especially when she is the centered of the group, I really love how she delivered the pain and sadness when one of the Sunny members thought that her life is over. And the present Chun Hwa is definitely greater than the past Chun Hwa. Jin Hee Kyung is one of my favorite actress. She is very versatile and I can definitely says that this character suits her well.

What I really love about this movie is the theme. It holds the message of 'best friends', 'friendship' through out the movie. I especially love the scene when the present Chun Hwa, Nami and Jang Mi went to beat the school girls who bullied Nami's daughter. I mean, how can a grown up beat the school girls and actually act like one. The craziest thing is, the other didn't bother to deny the idea but actually support it ! The most touching moment is when Chun Hwa died, she still left her will in regards to her friends. She still thought of her friends till her last moment. I think it is really beautiful.

This is a must watch movie for all movie lovers ! 9.7/10


Friday 26 April 2019

Tuesday 23 April 2019

Bad Guys 2 : Vile City

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Assalamualaikum ! So, every piece of me are very very very happy as no more presentation ! Yeayyy ! Only had to faced two tests, one assignment and yea, the final. So, to celebrate this happy day, here is the second season of 'Bad Guys'.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner
Title : Bad Guys 2:Vile City /
Episodes : 16
Network : OCN
Related : Bad Guys
Genre : Action,
Cast : Park Jong Hoon, Joo Jin Moo, Yang Ik Jun, Ji Soo, Kim Moo Yol
Plot :

Woo Je Moon is a prosecutor at Seoul District Public Prosecutors' Office. He got an order from the chief prosecutor to arrest Jo Young Kook. Woo Je Moon took the case with special request that he will establish his own team to take Jo Young Kook down. The team consists of a detective, Sung Cheol and his assistant, Pil Soon, a retired gangster now a restaurant owner, Heo Il Hoon, a junior prosecutor, No Jin Pyeong and a hit-man Han Kang Joo. All of the team members decided to join the team with their own reason.

Just like the first season, this story is basically a team of 'bad guys' trying to take down another bad guys. However, unlike the first season, in the second season, they are all good guys who used violence to uncover the truth. I really love this season as much as I love the first season.


First off, I really hate getting my prediction wrong. This season got me really hooked as I ended up having my jaw dropped because of the bad guys. I couldn't keep up with the amount of the plot twist in this season. It's never ending. I couldn't really stop myself to watch this drama again and again even though I was suppose to go study for my finals.

Second off, this is what I call for real thing. I mean, the good side can't always win and never lose. I mean, there's a saying

"You have to lose something in order to gain something"

am I wrong ? No, aite ? I like how one of the main cast died when he suppose to be the main cast. Oh, I mean, two of the team members died. One  of them died at the end of the story and the other died at the middle. It was totally unexpected. The numbers of betrayal is countless, like, it was suppose to be only one or two betrayal at one time. Instead, there's like a betrayal of the whole team. It's insane !

Although I am not familiar of the actors beside Ji Soo, they definitely had catch my eyes ! Especially the one who played the role of Heo Il Heo. He seriously so charismatic. I am glad that he had that kind of role. I love the determination portrayed from his eyes. I might have to look for another drama/movies that he featured in.

One thing about this movie that doesn't really fit with the concept of the first season is the law. What I mean, in this season, the law is actually quite useless as most of the people with the higher status is not their ally. If it was the first season, they had the Chief Prosecutor to cover their back. The serious thing that I got to mention is the fight scenes. Compared to the first season, this season are more intense and the fight scene become the must scene in almost every episode. I could tell that this is really related to the gang.

As usual, I will leave with one piece of my favorite line. 

"Money may not collapse easily, but relationship forged with money will collapse very easily."


Thursday 18 April 2019

Thoughtless Thursday #014

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Assalamualaikum ~ It's been a very long time since I did this segment. And, aku rasa this is the first time in 2019. So, last semester had really drained up my energy and my mind and my money and especially myself. Aku rasa kalau semester ada lagi 4 bulan mungkin aku akan gila.

Dengan group members yang tak sehaluannya, dengan lecturer yang merajuk lah, dengan kelas yang asyik ganti hari lain. Allah, penatnya. Tapi, tulah, I need to survive this. Aku ada lagi 2 tests and 3 presentations to go within this 2 weeks. Doalah yang baik-baik untuk kami. (T.T) Paling tak sabar aku nak cuti. Even cuti jumaat sabtu pun dah mampu untuk membahagiakan aku walaupun pada hari hari tersebut aku busy jugak. (T.T) 

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

BTS punya comeback this year pun aku tak mampu nak hype lebih lebih sebab aku rasa semester ni serabut yang amat. Tarikh midtest je berapa kali dok cancel haritu *facepalm Dah settle tests, tarikh presentation pulak main tukar-tukar. Serious tak kelakar. Macam manalah aku nak hypekan comeback punya BTS kalau mind aku kucar-kacir. Haih. Tracks yang ada dalam new album ni takde la banyak mana pun, tak serious, tu pun aku baru dengar berapa je. Hahaha. Rasa kelakar sangat sebab aku tak pernah skip full album after a day of the album released. Mungkin ini tanda-tanda yang aku actually moving on ? Am I grow out of this world ? But I'm still proud of them, and ARMYs. So much achievement made over the years and this family keep growing.

So, aku actually nak ranting banyak benda lagi, tapi malas pulak nak menaip. So, bye.

p/s : we all should listen to the intro, HOME and Dionysus


Tuesday 16 April 2019

Extraordinary Mission

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Assalamualaikum, holla peeps. How are life treating you ? I'm still surviving this hectic and final semester. I'm hoping to graduate my diploma with a wonderful experiences and of course, results. So, here is another movie review. This time, it is a China movie and I really love this movie. Let's get it !

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Extraordinary Mission 
Runtime : 122 minutes
Released Year : 2017
Genre : Crime / Drama 
Country : China
Cast : Huang Xuan, Duan Yihong, Zu Feng
Plot :

Lin Kai is an underground police officer. He is assigned to take down a drug trafficking syndicate from inside. The mission brought him to the Golden Triangle, a place where heroin were grown and produced. There are also a police officer who was caught and held for 10 years. During his mission, Lin Kai found himself became a drug addict.

I found this movie while scrolling on websites, reading the reviews and finally decided to watch it. It is definitely worth it !


First of all, this is a straightforward movie. What I mean is, the real identity of Lin Kai was told in the earlier minutes of the movie. So, the elements of plot twist are not really included in this movie. This movie also involved a large scale of extra actors. But it is not a problem because their appearance is just to complete the movie. I just need to know the antagonist and protagonist, that's all.

I was actually expecting some romance. The antagonist had a daughter who was also involved in the drug making process. I honestly thought that she will fall for Lin Kai and help him took down his father business, you know, the typical. But, I was actually wrong. There are no romance. Not even a bit. Even so, the daughter did betrayed her father and kill him for her own revenge. 

For the first half of the movie, it is kind of like pull and push game. Lin Kai was constantly captured and begging to threatening and negotiating. I was nervous that his cover will blown and the mission will failed. As for the second half, it is full of actions. A very nerve-wrecking one. Especially when their captain went to Golden Triangle to fulfill the antagonist wish. The moment when Lin Kai, the policeman who was held hostage and the police captain tried to escape from the Golden Triangle. 

I was expecting all of the team would be safe and sound and the business will fall down. But, yea, we do need to sacrifice someone. So, the captain died while trying to protect his teammates. RIP. But, I was really satisfied when the antagonist died. Like, boo, you die, in the hand of a person who used to betray you. 

"The world is a big place, you can run away in any direction." - Lin Kai

For those who need some action movie, I would really recommend this one. It is not too heavy with laws whatsoever. The main actor's play are so great and thrilling to watch. Highly recommended ! 9/10 !


Tuesday 9 April 2019

Mother 2009

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Assalamualaikum~ So, anything happen this week ? I'm still young and broke. This month will seriously make me an unofficial begger. Like, there's so much programs going on and so much obligations that I am supposed to fulfill. So, please pray for my pocket. T_T. Anyway, here is the movie review for this week.

Title : Mother / Madeo / 마더
Runtime : 128 minutes
Genre : Drama, Mystery
Released Year : 2009
Country : South Korea
Distributor : CJ Entertainment
Plot :

Hye Ja is a widowed with a 28 years old son, Do Jun who had a mental disability. He aren't able to think like people in his age. One day, Do Jun walks home drunk late at night. He follows a high school girl to an alley. The next day, a high school girl was discovered dead at an abandon house uphill. Do Jun then was taken into custody and then be a prime suspect for the murder as a golf ball with his name was discovered at the scene. Feeling helpless, Hye Ja determine to prove his son innocence.

This is an old film that I came across. Based on the review I read online, all of them are praising for this film and thus led me to watch it. No regret.


As usual, I would start my review with the plot. As this movie is run for over 2 hours, the first 30 minutes is really boring that I almost gave up watching. Almost. The next minutes grew a lot especially when the school girl was found dead and Do Jun was arrested.  It is interesting as the detective in charge to the case is someone that had connection with Hye Ja. Even so, he did not consider his relationship with her and continue his duty truthfully (even though I kind of hate him). As for the attorney representing Do Jun, he purpose that Do Jun should spent 4 years in prison using mental disability as an excuse. This triggered Hye Ja to investigate the case on her own.

Hye Ja was suspecting her son's friend, Jin Tae for the murder. But when she went to the police with a piece of evidence, it turns out that Jin Tae was innocence. She is back to zero and start all over again. I honestly didn't really enjoy the process of proving my son innocence because most of it just consist her asking around about the identity of the dead girl. But, when she came across a witness, everything went upside down for her.

I have to say that the plot twist is really great. I didn't expect that he would be the killer at all. I honestly thought that this will be another movie like 'Memories of Murder'. But it is not. The last 30 to 15 minutes, it was really intense. The other person took the blame for the murder and the real murder was let at lose. Thus, Do Jun was released from the prison.

Even thought the review and the plot is good, I still felt a bit bored while watching the movie. It was a bit slow from one scene to another. Nevertheless, it is a great movie. It shows how a mother are ready to sacrifice everything for her child. I miss my mother. =(



Tuesday 2 April 2019

Bad Guys

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Assalamualaikum, holla my love ! So, I am feeling a bit better this week as two of my assignments were submitted and left me with another two, plus three more presentations. Oh, and tests. So, I don't plan to worry about those things yet. So, here I am writing another review. Please enjoy !

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Bad Guys / Nappeun Nyeoseokdeul / 나쁜녀석들
Episodes : 11
Genre : Action
Network : OCN
Plot :

To combat the rising violent crime, Commissioner Nam asks Detective Oh Gu Tak who currently in suspension to solve the case. Oh Gu Tak then form a team consisting three criminal who currently serving in the prison ; Park Ung Chul, a gangster, Lee Jung Moon killer with incredible intelligence, and Jung Tae Soo, a contract killer. Detective Oh Gu Tak was also helped by Police Inspector Yoo Mi Young. In return for their service, they could reduced their time serving in the prison.

This is a drama from 2014 which I only found about, earlier this year.


First of all, this drama is a very incredible work of art. Seriously. How can the writer came up with a very interesting plot ? Even though I can guess some occasion, like, why the detective select that specific three person and who is the one who killed his daughter. But !  There's something darker than that. The real killer wasn't any of them. He got the wrong person.

This kind of story will typically relate the case they solved from one episode to another. It is not the case for this drama. What I mean is, the cases that they solved are single case. The only cases that related to the serial killer of Detective Oh Gu Tak's daughter is when the Commissioner Nam was killed. It was really sad and the killer was totally unexpected

Even though the three criminals were working together, when they came to a conflict, they had their doubt in each other an always on each other throats. Even so, when they in a big battle, they would always had each other back. How sweet. One time near the ending, there's a big conflict between the criminals and detective. I honestly thought that they will kill each other but they ended up giving another chance for the person to prove them wrong. 

Condemned the crime, not the people - Jung Tae Soo

I was very annoyed when Police Inspector Yoo Mi Young changed her side. She is someone who is motivated with promotion and ranking. That was a bad move of her as she exposed her own team to the killer. And the saddest thing is, she betrayed her own mentor who had led her since the beginning.

The casts were all a nice catch. Kim Sang Jong is very versatile actor. He had been working on many movies and dramas with various character. He did very well for his character in this drama (but I really hate his hairstyle in this drama, seriously.). Ma Dong Seok act as what his typical character. A gangster, or someone who really had a really great fighting skills. And of course he could smash the character really well. 

To beat up good people, that is violence. To beat up bad people that is justice - Commissioner Nam

Then, we have Park Hae Jin. He is also one of top actor in my list. With various character that he could acts, being a psychopath killer who remembered nothing of his killing experience is like a piece of cake. In most of his dramas that I had watch, he is not very expressive. His face remains stoned. And the last one, Jo Dong Hyuk. I am not sure if I had watch any of his work, so I consider that this is my first time watching his work. I think the character of being a contract killer suits him well. A heartless killer who kills when he was told so. But, when he was saved by a woman, he falls for her. and protect her at all costs even when he is serving in the prison. It is a romantic side of him even when the woman didn't remember her when they met again.

It is sad that the episodes are not as much as the other dramas. But, it is okay as they had a season 2 which was released in 2017 ! I am going to watch that and do the review. But from what I know, the cast was totally different from the first season. So, I might not expect much. And lastly, through my research, I found out that they will be releasing Bad Guys : The Movie this year! It is confirmed that Kim Sang Jong and Ma Dong Seok will be in the movie ! Wo hoooo !

So, everyone, get ready for all reviews !!! 10/10 !!!

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself by Tolstoy - Prosecutor Oh Jae Won