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Giveaway Wang Tunai RM1000 by Mamapipie & Friends

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Giveaway Wang Tunai Mamapipie

Assalamualaikum... Ada lebih kurang tiga hari je lagi sebelum giveaway ni tamat. Memandangkan baru harini settle cari and follow semua blog yang aku follow before tukar e-mail haritu, baru harinilah aku dapat join giveaway ni (nipun nasib baik aku terserempak dengan entry one of the peserta)

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Tuesday 25 February 2020

The World Of Us

February 25, 2020 6 Comments
Assalamualaikum, a very very early good morning ! I just finished watching this movie so I thought of writing on the review right away. So, here it is !

Title : The World Of Us / Urideul / 우리들
Runtime : 94 minutes
Genre : Family, Drama
Country : South Korea
Released year : 2016
Director : Yoon Ga Eun
Cast : Choi Soo In, Seol Hye In, Lee Seo Yeon
Plot :

Sun is an outcast at her school. On the last day of school before the summer break, she replaced her classmate, Bora on clean-up duty and met a new transfer student, Jia. She then spent her summer break with Jia. When the school starts, Jia befriended with Bora and leave Sun all alone again. Doesn't want to be left out, Sun tried to be friendly with Jia and exposed her secrets in the process.

The director of this movie won 'Best New Director' on 2016 Blue Dragon Film Awards and the movie won 'Best Screenplay' in 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards


This movie highlighted the issue of bullying in school which I think really important issue to address. Especially in this case of bullying whereby there were no physical contact made on the victims. Sun had no friends at all because she didn't fit in the group. Being brought up in a barely-made-it family, Sun did not owned her own handphone nor did she attend private classes.

When she finally had a friend, Jia, Sun was really happy but things changed when the school starts and Jia avoided her. I could feel through her sadness and misery. Jia, being an outcast in her old school did not wanted the same thing to repeat itself, thus she begun to speak ill about Sun with Bora and her colony. The two then begun to have a cold war with Sun trying to smooth out their friendship. Things get intense when both of them get involved in a physical fight. With all the secrets being out opened, both of them was treated as the outcast.

Through out the story there was one thing that remain constant and that was the adults. From Sun's parents to the teacher. When the kids were being moody and out of character, they assume it was just the puberty and the mindset of, 'kids are all like that' made the kids had no one to talk to. They didn't try to speak to the kid until it is too late. It kind of sadden me because it is what really happen in our life. 

For me, I love this movie even though it is not my kind of tea. It is pretty direct and the story flows smoothly. The 94 minutes on the run was a comfortable time for me to finish the movie and the pace is just fine. Not too slow nor too fast. The only complain that I had was bgm. I was really hoping for some bgm; could be some simple instrument just to fill in because it is too quite without sound.


Saturday 22 February 2020

Map Of The Soul : 7

February 22, 2020 18 Comments
source: @BigHitEnt on Twitter

Assalamualaikum and  good day dearest ! As promised this entry is dedicated for BTS and their team on  the making of the new album, 'Map Of The Soul:7'. Just for the heads up, this will be lengthy post.

So, as I've mentioned before, I am so hype for this comeback for whatever reasons, the last time I'm this hype for BTS comeback was for LY:Tear so yeah it's kind of big deals for me. While I'm writing this post, I actually had no idea where and which part should I begin. Well, let's just let me rant my heart out.

I was so determined to write this entry last night but then there was some problems with my Internet connection and when the problem settled, I am so sleepy hence no post. Alright, let's get right into the topic.

source : @BigHitEnt on Twitter

First, the tracks on the album. A total of fifteen new songs were included in the digital album along with five songs from the previous album, 'Maps Of The Soul : Persona meanwhile the physical album only had fourteen new songs along with five songs from the previous album.

The first MV released for this album was the track number #6 Interlude:Shadow. This song was sung by Suga and vibe was really really great ! The intro part was not really catchy but as song went I immediately fall in love with the song. Especially with the relate-able lyrics.

The next one was Black Swan. Instead of the usual MV where we got the members in it, this MV was filmed and performed by MN Dance Company. And let me tell you, I got goosebumps with all their dancing. Even though I can dance to nothing, I really love watching people dancing. The choreography was so great and the MV was definitely an art !

And watching their performance makes me wonder what kind of choreography would BTS member brings. Anddd, my quest finally answered when BTS appeared on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden'. On the show, they talked about the new album and what to expect, they also played hide and seek with the hosts and most important thing, they performed 'Black Swan' with a very beautiful set ! Everyone, say thanks to the show team !

After this show was aired, I think V and J-Hope went on a surprise Vlive and talked about the show. And who would had thought that V actually accidentally kicked Hobi on his head. Oh my goodness. Even with a small mishap, Hobi however continued to perform like nothing's wrong. Much respect for him. I am glad that they actually went barefoot because you wouldn't want to know how its feels to get kicked on the head with shoes on, yeah, I've experienced that.

The next and the last pre-released MV was the Outro : Ego which is a solo song of J-Hope. And, just like J-Hope himself, the MV was filled with colors and was so cute ! I personally (maybe most of the ARMYs) loves the transition of his childhood photo to a remake of that photo !

And, through this MV, there was lots and lots of theories going on inside the fandom. Like, there was so much similar scene in the MV with the previous MVs. During the HYYH era, I loves reading those theories like crazy but then I got lazy and the last time read those was during highlight reel era. Oh gosh, I miss reading theories.

This album reminds me of the 'Wings' album because of all the solo songs by all members and also the song by rap line and vocal line. The diversification of this album was the addition of songs sung by specific units. It is something new for BTS album. 

Last night, I had listen to every tracks on the album for the first time and some of the song really had me hooked the first time ! I'll talked about it later, and now we've got to look for the 'ON Kinetic Manifesto Film : Come Prima' MV.

I had always loved this kind of video and no doubt this is my favorite MV of all ! The minimalist concept, the dancers, the choreography, the music, everything was just so great ! And what makes me wonder was, why does we have TWO MV FOR THIS SONG ! LIKE WHY ?! This is not the official MV as stated on the schedule. Great, now I am wondering what kind of vibe would the official MV be. Maybe something like Idol MV ? Or Blood, Sweat, Tears ?  Oh, I will keep wondering till the 28th then. Sucks but nothing I could do.

They actually released a teaser video on TikTok but I obviously did not have an account nor the apps so I have no idea what kind of song was ON until I watched the MV on YouTube. So, yeah, I kind of freaked out for a couple moments, especially when they stood in a straight line and JK just went sung his line in english and boy, how did I actually went through that. And the dance break, dang, the dance break. 

My favorite line from the song were

Gotta go insane to stay sane

and Suga's rap part. Boy, I had it bad for this song. And me being me, I love to go through comments the second time I play the video and there's this one comment that caught my eyes. I like the way this person explained what the lyrics on about. It makes me see things deeper than the surface.

Now, the MV was on the #2 of the trending list in Malaysia. So, people go and watch it !

On this part onwards, I would be talking about the other tracks on the album. 

1. Solo Songs

RM's solo was the Intro:Persona, the one that was released in the previous album. As for Suga and J-Hope, their solo songs was the one that I mentioned on the above which 'Interude:Shadow' and 'Outro:Ego' respectively.

As for the vocal line, track number #8 Filter is Jimin's solo. I haven't had time (read:too lazy) to look up for the lyrics translation so I had no idea what the song was about. But, I kind of got the vibe of 'Airplane pt.2' from LY:Tear. Maybe it was just me.

Track #9 시차 or translated as 'My Time' was Jungkook's solo song. Unlike his other solo song, this one brings a completely different vibe. I don't know how to explain this but I definitely aware that this song had his vocal stood out more.

Inner Child, the #14 track is V's solo. Out of four members of vocal line, I kind of more into V's voice. This song is so soothing and had me on dreamy land. This song brings a new side of his voice in a good way. The vibe was completely different from what he used to do so it excite me more !

The last on the line was our big bro, Jin. His solo song called 'Moon', number 16 on the album. Just like V, this song brought a new side of him. As far as my knowledge, Jin's voice suited a slow ballad more but then he had this song which was different from what his voice used to. And I love it !

2. Units

We are going to talk about the basic first so let's started with the rap line,  because I freaking love BTS's rap line! And track #12 UGH! did not disappoint one bit ! Somehow, I had the feels of their old rap song vibe. Something like 'Cypher pt.2' but not quite there. One thing that I am sure of is, this song would flare up the concert even more and I can't even be the part of that !

And the very next track, #13 00:00[Zero O'Clock] was sung by the vocal line. I think that this is a sweet song, even though I have no idea what the lyrics was about. It sure is a new kind of music that they never really had tried before. The song makes me smile wide !

During 'Maps Of The Soul:Pesona', we had given a song called 'Jamais Vu' which was also on this album on the track four. This song was performed by J-Hope, Jungkook and Jin and it is an unusual mix but they did it ! And for the next unit, we had Jimin and V with their song, Friends. Doesn't the song title and the singer just spoke to us about the entire song? Haha. We knew how much V and Jimin treasure each other as friends. And to think that they had a song together, aren't that sweet? Oh my poor heart !

And the last units consist of RM and Suga on the track #17 Respect. I had always thought these two member are awkward with each other but they actually did not. In fact, they had been living with each other the longest ! And the skit at the end of the song ? Did not see that coming and it's cute!

3. Group song

There are seven song on the album that was performed by all members and three (Boy With Luv, Make It Right and Dionysus) are from Persona album. That leaves us with four new song, #7 Black Swan, #10 Louder Than Bombs #11 ON, #18 We Are Bulletproof : The Eternal

Out of all four, I love all four. Make sense huh? Every of its own had their own vibe and color so it kinds of impossible for me not to love the songs. I kind of expect track #18 to be something like the old version of Bulletproof but it was not! And it managed to make me tear up. I seriously cannot chill with this song.

As for 'Louder Than Bombs' I don't think BTS had this kind of song before. It kinds of freak me out for a moment but it turns out so good ! I usually did not shiver just from the audio but this song changed that ! 

source: @BigHitEnt on Twitter

I think this is it all I wanna say of the album. The was so much content that I have yet to watch but too lazy to but definitely will (we both know that this would take years). So far, this album had been successful as the title track, ON debut as the first on all K-Chart which was so amazing ! Now, let's patiently wait for the official MV for ON.

So, gotta stop here because it's been hours since I started typing. Have a  good day people !

UPDATE 27/2/20

Sooooo, I just finished watching the Official MV of 'ON' and I little bit baffled now. First off, the MV gave me a very unfamiliar vibe with all the scenes. It was so not BTS like. I am not sure whether it is good or not. In my personal opinion, I don't think that kind of scenes suits the song, it didn't seems fitting at all. On the bright side, I actually like the MV because it kind of shows a totally different side of BTS MV. Now, I don't even know how those theories' maker gonna fit the MV onto their theories.

Another thing that really caught me off guard was the 'No More Dream' typography at the end of the MV and that typography transact into 'Dream' and the MV ended. Wow. The only one thing that going on in my mind was, they really take this reboot theme seriously because before N.O was released, it was 'NMD' which was their debut song. Sooooo, I guess we just gotta wait till the next comeback, or event, or whatever thing they planned on doing. Let's enjoy the new MV.

with me,

Thursday 20 February 2020

Thoughtless Thursday #026

February 20, 2020 4 Comments
credit:pinterest results on driving gif

Assalamualaikum, fellas... Rasanya lama sangat dah aku abandon this segment. Last time punya post last year kot !

This entry will be short despite my intention of making it long. Sis is so tired. Well, I kind of very very very very very excited for this week !

First, esok BTS punya comeback weh! Aku actually tak tahu kenapa aku terlebih hype untuk this comeback ever since the official tracklist released.

Second, ni tak penting and a bit childish please abaikan aku main game SuperStar BTS and everytime kalau ada birthday mission, aku memang cuba sedaya upaya untuk finish all tapi tak pernah berjaya. However,,,, for Hobi's aku berjaya dengan jayanya ! Muahahaha Terasa bahagia yang sementara.

And lastly and most important, aku berjaya achieved one of my resolution for this year. Yeah, aku finally lulus JPJ tadi! *throwing confetti everywhere  

So, that's it from me. I'll be updating on my thoughts of BTS comeback soon so stay tuned !


Sunday 16 February 2020


February 16, 2020 6 Comments
Assalamualaikum, morning readers. Today's review is of a drama that was released on 2018 and it was a pretty big hit, I'm sure most of you had watched or at least heard of this drama.

Title : Return / 리턴
Episodes : 34 / half an hour per eps
Genre : Thriller, Mystery, Crime
Writer : Choi Kyung Mi
Network : SBS
Cast : Go Hyun Jung(1-14), Park Jin Hee(15-34), Lee Jin Wook, Park Ki Woong, Shin Sung Rok, Yoon Jong Hong, Bong Tae Gyu, Jung Eun Chae
Plot :

Choi Ja Hye is a lawyer and she is popular through a show called 'Return' which discuss on cases that seem unfair. Dokgo Young is a detective with a hot-tempered. He then was assigned to a murder case where the suspect, Kang Inho was from an elite group. Choi Ja Hye and Dokgo Young then begun to work together to solve the case.

If you haven't notice, up on the cast section, I put up Go Hyun Jung with a bracket one till 14 and Park Jin Hee with bracket fifteen till thirty-four. These two actress hold the character of Choi Ja Hye and the numbers indicate their appearance in the mentioned episode. 

Go Hyun Jung was the one who supposed to be Choi Ja Hye but due to some disagreement with the director of this drama, she withdrawn from the cast and had Park Jin Hee replaced her.


First off, I like the concept of this drama. I think I had never came across a drama with this kind of plot. And if there was, it wasn't as intense as this one. And, for the first time ever, I doesn't know which side should I be rooting on. Yeah, it was a tough decision.

Because of the changes in the cast happen in the middle of the drama, I actually had to take double take on Choi Ja Hye. The first Choi Ja Hye gave this soft, kind and truthful lawyer but when she 'changed' I was really confused because her appearance was nothing like the first one. She became more confident, harsh and somewhat evil. Being the lazy me, I didn't even realize that it was another actor up until I wrote this review. Lol. However, I think that changes gave me more feel on the drama and the plot.

This drama involves quite huge numbers of main characters. There was the lawyer Choi Ja Hye, the detective Dokgo Young, the best friends, Kang Inho, Oh Tae Suk, Kim Hak Bum, Seo Joon Hee and the loving wife and also biggest victim of the situation Park Nara and each of them hold a huge role in the drama. Yum Mi Jung, the first victim whom appeared for a couple of earlier episodes also played a major part in the drama. And if I was to be truthful, I personally think that Yum Mi Jung was the scariest character of all. She was the cause of every bad deeds of the evil characters did. 

The truth, if you believes in it, it becomes the truth - Choi Ja Hye

Aside from the thrilling and mystery context, there was also a sense of betrayal in the drama. And lots of it. Who would have thought that friends from childhood would kill you without a second guessing. Damn, sure it is a scary world we are living in. The four friends that had always had each other backs started pointing fingers to one another once they felt threaten and the episodes of blaming and betraying begun.

I found myself looking for the real murderer among the best friends but dang, I didn't see that coming at all. It was a very plotted crime that leaves no traces of the killer. And in the end, the killer was able to achieve his goals and succeed. And to end this review, here is the most important lesson from this drama,

Do you know what distinguish good and evil ? It's one's decision. Depending on the decisions you make, one chooses between good and evil - Dokgo Young


Tuesday 11 February 2020


February 11, 2020 12 Comments

Assalamualaikum, readers. This entry was written because of the changes in the Blogger E-mail. I have been struggling with changing the e-mail because the old account was fulled with subscriptions of my private account. Thus, I make a new e-mail that would solely focused on my blogger account and accounts that are related to my blogger account.

In regards of this matter, my reading list and bloglist is currently zero. So, please follow me again and I would make sure to follow you guys again. 

with me,

Monday 10 February 2020

The Lies She Loved

February 10, 2020 8 Comments
Assalamualaikum, heyya. It has been so long since I make a review of a Japanese movie and finally here is one (it will be long for another one)

Title : The Lies She Loved / Woman Who Loves Lies / Uso wo Aisuru Onna 
Runtime : 117 minutes
Genre : Drama, Romance
Country : Japan
Released year : 2018
Director : Kazuhito Nakae
Cast : Masami Nagasawa, Issey Takahashi, Kotaro Yoshida
Plot :

Yukari works at a drink manufacturer company. She had been dating and living with Kippei Koide for five years. However, when he was found collapsed because of brain hemorrhage at a park near their house, Yukari learns that everything about Kippei was a lie. She then paid a private investigator, Takumi Kaibara to look for the real Kippei.


I usually am up for this kind of movie. The one with lots and lots of why's and all the mystery. However, it is unusual for me to watch a Japanese movie, at least this kind. Well, this is only me, I hope I'm not offending anyone.

So, back to the review, this movie actually gave me an insight of a relationship. I have heard people said that,

You will never knew someone until you lived with them

but, this quote does not apply on this movie. Even though Yukari had been living with his boyfriend for five years, she still doesn't who is her boyfriend. I am talking in the sense of identity in stead of personality here. From what I watched, Yukari and Kippei didn't really had much conversation. They lacked in that area. And because of that, at some point of their relationship, they cheated on each other.

A lot of guesses came to my mind when Kippei didn't came to the dinner Yukari had arranged with her mother. I thought he had no intention in marrying her, or maybe he had another woman that he had yet to move on from and so on and so forth. However, as Yukari and Takumi begun to investigate the real Kippei another idea came. He may be a criminal on the run seeing as how he did not own a phone and going as far as forging his identity.  Lead after lead, they finally found out that he actually had a family before went missing. And because of the tragic loss he experience, he may be traumatized of the idea of marriage. 

In the earlier part of the movie, I actually got bored because the flow was a bit slow.  Until the moment Yukari went to the island to look for the traces of Kippei things started to get interesting.

One thing I learnt from their relationship was, never ever ever took advantage on someone. Yukari's lifestyle as a career-driven woman may had put some barrier on her relationship. Things got complicated when Kippei see himself in Yukari and remind him of his past relationship. The good thing is Yukari finally realized her mistake and  begun to make up to him. The ending is good as all of why's were answered and the issues were resolves.

Anyway, it's a good movie a life lesson. 


Saturday 8 February 2020

Catch The Ghost

February 08, 2020 8 Comments
Assalamualaikum... So, recently I had finished another K-Drama that I really anticipated for its released because of one of the cast is the one that I really enjoy on the screen.

Title : Catch The Ghost / Yooryungeul Jabara / 유령을 잡하라
Episodes : 16
Genre : Crime, Romance
Writer : So Won, Lee Young Joo
Network : tvN
Cast :  Moon Geun Young, Kim Seon Ho
Plot : 

Upon missing his twin sister, Yoo Ryung took matters into her own hands by joining the Subway Police team. Yoo Ryung believes that her sister is the first victim of Subway Ghost murder but the detective in charge ignored her as there is no body. With the ongoing case of pickpocket, the Grasshopper where the whole train would be a victim of pickpocket and the Subway Ghost where corpses were placed under the subway train, the Subway Police and Metro Team had to solve the case in three months as promised to the public.


So, this is the comeback drama of Moon Geun Young as she went hiatus to focus on her health. I really am looking forward to this drama because I freaking love her acting. Plus, she is very cute if you haven't notice.

Unlike many of the crime drama, this one is less tense and thrill. The drama was heavy with humor that had me chuckling continuously. The first ten episodes were somewhat chill and the in between cases they worked on aren't heavy because as I quote Ko Ji Seok, 'they are petty thieves for reason'. So yeah, less headache for me. As for the latter episodes, you would find yourself guessing who is the real Subway Ghost and for what reason they or he or she did what they did. Shocking, shocking, it was twist after twist and I did not that coming at all. It took me awhile to understand what actually happen and who is the Subway Ghost. 

There was some plot holes that I desperately wanted to know what happen but obviously did not get because it was not on screen. So, I just had to assume which is sucks. And as for the casts, they definitely made the right decision to have Kim Seon Ho as the main lead. He definitely can be everything with that dimple of his. Hehe. I mean, he looks good even when he is mad. 

I don't really agree with the ending where Yoo Ryung and Chief Ko Ji Seok got together because I personally think that she is more suitable with Detective Kim Woo Hyeok. But then, Chief Ko is the one who could actually understand her more. But yeah, I see more chemistry between Yoo Ryung and Kim Woo Hyuk.

Anyway, it was a great drama and if I were to give rating, I will give a high one.


Tuesday 4 February 2020

Accidental Detective 2 : In Action

February 04, 2020 6 Comments
Assalamualaikum, happy evening readers (even if it's not good for me) ! Sooooo, I kind of had time and I'm feeling very good to write, hence this post. So as promised, I had watched the sequel of Accidental Detective, and here is the review ! 

Title : Accidental Detective 2 : In Action / Tamjung : Riteonzeu / 탐정:리턴즈
Runtime : 117 minutes
Genre : Comedy, Thriller
Country : South Korea
Released year : 2018
Director : Lee Eon Hee
Cast : Sung Dong Il, Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Kwang Soo
Related : Accidental Detective 
Plot :

After solving the last case together, Dae Man and Detective No opened up a private investigator agency. However, they only came across trivial cases. One day, a pregnant woman came into the officer and seek for their help to uncover the truth behind her fiance's death. They became intrigued upon seeing the message from a man who was a close friend of the fiance. With the help of Yeochi, an ex member of Cyber Crime Investigation, they begun to investigate the case.


I don't usually watch a sequel to a movie, but now I think I am going to change. Hehe. Well, this sequel is almost as good as the first one except this one is a little bit funnier and less intense with the addition of Lee Kwang Soo as one of the main cast. I goota say one thing tho, as a fan of Running Man since the beginning, I just couldn't put Kwang Soo as a computer geek. But that what makes it funnier (at least for me).

As for the case that they worked on, it was a case of human exploitation, for money. I personally think that the first movie had a better concept of a case. The case in the sequel was something that I usually came across while watching crime-related drama. So, I kind of had everything figured out before the cast did (bangga kejap).

The chemistry between the three actors are great especially when they are all good friend. I can actually see how Dong Il treated Kwang Soo in real life. The mix between these two was just unbearable. They are hilarious !

I love how the new character of Department Head is someone who thinks similar to Detective No instead of someone who went against him. I mean, it's time for him to have an ally with bigger position, aite ? Even tho he came like a jerk the first time, he had a bigger heart (or maybe it was just the coverage that he wanted).


Saturday 1 February 2020

Accidental Detectives

February 01, 2020 11 Comments
Assalamualaikum, holla friends ! How was your weekend ? We are in February now ! Allahamdulillah we had made it this far now. Today, I am writing a review of a popular movie back in the year of its released.

Title : Accidental Detective / Private Investigator : The Beginning / Tamjung : Deo Bigining / 탐정:더비기닝
Runtime : 120 minutes
Genre : Comedy, Thriller
Country : South Korea
Released year : 2015
Director : Kim Jong Hoon
Cast : Sung Dong Il, Kwon Sang Woo
Plot : 

Dae Man is an owner of a book rental shop. He also babysit his child when his wife is working. Dae Man had a great deduction skills and he used the skill to cover murder cases on his blog. He often visit police station to give his opinion to the officers. However, the highly respected detective, Detective No could not stand the sight of Dae Man. One day, Detective No's subordinate and Dae Man's close friend, Joon So was arrested for murdering one of his friend's wife. Dae Man and Detective No then paired up to prove his innocence.


I used to be judgmental of this movie, honestly. The title just didn't appeal to me at all. I mean, how can you accidentally be a detective? So, for this reason, I did not make an effort to watch this movie up until now. And, I am very glad that I watched this. It was so entertaining !! Hence, note to self, never ever judge a movie before you watch it. Hehe.

The plot of this movie are so great ! It was well balanced. The comedy scenes were so hilarious that I had to tone down a few times (watch this in the middle of quiet night). As for the thrilling scenes, it keep me on my toe and hide behind my pillow too. As they keep looking for the murderer, I never thought it would turn out to be done by few people. I only able to guess that the husband was the one who killed his wife and frame Joon So but man, it was so complicated and crazy.

Aside from the main characters that had me cracked up few times, the appearance of Lee Il Hwa had me grinning every time she appeared. As I am a very big fan of the 'Reply series', seeing this kind of collaboration (?) definitely great ! I swear, Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa had a great chemistry every time they worked together.

I love how the way Detective No and Dae Man bond. We usually find that the character would bond through feelings or having to experience similar incident or was connected in the past but these two character was bond through their relationship with their wives. The topic of wife followed them until the end. 

So, I am still looking for time to watch the second movie, so yeah... Maybe anytime soon.