Tuesday 31 March 2020

The Lies Within

March 31, 2020 10 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day people ! Today was supposed to be the last day (am i right ?) of RMO before it was extended. I hope everything is going well and great. Here is another K-drama to messed up brighten up your day, hopefully !

Title : The Lies Within / Everybody's Lies 
Episodes : 16
Genre : Thriller
Writer : Jeon Young Shin, Won Yoo Jung
Network : OCN
Cast : Lee Min Ki, Lee Yoo Young
Plot :

Detective Jo Tae Sik applied for a transfer when his mother fall ill. He then was assigned to an accident of an assemblyman, Kim Sung Cheol as his last case. He then realized that the accident was not an accident after all. While investigating on the case, he found out that Kim Sung Cheol's son in law, Jung Sung Hoon was missing. To find the truth of her father death and find her missing husband, Kim Seo Hui then became an assemblywoman. Both of them began to works together to uncover the truth.

Another intense drama that makes my head hurts. Guessing who is the criminal because there were so many suspicious characters and too much lies. Okay, first off, the plot was great and I really love the twists in the drama. Just like the title indicates, every character lies, if they're not lying then they are not telling the entire truth. 

In the beginning, I had suspected that Jo Yeong Min, best friend of Jung Sang Hoon is the one behind everything. Then when the Mr. In was taken into the police custody, I still trust my instinct because it would be too obvious if it was Mr. In. However, with the confusing and suspicious acts by these two main suspects, I begun to get confused until a crazy idea came up in my mind whereby Jo Yeong Min and Jung Sang Hoon plotted the whole thing together. It is crazy because who in the right mind would sacrifice their own hand and feet and eyeball just to uncover the truth so I discarded that idea. While watching this drama, my nieces had laughed at me because of the constant frown on my face. Yeah, the plot gave me that. All of the plot twists got me every time and I don't even expect them !

As for the characters, I love how the actor who plays Detective Jo Tae Sik. He is really fit with this character. I am not too familiar with his acting but I think he did a really great job. As for the woman lead, her characters was a little unfitting with the theme. Maybe if she was a little more aggressive and strong-willed, this drama would be more thrilling.

The ending ? Oh the ending. I can't even express how I feel. I strongly rooting for Jung Sang Hoon to came back to his wife alive but oh poor them. I guess I am a little disappointed for that. The process to uncover the truth behind the abduction had sacrifice some people and that was sad. But then truth was out and I guess that was enough. Would I watch this drama again ? Yes. Absolutely. So, if you're a fan of drama with a headache package, this is the one.

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Tuesday 24 March 2020

Leverage : Con Artists

March 24, 2020 8 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day everyone ! Today marks the first week of RMO and how's everyone ? Still sane, I hope. As a homebody and job-less person as me, this RMO was just another day for me but a little suffocating because my sister and her family is here and a little more people in the house. However, it was still great because I haven't see them in a long time. Back to the topic, today's review is from last year drama.

Title : Leverage : Con Artists
Episodes : 16
Genre : Crime, Drama
Writer : Min Ji Hyung 
Network : TV Chosun
Cast : Lee Dong Geun, Kim Sae Ron, Yoo Hoi Hyeon, Jeon Hye Bin, Kim Kwon
Plot :

Lee Tae Joon is an excellent insurance fraud investigator. Due to his son health, he quit his job and recruit Ko Na Byul and Jung Ui Sung to help him to steal the data of a new drug at Mirae Bio to give it to the rightful owner in exchange of getting the drug for free. However, things gone wrong during the operation and he was caught. Lee Tae Joon then realized that he was conned and lose his son. To get back to the people who used him, he form a team of five consisting Ko Na Byul, Jung Ui Sung, Hwang Soo Kyung (a theater actress con artist) and Roy Ryu, a head security at Mirae Bio who suffered a huge loss due to the missing data.

This drama is a remake of U.S TV Series with the same title that aired from 2008 to 2012.


I actually decided to watch this drama because of Lee Dong Geun. I have came to like his acting ever since I watch 'Rampant' and in need of more and more of his acting. So yeah, that's pretty  much how I came to know of this drama. Besides, I really love this genre so why not giving it a shot, aite?

This drama pretty much similar to another con artists drama entitled 'The Player' (click on the title to read the review). But, the similarity was only on the rough plot of the dramas whereas the storyline of each drama were completely different from one another. The beginning of this drama was a little rough because Lee Tae Joon struggled to save his son and conduct the operation of stealing the data at the same time. Things were a little confusing at that point because I definitely did not see any conman in the scene. And it makes sense when he was caught. To that point onward, it was an enjoyable ride with a little intensity.

I had a very great laugh while watching this drama. I love how they conduct their operation with every little detail but still came across unexpected situations. And watching them freaking out was definitely hilarious ! Another point that got me grinning every time was when Ui Sung denied interest towards Ne Byul but paid attention to her every time. The chemistry between the five actors was great and they really complete each other.

As the plot continues, I became to wonder who is the mastermind. As the 'Leverage' guys had begun their operation in conning all the problematic rich guys only to found out that they actually were helping the mastermind to work his plan out. Crazy? I know. For the first time ever, I had no one to point finger to because I really had no idea who had the potential to be the mastermind. Hence, I was really shocked when I found out who is the mastermind. He is a terrible person, I tell you.

One thing that I kind of feeling lost was Tae Joon and his wife relationship after their son died. I mean, during the operation to uncover the truth, his wife was at her parents' home. And not once she appeared after losing her  son. Not that it became an issue on the plot but yeah, I am a curious person. So... yeah.

The ending of the drama screamed a season two but I don't want to put my hope high. They were in Thailand to look for some 'black book' which I nor them know what was that thing. Seeing as the US version was aired for a long time, I am hoping to see more of this version.

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Wednesday 18 March 2020

Ode To My Father

March 18, 2020 2 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day everyone.. As the Malaysian Government had released a 'Movement Restriction Order', we better abide by the rules and stay home. So, to fill your days at home, this a great movie to watch to kill time... Or at least for two hours of it..

Title : Ode To My Father 
Runtime : 130 minutes
Genre : Drama, Romance, Family
Country/Language : South Korea/Korean
Released year : 2014
Director : Yoon Je Kyun
Cast : Hwang Jung Min, Oh Dal Su, Kim Yoon Jin
Plot :

Yoon Deok Soo was only a little boy when he begun to take the responsibility as the head of the family. His father was separated from the family when they tried to escape North Korea. The family then stay at their aunt store in Busan Gukje Market. Deok Soo works hard to support his family, together with his lifelong friend, Dal Goo. He then met his first love in Germany while working as a miner. Years had passed, Deok Soo refused to gave up on the store despite what the family and people said of him.


First off, I would like to warn you guys that this movie is a big time tear-jerking one. It's not even pass the five minutes mark when I started to tear up and cried. Yeah, it was that sad (or maybe it was just me). But then throughout the movie, I found myself sobbing quite few times. The moment when I thought that no more tears, I was proven wrong again and again.

Even though the movie was filled with endless tears, there were countless funny scenes to keep me entertain. The humor was mostly because of Dal Goo and his character's so hilarious ! Their friendship was so cute and something I definitely envied of !

This movie shows us the struggle of the older generation during the hard times. To support his family, Deok Soo took the job to be a miner in Germany where he then met his wife. It was so sad to see those people to work hard and send all their money back to home. When he went back to South Korea after the company terminates the contract, he wanted to pursue on his dream being a boat captain. He had passed the examination to enter the marine school but once again he had to make sacrifice as he overheard his sister's dream on a big marriage ceremony. He then brought his friend to Vietnam where the war was going on.

I am glad it was you and me who went through the hard times and not our children - Yoon Deok Soo

'Ode To My Father' highlighted the importance of the family and what a father, in this case, a head family went through to make ends. As the head family, Doek Soo make sure that he fulfill every needs of his family. He sent his younger brother to the most prestigious university, he married off his sister he take care of his mother, he keep his aunt's store as per her request and most importantly, he found the sister that he lose !

As he grew older, a lot of people found it hard to communicate with him. Everyone thought that he was hard-headed and too old. He refused to sold off the store even though every single person in the family opposed his decision. Actually, I can easily guessed to why he wanted to keep the store so desperately. And for me, it was the hope that keep him going and when he realized that the hope was no longer there, he sold the store off.

This movie definitely a great movie to fill our days inside the home, so watch it ! I hope everyone would stay safe in this situation ! Make sure to keep our health in check !

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Saturday 14 March 2020


March 14, 2020 10 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day everyone ! How was your weekend ? As usual, I am spending my days in the house with my k-dramas and movies and e-books so it's pretty much the same for me. With the situation around the world, I'm hoping and praying for everyone to be safe and healthy. And now, this entry is for a drama that I spent a little bit over two weeks to finish not because it is not good but because I've been a lazy bum. Yeah.

Title : Vagabond 
Episodes : 16
Genre : Spy-Action, Romance
Writer : Jang Yeong Chul, Jung Kyung Soon
Network : SBS
Cast : Lee Seung Gi, Bae Suzy, Shin Sung Rok
Plot :

Upon losing his nephew, Hoon to a plane crash, the stuntman Cha Dal Gun begun to seek for the truth. He stumbled to a man who appeared in the video recorded and uploaded by Hoon inside of the plane before takes off in Morocco. He was convinced that the plane crash was an act of terrorism. With the help of Go Hae Ri, an NIS agent, they begun to pursue for the truth behind the fatal crash that killed more than 200 people.

This is the second drama that Lee Seung Gi and Suzy works together after starring in 'Gu Family Book' in 2013.


This drama was filled with twist after twist and it was a hella one ride. At first, I was really convinced that the people who responsible for the crash was doing it for winning the bid of South Korea government's security plan. But then, there was more into it. So much conspiracies and so much political influences involved in the incident which I think was crazy. 

The plot got me thinking so much. If anyone remember, there were cases involving MAS plane in 2014. Yeah, I'm talking about both MH 370 and MH17. Both cases still remain mystery up until now. No one had came up to take the blame. It was so sad that it might stay that way.

Back to the drama, it was filled with so much action scenes that I love. The one when they brought back Kim Woo Gi from Morocco to SK was the best for me ! With the government had their back on them and with the sniper taking chance to kill the witness, it was a very big scale ! It's been so long since I watched a drama with with such scenes. Aside from being thrilled with the scenes, the emotional scenes also had me teared up few times. Especially when the memories of Cha Dal Gun and Hoon comes into the play and also when Go Hae Ri was remembering her teammates that was killed during the operation to bring back Kim Woo Gi in Morocco. Damn, that one hits so hard.

The hardest mission was to come back alive - Gang Ju Cheol

Just like the poster shows, this drama involves a large number of supporting casts and every one of them played a major role in the drama. I usually had a hard time to distinguish who is who but I guess I had overcome that problem because I could easily tell them apart. One thing that had me screaming in joy (not literally of cos) was Shin Sung Rok in the good side ! He was so charismatic and great and everything ! 

One thing that I thought was unfitting was the title of the drama and the story line. Apparently, Vagabond was a secret place, sort of undercover, used by Gang Ju Cheol (the team leader of good side in NIS) and Go Tae Ung (Shin Sung Rok) to help in the investigation. The thing is, the place was only comes into the play when the team was attacked in Morroco which was on episode 8 or something and their contribution in the drama was a little limited as they only help when the good side couldn't find their own solution and had to ask for Vagabond help.

Vagabond doesn't actually stay until the end because Cha Dal Gun went his way and became a mercenary after faking his death while Go Hae Ri leaves NIS and became a lobbyist with the help of Jessica Lee. And yeah, it was an open ending and kind of hanging with no confirmation of season two, yeay for me (note the sarcasm). However, I do understand the heaviness of this drama may lead to no continuation. One thing that I really wonder was, did they (NIS team aside from Go Hae Ri and Cha Dal Gun) found out who Samael was. So, I'm hoping for a season two to answer my question !

What if the truth that you knows wasn't the truth after all ? - Jessica Lee

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Monday 9 March 2020

The Neighbors

March 09, 2020 6 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day everyone ! Here is another movie review and its Korean ! It's an old movie though, but rest assure it is one of the best I had ever watch !

Title : The Neighbors
Runtime : 110 minutes
Genre : Thriller, Suspense
Country/Language : South Korea/Korean
Director : Kim Whee
Released year : 2012
Cast : Kim Sung Kyun, Kim Sae Ron, Kim Yun Jin, Ma Dong Seok, Cheon Ho Jin, Do Ji Han, Jang Young Nam, Lim Ha Ryung
Plot :

During a rainy day, a middle school student, Yeo Seon was kidnapped on her way to home. After ten days, her body was found in a red suitcase. Her step mother had been feeling guilty ever since because she was supposed to pick her up from school. She then stumble into Seo Yoon who lives in the same apartment complex and hers. Soo Yeon had an uncanny resemblance with the dead student, Yeo Seon. Several people living near the apartment complex had been suspecting one of their neighbor, Seung Hyuk is the murderer but kept it to themselves.

This movie is actually from a webcomic with the same title written by Kang Pool.


One thing for sure,  the suspense is killing me! With that being said, I would start my review, so the movie started with a phrase not exactly but similar to 'My dead daughter had came home for a week' and that managed to get me freaked out, just a tiny bit. As said in the plot written above, the murderer of Yeo Seon is actually her own neighbor who gave her a lift when her mom couldn't pick her up. However, the motive of the murder was unclear and unknown.

Upon meeting Soo Yeon ( played by Kim Sae Rom,) the step-mother (played by Kim Yu Jin) begun to forgive herself. At the same time, she noticed a weird behavior of her neighbor, Seung Hyuk (played by Kim Sung Kyun)  from the below level. She noticed that he always watched Soo Yeon when she went to school. Soo Yeon mother (played by Jang Young Nam) however, is oblivious to the danger that her daughter is in. She is a part of the complex women society (or something, i dont remember) and often busy with the society. She only thought that Seung Hyuk is weird and did not suspect him being the murder. Instead, the women society thought that the loan gangster (played by Ma Dong Seok) that lives at their apartment complex is the murderer.

Out of all neighbors, there was three person that was aware of Seung Hyuk being the murderer. The first one is the pizza delivery guy (played by Do Ji Han). He noticed that every time Seung Hyuk ordered the pizza, a murder would occurs. However, he had no evidence. The next one is the bag shop owner (played by Lim Ha Ryung). This is quite sick as he kept quite even though he had the benefit of doubt, fearing that nobody would came to his shop if the word get out. And the last person was the security guard guy (played by Cheon Ho Jin), he was aware that Seung Hyuk is the murder. He had the evidence but then he chose to run away.

Mom is mom just by being there - Yoo Soo Yeon

All of these characters played a key role on saving Soo Yeon from being murdered by Seung Hyuk. How? Well, that is something that I would rather not to spoil. The plot was simple but intense and very thrilling at the same time. It was a simple murder case. Even though the motive of murder was not clear, I personally think that it was because of the anger management and the environmental pressure that had him act up. Whatever the reason was, it was not okay to take someone life away from them.

I was very happy to see another screen play of  Do Ji Han. I personally think that his acting, emotions and speech deliver was great. How could he be so underrated was beyond me. I could not understand that.

Ending of this movie was satisfying and a little unexpected. There was a twist at the very end of the movie and I didn't see that coming. I am not sure who was the one that took the blame because the police was so eager to get the loan shark on blame. And along the phrase 'The girl I killed went home everyday' ended the movie. Chills down the spine right there ! It was a bit unanswered on that. For the overall, I love this movie and would definitely recommend this to everyone !


Thursday 5 March 2020

Thoughtless Thursday #027

March 05, 2020 6 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day everyone ! Dengar kata harini reseult SPM 2019 keluar ? So, calon SPM'19, apa khabar result anda ? Nak pesan sikit je, apa pun keputusan yang korang terima sekarang, bersyukur dulu... Mungkin itu yang terbaik untuk korang. Insya-Allah akan datang ada rezeki yang lebih baik, so don't lose hope ! Take it as a motivation to move forward.

caught in a lieeee ~ k sorry

Harini, aku takdelah nak bercerita tentang apa-apa cuma nak bagi sikit life update cewahh. Memandangkan most of classmates masa diploma dah ada life (mostly dah dapat sambung degree and ada yang tengah kerja) unlike me, aku pun try-lah nak adakan life. Hehe.

Lepas mintak Atina belikan no pin UPU guna BSN Online, aku pun terus isi segala maklumat, lepas tu aku stuck. Dekat bahagian pilihan kursus dan universiti(?) Haih. Lemah betul sampai dekat bahagian tu. Aku pulak sekarang target nak ke financing. Tapi bila usha, kos financing banyak dekat belah utara takpun Malaysia seberang punya U. Halahhhh. Sis dah penat lah nak travel for hours and hours. Kalau bulih mahu yang dekat dekat aja. Tapiiii itulahhhh, yang dekat mesti tak menepati syaratlah, tak de kos yang berkaitanlah. Ergh. Stress jua ni.

Sekarang aku isi je yang mana aku rasa mampu bawak and penuhi segala syarat memandangkan web UPU pun dah mudah nak check syarat, kelayakan semua. So, shout out to anyone yang mengisi UPU, do think your choice over and over again, bulatkan hati betul-betul because it is your future that you're gambling on ! Kalau perlu, sentiasa buat istikharah ! 

Sekarang, kita tunggu announcement pemenang GA RM1000 yaa hihi.

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p/s: rasa macam nak post cerpen la... bulih ka ?

with me,

Monday 2 March 2020

Melting Me Softly

March 02, 2020 9 Comments
Assalamualaikum, two months had passed with so much happening in the world ! To begin the entry, I'm wishing everyone a good year and months and days from today onward! So, I'm feeling a little too much energy tonight, hence this entry of a k-drama review.

Title : Melting Me Softly / Let Me Melt 
Episodes : 16
Genre : Romantic Comedy, Fantasy
Writer : Baek Mi Kyung
Network : tvN
Cast : Ji Chang Wook, Won Jin Ah,
Plot :

In 1999 a popular variety show director, Ma Dong Chan participate in a cryonic project where the participant will be freeze for 24-hours. He and another participant, Ko Mi Ran was supposed to wake up after 24-hours. However, when they woke up, they found out that 20 years had passed. In order to survive, both of them need to maintain 31.5 degree celsius as their normal body temperature.

This is the first role for Ji Chang Wook after he discharge from the military. I kind of disappointed when I found out about the drama back in September because I was really really looking forward for some action drama or movie as his first role after discharge so I don't really wanted to watch this drama. But then after my friend recommendation, I took the drama in list.


First of all, I think the concept of this drama was really good even though it was familiar and new at the same time. I mean, the concept of waking up into a future and not realizing it was usually used in books and movies except, the characters were not voluntarily frozen but fallen into comatose or similar situation for a long time. Hence, it was familiar situation but not the same.

Living up to its genre, this drama was definitely hilarious ! I had so much laughter in the earlier part of the drama especially when both of the main character just woke up from their deep sleep. Even though it was all laughter, there was some melancholic scenes in between of the laughter. As those scenes were in between of one another, I don't really had enough time to get into the emotion but that's not really a problem.

As for the romance, it wasn't too cheesy and cringey, it was a comfortable type of romance ? Yeah, that kind. Sure, there was several cute scenes from time to time but as overall view, I was fine with their romance. Despite JCW and WJA hard work, I actually couldn't find chemistry between the both of them. In some scenes, they look good together and the scene turn out best but some seems a little off and somewhat awkward. Maybe it was just me.

One thing that leave a huge hole in the plot was the other participants in the cryonic experiment. In the beginning of the experiment, they clearly said that there was six participant with four of them were not disclosed. As the story goes on, only one out of four was disclosed (he is related to the villains in this drama) and the other three was only said to be woken up and fully healed at the end of the drama. I think it would be more interesting if they could expand more on those people and how they get involved in that experiment.

While watching this drama, I realized one thing and that was how advance the technology in S.Korea was ! I was really blown when a particular scene where Ma Dong Chan turn on the air conditioner in his room, at his home just with a few clicks from the car ! Like whuttt ! I don't even know that was possible but it was ! It's 2020 and when will we see Malaysia on that level. Ugh.

Now, don't look back. Live a life that makes you happy. - Ma Dong Chan

With a little plot twist just before the end of the drama, the ending was a good one. Even though I have no excitement for it. I don't know how but some part of the ending just kills the mood immediately and I definitely not feeling for a good ending. Maybe if they just leave the twist without a  good ending maybe just maybe it will be nicer. Just...my opinion.