Thursday 24 September 2020

Thoughtless Thursday #032

September 24, 2020 16 Comments

 Assalamualaikum, good day dearest... Thought it wan't much a good day for me. Nope, actually it is week. Yeah, a very bad week that put a toll on my mind.

 I don't even know what happen last week but I just found myself crying to sleep. All night for a week straight. I think I was doing fine during the day but when it was time to sleep, I just keep crying. I am not sure why and that really took my energy away.

Maybe, it was the anxiety for the result of rayuan UPU, maybe, it was just my hormone acting up, maybe it was just me. But yeah, I am doing fine. I am anxious all week. And yesterday was the worse breakdown I had ever had in my life. 

I still haven't break the news of my another failure to my mom. Yes, another fail. Right after I checked the result, I tear up a little. I kind of see that coming but still, the reality hurts. I think T won't have another breakdown but last night, when it was time to sleep, I suddenly just couldn't breathe. I just keep on crying, crying and crying, in silence. I couldn't stop myself no matter how much I tried. 

I know and I am aware that I need to talk to someone but there's no one. I don't want to talk to my mom because I know will said nothing. I don't want to talk to my siblings for a tiny little issue, besides they wouldn't understand anyway. The only thing they could have said was, 'kau keje ajelah'. Friends? They had another problem to think of. Luckily there was this one friend of my mine back from my diploma years remembered me and asked for my well-being. Thanks Cunae for last night. Even though it was nothing big, it still is meaningful for me.

Am I fine now? No. Not yet. When will I be fine? I don't know. I am hanged up with the idea to continue my study as that is my wish for the longest time. It was also the only thing that I am good at. I am that plain girl who good and nothing but studying. And not doing what I am good at kind of drove me crazy. I doesn't know what should I do now. I just wanted to stop being a burden to everyone. But how?

I should stop now or else there will be another tears day. You know what, last week, whenever I opened up Twitter, I feels like every tweet that I saw first was like an advanced consolation for me. Most of them were from influencer's account (Mufti Menk, Mizi Wahid, Teme and some others). There was a tweet (doesn't remember the account) that said something along, 'Kita tak boleh paksa Allah untuk tunaikan doa kita'. And that, somehow, just stick to my mind. 

p/s: writing this with exile by taylor swift ft. bon jovi is a wrong move. i need to get up again, see you when i'm up and ready for another trial and hopefully no more breakdown!


Friday 18 September 2020

Mystic Pop-Up Bar

September 18, 2020 10 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day (I know it is almost midnight but let's pretend) dearest ! This time, I am going for a more relaxing drama instead of those crazy suspense, tension filled drama. And I just realized that the heroin in this drama and last drama's review is the same person. Anyway, let's get to it.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Mystic Pop-Up Bar / Twin Tops Bar
Episodes : 12
Genre : Fantasy, Comedy
Director : Jeon Chang Geun
Writer : Bae  Hye Soo (webcomic), Ha Yoon Ah
Network : JTBC
Cast : Hwang Jung Eum, Yook Sung Jae, Choi Won Young
Plot : 

Weol Joo had been punished for 500 years. She opened a pop-up bar at night to listen to the people's wound and hope then helps them through their dreams. Manager Gwi is a former detective at the Afterlife Police Agency and he was assigned to help Woel Joo completed her punishment. Weol Joo then met Han Kang Bae, a human with a special ability. When he had a contact with people, they would automatically speak their mind to him. With a limited time left, Weol Joo then hired Kang Bae to help her.

This drama is based on a novel of the same name by Bae Hye Soo, published on on 2016.


I think it's been so long since I last watch a non-action drama and it is definitely a breather for me. This drama is a very balanced drama, from the plot, the acting and even to the editing, there were elements of humors, sadness and even romance! I really love the sound effect they used throughout the drama. 

At first, this drama appeared normal as Weol Joo was in her past life as a happy teen. But things got tangled up when she got involved with the royal. I was confused at first because she was the victim in the situation so why would she got punished ? From then onward, 500 years passed and she need only ten more people to complete her quota. Due to the persistence of the higher rank (God, or something like that in their world), she need to complete her mission in a month time. And meeting Kang Bae was like a big advantage to her.

The drama had a very much humor scenes. I had a really good laugh while watching this drama. It was so healing for me. Even the stories of the people they healed was so relatable and some of them was so heart-wrenching. Got me teary eyed every now and then. Especially when they were almost make it to the 100,000 counts. Damn, the history of their past life was so unexpected. A shocking plot twist when I least expect it.

Some people said that this drama are like 'Hotel Del Luna' but I don't think so because they are so different from each other. Except for a fact that the female lead were punished for the wrongdoings they did in their past life. Everything else was different and very much great in their own way.

Every actors did really well playing their roles, but I wanted to give a big clap to Hwang Jung Eum. I had watched her other two works, 'Secret' and 'Kill Me,Heal Me' from all of her works and she wow me because this character were really different from the other two. I am not sure of her other works because I never really keep up with her works. But she do have the versatility in her. She killed her roles in all drama  that I had watched. One thing that I don't really like is she used her high tone in this drama and that are a teeny tiny weeny bit annoying for my liking. Oh, and her wardrobe was so cute ! Those modern hanbok and dresses she wore really catch my eyes, Especially for the modern hanbok. They are cute !

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Thursday 17 September 2020

Memori Inara by Sara Aisha

September 17, 2020 14 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest ! Seronook tak cuti semalam? Hehe, moga-moga harini pun tetap ceria selalu yaa. #Bookreview kalini daripada karya cik Sara Aisha. Dia punya penulisan memang aku minat and bagi aku novel-novel dia tak klise.

Tajuk : Memori Inara
Penulis : Sara Aisha
Mukasurat : 702 pages
Penerbit : Karyaseni
Terbitan :Jun 2019
ISBN : 9789674691226
Blurb : 

"I'm your husband"

Semuanya bermula dengan pengakuan itu. Aku tiba-tiba menjadi isteri kepada Gibran Lutfi, lelaki yang tidak pernah aku kenal seumur hidup aku. Kata mereka, kami pasangan pencinta sejati. Sanggup mempertaruhkan nyawa demi satu sama lain. Kegilaan apa ini? Aku cuma ada tunang. Dan tunang itu bukanlah seorang Gibran Lutfi.

"Ara kehilangan memori empat tahun ini."

Hilang ingatan? Drama apa yang sedang mereka main? Aku tidak percaya! Tetapi sayang, itulah hakikatnya. Aku tidak ingat apa yang berlaku sejak empat tahun yang lalu. Kata mereka lagi, semuanya gara-gara sebuah kemalangan.


Benarkah ada kemalangan berlaku? Kenapa aku seringkali dihantui mimpi-mimpi menakutkan? Kenapa aku seringkali mendengar suara-suara aneh? Dan juga, kenapa aku selalu nampak dia berlumuran dengan darah? 

"Aku nak kau mati." - DIA

"Darah dibayar dengan darah. Nyawa dibayar dengan nyawa." - GIBRAN

Semakin aku cari kebenarran, semakin aku buntu. Apatah lagi, bila hati mula berdetak aneh. Melihat lelaki itu sahaja, sudah mampu membuatkan aku tersenyum sendiri.

"How do you feel?"
"Macam orang kena kahwin paksa."
"Then you will fall for me."
"Dalam drama kahwin paksa, hero-heroin selalu ended up jatuh cinta dan live happily ever after, kan?"

Mampukah kami betul-betul live happily ever after, bila aku dikelilingi rahsia demi rahsia? Pembohongan demi pembohongan? Kata Gibran, demi melindungi aku. Tetapi daripada siapa? Apa yang sudah berlaku dalam empat tahun ini? Dan kenapa pula, ada tangan yang mahu mencabut nyawaku?

Another a very well done novel of Sara Aisha! From the start, novel ni memang menarik dah. Lagi-lagi bila Gibran clarify yang Inara dah kali kelima tersedar dari koma and setiap kali tu, reaksi dia berbeza-beza. Aku dapat rasakan Inara punya frustration bila dia tak dapat ingat apa-apa dalam jangka masa empat tahun. Lagi frust bila dia tanya ibu dia dengan Gibran apa yang dah jadi tapi yang dia dapat is nothing. Sedih weh bila orang keep their silence on purpose. Rasa terasing gila kot. Paling sedih bila tak boleh ingat macam mana dia kenal dengan Gibran and apa yang jadi antara dia dengan Muzaffar, bekas tunang dia.

Flow penceritaan memang lawa gila. Daripada Inara bangun, rahsia ibu dia dengan Gibran, teringat dekat Priya, reunited dengan Muzaffar, dapat fill bits and pieces dalam masa empat tahun yang hilang. Memang teratur sangat flow dia. Waktu mula-mula Inara dapat tahu Muz tinggalkan dia two weeks before wedding dia orang and Priya tak datang waktu majlis dia dengan Gibran, aku dah ada satu assumption yang memang tipikal. Aku serious fikir Muz dengan Priya ada hubungan tanpa pengetahuan Inara but girl, I was so wrong. Heh, cerita ni memang tak ikut flow klise yang selalu. Rahsia yang ibu Inara and Gibran sorokkan memang shocking gila. Tak terlintas pun dalam kepala aku tentang kisah stalker! Lagi shocking bila dapat tahu punca sebenar Inara hilang ingatan. This is a major plot twist!

Watak Gibran memang caring gila namatey. Hish memang trend sekarang buat hero novel semua caring, loving, cool eh? Halah I kennot la gini. Dia punya determination yang sanggup ambil 50-50 chance semata nak tengok Inara sedar pun admirable gila. He puts everything on his shoulder and carry on like nothing. Dia hanya nak tengok Inara senyum dan lupakan every dark memory of hers. Apa yang dia buat semua untuk Inara and even though dia tahu Inara in a big trouble, dia tetap stay with her and protect her. And that my friends, is what we want in a husband.

Gaya penulisan first pov membuatkan aku sangat tertanya-tanya dengan rahsia disebalik kehidupan seorang Inara. Lagi-lagi bila ingatan dia hilang dan dia sedar dalam keadaan yang jauh berbeza dengan apa yang dia biasa. Tambah lagi dengan kehadiran Gibran as a husband that she never knew exist. Dengan mimpi-mimpi dia pasal perempuan baju merah berlumuran darah hah memang lagi saspen la. 

Walaupun diorang berjaya sort everything out, Inara still rasa impact on what happened. She still have nightmares and memori dia tetap tak datang balik. Even macam tu, dia still going strong with Gibran by her side. And just like the last quote dalam novel ni, tak semua benda kita kena kongsi dengan masyarakat dunia sebab kita tak tahu siapa yang ada niat buruk dengan kita. Ciao.


Wednesday 16 September 2020

Selamat Hari Malaysia !

September 16, 2020 7 Comments

 Assalamualaikum, good day dearest ! Since I missed to post on the independence day, I think this would make up for it.

edited on

First, I would like to apologize for the poster because there wasn't much of Sarawakian and Sabahan that I could describe in form of the people. I used the application Canva to edit this poster. Hence, I don't edit the little details as I was just used what was available. 

Back to our topic, do you guys know why we celebrate two different day in regards to our nation? Well, The Independence Day which we celebrates every 31st of August is the day we were declared as an independence and sovereign nation and Malaysia Day is the day where we celebrate the establishment of Malaysian federation, including Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore into one nation. But in the year of 1965 Singapore separates from Malaysia to become its own nation due to political and economic differences. We celebrates Malaysian Day on 16th September every year.

In this opportunity, I would love to say a happy holiday to my fellow Malaysian and may you have a happy day !


Monday 14 September 2020

The Con Artists

September 14, 2020 8 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest ! As I was continuing with my activities of watching K-Drama and reading novels, I kind of need a break. So, I cross off one more item on my 'movies-to-watch'. I really enjoy this one and it had been recommended to me several times.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : The Con Artists / The Technicians
Runtime : 116 minutes
Genre : Crime, Action, Thriller
Country / Language : South Korea / Korean
Released year : 2014
Director : Kim Hong Sun
Writer : Kim Yang Jong, Kim Hong Sun
Cast : Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo, Ko Chang Suk
Plot : 

Ji Hyuk is an excellent safe-cracker and an forger. He works with a technician, Koo In. They planned to rob diamonds tucked in a safe vault in a high end jewelry shop owned by President Jo. Koo In then introduced Ji Hyuk to Jong Bae, an excellent hacker. The planned went well but they were caught by President Jo. Instead of locking them up, President Jo gave them a task to stole million dollars store in a unbreakable safe vault at Incheon Custom Port.


Okay, this is dope. Like really, I love the tension. It kind of blurry at first because Ji Hyuk seems to have a mission that only he knows but as the story plays, it all make sense. The moment when they robbed they jewelry shop was so intense with the police officers just around the corner. Oh my, I couldn't sit still until they really made out of the store with the diamonds.

The plot was crazy! It has been so long since I last watch something like this. The plot twist really blow my mind off ! I never thought that  Ji Hyuk had another plan, a perfect, fail-proof one. It got my jaw dropped when I knew he was alive after all. And that scenes when they finally carry out the plan to steal the politicians was crazy. I was so nervous the whole time. 

As for the casts, I love Lee Hyun Woo's character, Jong Bae. He really went out of the flower boy character that I usually watch him as. This time around, he became a hacker that betrayed his team. Even though there was not much scenes of him with computers, he really did well in going behind his team's back. It never crossed my mind that he would betrayed Ji Hyuk because he seems genuine when he denied Ji Hyuk's accusation saying that he is a traitor. Kim Woo Bin really got me hooked with his character. With his confidence and skills, he finally got the revenge(not really) that he had been planning.

The ending was so satisfying after all the tensions and thrilling scenes. I was so satisfied with this movie that I am hoping for the continuation. 

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Saturday 12 September 2020

Aslan by Shazie Kamaruzaman

September 12, 2020 8 Comments
 Assalamualaikum, good day dearest ! Third novel review untuk minggu ni... Nilah akibat menunda kerja, sekali nak update, hah melambak sekali. Anyway, novel kalini daripada publisher yang aku sejujurnya tak pernah dengar so kind of new things for me, sebab selalunya novel-novel from Karyaseni, P2U, Kaki Novel and alaf21 (lama tak baca from alaf21) menjadi pilihan.

Tajuk : Aslan
Penulis : Shazie Kamaruzaman
Mukasurat : 554 pages
Penerbit : Idea Kreatif
Cetakan : April 2020
ISBN : 9789672137818
Blurb :

Akid Aslan. Bukan hanya nama, karakternya juga persis singa. Dominan dan bengis. Daneen Medina. Kuat memberontak dan suka melawan.

Mereka tak pernah kenal rapat. Jumpa punya hanya sesekali, bercakap hanya sepatah dua. Tapi tiba-tiba harus menjadi suami isteri. Hanya kerana Gibb, Daneen turutkan.

"You stay here. Do whatever you want. But only in this room." - Aslan

Sikap terlebih melindungi Aslan buat Daneen curiga. Beberapa insiden berlaku selepas status Mrs Aslan dipegang. Daneen tahu ada yang tak kena, ada yang Aslan rahsiakan. Tapi, apa?

"I trusted you, Aslan. I pilih untuk percayakan you. Kenapa you buat I macam ni?"- Daneen

Kebenaran yang terbongkar melukakan Daneen. Aslan berjanji mahu betulkan keadaan. Namun, kesalahan Aslan terlalu besar. Terlalu payah mahu dilupakan.

"Daneen patut tahu semua ni, Aslan!" - Sarah
"Itu bukan urusan you, Sarah! I've warned you. Bila you libatkan Daneen, bermakna you sengaja cari pasal dengan I!" - Aslan

Aslan sanggup mati demi Daneen.

Aslan sanggup lepaskan segalanya untuk Daneen.

Adakah itu cukup untuk menebus apa yang telah Aslan lakukan? Dan adakah pengorbanan Daneen terhadap Gibb itu berbaloi?

Based on blurb, aku ingatkan Gibb ni boyfriend Daneen. Rupanya, Gibb ni abang dia. Tupun tahu lepas few chapters, agaknya kalau penulis tak mention memang sampai ke sudah aku ingat Gibb dengan Daneen ni ada relationship. 

Mulanya agak interesting jugakla bila Daneen dengan Aslan kahwin atas sebab yang dirahsiakan. Memang aku salute jugak la dengan Daneen sebab sanggup korbankan future dia untuk Gibb sedangkan dia tak tahu pun kenapa dia kena kahwin dengan Aslan. She just went along with it. Kalau aku memang taklah, nak kahwin dengan orang yang tak kenal atas sebab yang kabur. 

From the moment Daneen jumpa Dato' Moq, Sarah and Harith (pakcik, isteri Harith and sepupu Aslan), aku dapat agak dah apa sebab Aslan kahwin dengan Daneen. Agak klise dekat situ tapi agak refreshing jugaklah sebab Daneen tak tahu. Rahsia pihak Gibb memang aku tak boleh nak agak sebab penulis tak tinggalkan hints sangat. So, bila tahu memang terkejut jugaklah...

One thing yang aku rasa tak berapa nak selesa is the constant use of sexual innuendos and double meaning conversation antara Aslan dengan Daneen. Kalau mention sekali dua boleh la kot nak terima ni aku rasa almost every chapter mesti ada je. Selalunya novel English je yang ada mention hal dalam kain here and there tapi ni first time aku jumpa Malay novel yang tulis gini. Memang tak sesuai la dengan pembaca muda walaupun tak diceritakan detail tapi kalau dah asyik mention aje, aku pun rasa nak berhenti baca. 

Penulis guna kaedah first pov, tapi unik sikit. Sebabnya, first pov yang digunakan akan bertukar from Aslan to Daneen at some point. Hm, lagi baik kalau guna third pov terus tapi mungkin kekuatan penulis guna first pov. Cuma tulah, aku rasa macam baca novel dekat Wattpad. Haha, first time jumpa physical published  book buat gaya penulisan gini. 

Aku rasa ni first time aku baca novel yang aku tak boleh nak rasa apa-apa. Nak kata heart-fluttering, tak de sangat pun. Watak Aslan pun walaupun dah macam Christian Grey pun tak mampu buat aku tersengih. Side characters pun takde sangat, cuma yang aku mention tu jelah. 


Friday 11 September 2020


September 11, 2020 4 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest ! For this week k-drama review, it will be an old drama that I just watched and enjoyed really much. It was the first drama that starred Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum before 'Kill Me, Heal Me'.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Secret / Secret Love
Episodes : 16
Genre : Drama, Romance
Director : Lee Eung Book, Baek Sang Hoon
Writer : Choi Ho Chul, Lee Bo Ra
Network : KBS2
Cast : Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Bae Soo Bin, Lee Da Hae
Plot : 

Yoo Jung decided that she would take the blame in a hit-and-run case instead of her prosecutor-to-be boyfriend, Do Hoon. The woman who died is a girlfriend to a chaebol of K Group, Min Hyuk. He was determined to destroy Yoo Jung's life as she destroyed his. After serving her sentence, Yoo Jung was betrayed by Do Hoon and left miserable. While observing Yoo Jung, Min Hyuk slowly fall in love with her but he had to get married to his childhood friend, Shin Se Yeon.


This drama is so well made! When I first read the synopsis, my mind went to 'Nice Guy' drama. A drama starring Song Joong Ki. It had a similar plot so I am excited on how this drama would unfold. I really love the plot and especially the character development. 

Just like 'Kill Me, Heal Me', Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum really had a very good chemistry on screen ! I could see the hatred Min Hyuk had for Yoo Jung in the beginning of the drama. And how that hatred turned into obsession. His constant need to know where she is and whether she is okay or not. And eventually, he fall for her character despite their situation. Just like people said, 'there's a fine line between love and hate.' and look where they were at the end.

I don't remember how much I cried while pitying Yoo Jung. Everyone was so cruel to her but she still smile and act like nothing happened. She was so nice that I can't understand. How can she sacrifice everything for a so-called love. And even with her love, it wasn't enough for Do Hoon and his family, especially his mother. As a woman herself, she keep doing things that would only benefited her son and forget all of the things she had received from Yoo Jung. Oh, I hate her so much!

Do Hoon really became venomous after he rose in ranking. Trying to take over K Group when he had no qualification. He really is shameless. After using Yoo Jung, he went as far as using Se Yeon. That was so low of him. And to think that he even abandon his own son and Yoo Jung's father, he deserves nothing. So glad that Yoo Jung find her justice. Se Yeon is one pitiful character. She keep holding on her love for Min Hyuk even though he had make clear of his feeling to her. She ended up hurting again and again. It was a mess that she, herself didn't want to clean.

All in all, it was a great drama to watch and I really recommended this to everyone. It was full will hatred, love and sadness. I was really grateful that Yoo Jung had her friends from the prison to keep her afloat. The ending was very great as both Yoo Jung and Min Hyuk had what they wanted. 

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Tuesday 8 September 2020

Anastasia by Syu Ariani

September 08, 2020 8 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest ! This is another #bookreview for you guys. Rasanya bookish dan peminat novel melayu memang kenal dengan novel ni.

Tajuk : Anastasia
Penulis : Syu Ariani
Mukasurat : 586 pages
Penerbit : Penulisan Enterprise
Cetakan : Oktober 2018
ISBN : 9789672102663
Blurb :

Anastasia dan Drizella. Nama kakak-kakak tiri Cinderella. Adalah satu klise apabila mereka membenci dan sentiasa mendengki Cinderella, berusaha merampas prince charming daripadanya. Tetapi bagaimana pula sekiranya kakak tiri Cinderella ikhlas menyayanginya sehingga dia tegar memperjudikan nyawanya sendiri demi si adik tiri? Bagaimana pula sekiranya kakak tiri Cinderela rela kuburkan isi hatinya demi kebahagiaan si adik tiri?

Aina Natasha. Dia sanggup membahayakan diri sendiri asalkan Tengku Elyana selamat. Berkali-kali Elyana diserang musuh tetapi Aina tidak berundur walau sesaat. Selagi hayatnya masih ada, Aina akan berusaha bersungguh-sungguh menyelamakan si adik tiri. Namun satu hari, Elayana dijodohkan dengan Tengku Arhan Yuzlan dengan alasan Arhan boleh melindungi Elyana juga. Aina terpempan. Kerana Arhan yang ada di depan matanya kini ialah Arhan yang sama, yang dikenali 13 tahun lalu.

"Awak tak takut mati, Aina Natasha?" - ARHAN
"Saya takut mati tapi saya lebih takut jadi pembunuh." - AINA NATASHA

Demi mendengarkan jawapan itu, Arhan tersentak. Sesungguhnya dia juga menghadapi kemelut yang sama. Berusaha menjauhi gelaran 'pembunuh' tetapi dia sering dihadapkan dengan situasi yang mendorongnya ke arah itu.

Bersama-sama, mereka cuba melindungi dan manjaga Elyana. Pada saat dua hati mula disapa perasaan indah, kini Aina pula menjadi sasaran. Nyawa Aina menjadi buruan dan si pemburu nyawa itu takkan berhenti selagi dia tidak beroleh apa yang dia mahukan.

"Aku takkan biarkan Aina dibunuh disebabkan kau!" - HADI
"Kau fikir aku akan biarkan dia sentuh Aina Natasha?" - ARHAN

Segala serangan dipatahkan dan ditepis. Berkali-kali mereka diasak, berkali-kali jugalah mereka mengasak. Mereka berlawan demi mempertahankan nyawa di dalam tubuh dan rasa dalam hati. Hinggalah satu per satu kebenaran terbongkar, sedikit demi sedikit kekuatan Aina dan Arhan tergugat. Apa yang mereka lihat, bukanlah realitinya. Apa yang mereka fikir, bukanlah hakikatnya.

Sehingga akhirnya, Aina tertanya sendiri - "Apakah tiada pengakhiran bahagia untuk dirinya, Anastasia, si kakak tiri Cinderella?"

First off, I love the concept yang penulis guna. Villain dalam fairytales as the main character, very intriguing, kan. And this one is the classic Cinderella story. Watak Aina memang best, seronok bila baca watak heroin yang tak lemah dan tak bergantung dengan lelaki. Badass gila Aina Natasha. Memang heroin novel ni lain sungguh. Daripada latar belakang keluarga sampailah ke peribadi Aina, memang lain sangat berbanding dengan kebanyakan watak heroin. Kudos penulis sebab berjaya wujudkan kelainan untuk watak heroin. Takdelah asyik-asyik nak heroin lemah yang memerlukan knight to save the princess (walaupun banyak kali Arhan datang as Aina's knight, but still rasa lain). Eh, nama Aina Natasha ni dahla nama one of my bestfriend masa high school, rasa janggal pulak bila terbayang muka dia yang dok membelasah musuh jahat. Hahaha. Kisah dia dengan Arhan pun rasa sweet je, saling melindung walau apa pun halangan. Walaupun Aina suka gila dekat Arhan, she back off bila tahu Arhan ni fiance El, adik tiri dia. Alahai selfless-nyaa.

Pembacaan aku memang terasa laju gila sebab half day aku dah half novel. Lepas tu mulala rasa sayang nak habiskan, aku pun tinggal la dia kejap. Tapi sebabkan aku curious dengan identiti orang yang nakkan nyawa Aina, aku habiskan jugak la. Aku terkejut jugak dalang yang rancang pembunuhan El. Memang tak sangka, aku harapkan ada musuh luar tapi, wow memang musuh paling rapat. Paling tak sangka dengan identiti orang yang nakkan nyawa Aina. Mulanya, memang dah syak dengan that individu but sebab dia nampak sangat baik and macam tak sesuai dengan character dia so aku pun start la second guessing. Tapi rupanya, memang dia !

Aku suka watak Hadi. Dia punya straightforward confess suka Aina tu memang tak boleh blah. Tak pandang kiri kanan suka hati je confess. Kalau aku jadi Aina memang aku blah kot dari situ, tapi nasib baik Aina bukan aku. Walaupun dia silap langkah, silap percaturan, aku suka dia tetap stand with Aina,  protect dia. Ahh, terasa sweet sangat gesture dia. 

Ending dia, well as  usual, happy ending lah and also happy me. Walaupun watak Aina ada masanya gila jugak sampai dia sanggup cederakan Arhan semata perasaan marah and cemburu, Arhan still sabar dengan dia. And walaupun disebabkan Arhan, Aina hampir mati, Aina tetap terima Arhan dan tak pernah terfikir nak give up. Walaupun mereka tegas, teguh, kuat bila berdepan dengan musuh, but with each other, they can be as themselves. They really have come so far because macam yang selalu Aina cakap dekat Arhan, 'Love is us against the world.' Eceh.. Sweet ennn. Sebagai penutup terimalah Arhan (mood malas nak ngedit quote art),

You tell me. Do I love her ?


Sunday 6 September 2020

Psiko by Rosa Nur

September 06, 2020 12 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest ! Happy weekend ! Actually novel ni dah lama habis baca. Tapi tulah, asal rajin nak menip je mesti ada je benda yang menghalang, so tertundalah sampai ke harini...

Tajuk : Psiko
Penulis : Rosa Nur
Mukasurat : 483 pages
Penerbit : Karyaseni
Cetakan : September 2018
ISBN : 9789672102625
Blurb :

Diculik, dikurung dan diseksa oleh si bongkok kerana ingin melihat orang-orang seksaannya menderita seperti orang yang dicintainya sebelum ini. Antara yang menanggung akibat adalah Rayyan Firdaus, Hanna Hannani dan beberapa orang lagi rakan mereka.

Dan ini pula antara kata-kata dendam orang yang dicintai si bongkok...

"Kau orang berdua nak tahu tak apa yang aku letak dalam keranda tu? Aku letak lipan. Aku letak kala jengking!"

"Ala, tak payahlah nak merayu-rayu. Hati aku ni takkan cair dengan rayuan kau. Kau dan seorang lagi betina kat atas tu akan mati sebelum matahari terbit. Ada faham?"

Berselindung di sebalik satu nama yang tidak diketahui identiti sebenarnya. Dan penculikan ini terus menimbulkan tanda tanya dalam minda setiap mangsa yang terlibat.

Sementara itu, kembali ke waktu 10 tahun yang lalu... Seorang gadis obesiti sering dijadikan bahan ketawa kerana tubuh badannya. Seterusnya, berlaku pula satu peristiwa hitam di sebatang sungai telah merubah takdir hidup si gadis obesiti!

Lucu sangatkah bentuk fizikalnya sehingga teruk si gadis obesiti dibuli? Dan siapakah gadis obesiti ini?

"Bulat macam belon tu kau kata comel? Kalau dia himpit, mahu penyek badan kau!" - RAZMAN

"Eh, tak payahlah. Nanti tak cukup pula bihun goreng itu. Kau kan kuat makan!" - BAIZURA

"Kenapa kau orang ni asyik nak membuli dia aje, hah?" - MAIZATUL AKMA

Menghina fizikal si gadis obesiti tanpa belas, padah menanti mereka! Satu demi satu 
menjadi mangsa. Diseksa dengan kejam oleh si pemberi hukuman bagai menjadi satu kewajipan. Si penghukum semakin rakus menjalankan tugasnya dengan profesional.

Siapakah inidividu sadis dan psiko yang memberi hukuman? Siapakah pula si bongkok? Bagaimanakah dengan nasib gadis obesiti? Siapa dalang sebenar yang terlalu psiko ini? Ada kaitankah peristiwa kejam lagi berdarah ini dengan ketiga-tiga mereka? Rasailah pergolakan perasaan yang sarat dendam, saspens dan pertelingkahan dalam Psiko tulisan Rosa Nur ini.

Penceritaan pada mulanya menarik sebab misteri identiti si bongkok and juga kehilangan Suriati di Sungai Gasing. Banyak watak yang diperkenalkan untuk beberapa bab awal. Nasib baik kepelbagaian nama buat aku tak terkeliru selalu. Tapi sayangnya, penulis pula terlebih baik hati sampaikan watak yang hanya muncul sekali dua pun diletak nama. Contohnya, watak si pembaca meter elektrik. Aku pula ingatkan watak dia significant pada jalan cerita so gigihla fokus pada setiap nama. Alih-alih sia-sia je.

Identiti si penghukum yang kejam bagi aku agak predictable. Walaupun aku pada mulanya mengharapkan yang ada kelainan pada novel ni, namun hampa akhirnya. Hah, memang yang Atilah yang menghukum and nak balas dendam dekat kawan-kawan yang selalu buli dia. Bagi aku, jalan cerita taklah se-psiko yang aku harapkan but still agak gruesome jugalah. Memang tak sorok apa pun, tahu dari awal Ati yang berdendam dan nakkan pembalasan pada kawan-kawan dia. 

Tapi bagi aku, tajuk 'Psiko' dengan watak Ati tak sesuai. Sebabnya, Ati memang ada sebab untuk marahkan mereka, mengejek dan memperjudikan maruah dia dekat Sugai Gasing dan juga sebabkan dia dikurung selama sepuluh tahun. Mungkin itu yang buatkan dia berdendam dengan empat sekawan tu sangat. Bagi aku Psiko yang sebenar is si bongkok. Kalaulah penulis twist sikit cerita dan buatkan Ati lupakan niat dia untuk seksa kawan-kawan dia dan bagi bongkok yang berkeras untuk balas dendam bagi pihak Ati, mungkin akan jadi lebih menarik. Aku sebenarnya mengharapkan Rayyan yang rancang penculikan dan penyeksaan orang yang mengejek Ati barulah nampak lebih psiko. Rayyan yang dihantui rasa bersalah then buat rancangan gila untuk balas dendam bagi pihak Ati, mungkin lebih menarik bagi aku.

Kemuncak cerita apabila Ati berjaya bawak Rayyan ke rumah agam tapi sayangnya from this point onwards, penulisan agak rushing. Rasa tak berbaloi cerita panjang-panjang sebelum dia berjaya culik empat sekawan sedangkan misi dia nak menyeksa tak diberi tumpuan sangat. Paling kecewa bila Ati masih simpan perasaan terhadap Rayyan sedangkan Rayyanlah orang yang dia patut seksa sekejam-kejamnya. Seksaan paling kejam pun si Hanna je. Yang lain, just meh. Memang rasa rushing habis. Ending pun rasa 'duh' sangat sebab memang predictable yang Ati akan terselamat daripada kebakaran tu. 

Novel ni memang ada thrill yang tersendiri tapi untuk aku katakan psiko, mungkin tidak. Aku punya expectation untuk novel ni mungkin terlalu tinggi so bila tak capai aku sendiri yang terkiciwa. Aduh. Penceritaan novel ni straightforward memang kau takkan confuse ke apa and memang senang faham plot dia. So, for those yang nak try baca psiko-thriller this may be a small start for you. Untuk aku, tidak. One more thing, moral of the story, dendam hanya memudaratkan diri sendiri.


Friday 4 September 2020


September 04, 2020 8 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest ! I'm still here for the weekly k-drama review (except for last week) and this is a drama from early this year.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Rugal
Episodes : 16
Genre : Action, Science-fiction, Crime
Director : Kang Cheol Woo
Writer : Rilmae (webcomic)
Network : OCN, Netflix
Cast : Choi Jin Hyuk, Jo Dong Hyuk, Park Sung Woong, Jung Hye In, Park Sun Ho, Han Ji Wan, Kim Min Sang
Plot : 

Kang Gi Beom is an elite police officer. After losing his teammates while trying to bring Argos, a criminal organization down, he swore on his life to end all of the people who involved. On his  wedding anniversary, he found his dying wife was attacked by Argos and ended up losing his eyes. Kang Gi Beom was accused to be the psychotic detective that kills his own wife. While serving in the prison, he was contacted by Chief Choi who then help him broke out of prison. Chief Choi then introduced him to Rugal, a secret organization formed by the government to bring Argos down. Through biotechnology, Gi Beom received two artificial eyes with special ability. He then works with the other Rugal team member, Han Tae Woong (former Argos member), Song Mina (Gi Beom's colleague who supposed to be dead) , and Lee Gwang Cheol (one of the Argos victim). Slowly, they worked together with the instruction of Chief Choi to destroy Hwang Deuk Gu and Argos.

This drama is based on a webcomic, 'Rugal' by Rilmae published in 2016.


From the very first episode, my only thought was, 'Wow, this is one hella brutal drama !' maybe with a little exaggeration but you got the drill. I love the way that this Argos organization was moved by a several leader with Ko Yong Deok as the head but the other leaders still didn't lose their air time. They really had their own roles for all of the bad things. Even though their role was not directly harmed Rugal in anyway, they still got the bad blood. I think this is the first drama that have several people fought for the power as it is usually just two or three side.

The plot is a bit complicated but I can say that it was well arranged and I really love it ! There was a little plot twist that I don't see coming and it was quite shocking. Even with that revelation, Gi Beom's trust to Rugal started to get shaken and things get a little complicated especially with the interruption of his AI eyes. Another plus point was their action scenes. Oh, I really loves them! I couldn't keep my eyes of them when they got into a fight. I couldn't help but to look for their forms and stances. Be it the body stunt or the actor themselves, they did really really well. Every single one of them; even as minor as Seol Min Jun.

I gotta say that science-fiction movies were my guilty pleasure but I haven't watch much of this genre lately (let's just say that I'm too lazy to look up). Hence, this drama got me out of my separation(?) for a moment. The most obvious AI character of course Gi Beom as he got the most dangerous and developed artificial eyes. There was time that his eyes failed him and even got controlled of his body. That was really crazy to think of. Next to him, there was the leader of Rugal, Han Tae Woong. He got an artificial arm and that very arm was so powerful. He definitely is my favorite character. As for Mina, she only got a chip planted in her but I am not really sure of the function. And lastly, Lee Gwang Cheol; he had artificial organs (I think it was liver, stomach and intestine) and lived on with battery. Their conditions were monitored by Bradley, Susan and Dr. Oh. Their artificial parts definitely helped every one of them to continue living as a person. 

As for the character development, I frequently question Chief Choi's character because he really did well in directing Rugal team members but there was some shady part of him that I find really suspicious. At first seems genuinely wanted to take Argos down but his command sometimes contradicting with his intention. All because he really wanted to protect Rugal secrecy. This is my first time watching Park Sung Woong as a villain. I believe that I had watched quite a number of his works and most of them are on the good side. It is a new side of him and that side did really really well. I love how he fake laugh whenever he found his enemy amusing. Damn that Hwang Deuk Gu. I wished for more insight on his character as I keep questioning on how he got involved as the first test subject for Rugal project and how come Chief Choi easily let him go after the test. 

Another concept that I really love was the bromance between Han Tae Woong and Kang Gi Beom. I love the way they are supporting each other and always look out for one another despite their history. Han Tae Woong  was a really matured character and the best of him is he knows how to separate private and professional affair. One character that I found really pitiful was Seol Min Jun. He indirectly is a Rugal members as he helped in taking Argos down. He is an undercover police officer who went to penetrate Argos leaders. He is successful until Hwang Deuk Gu found out about him. He was used to be one of the test subject for Hwang Deuk Gu's illegal biotechnology development. When he died, he couldn't even get the justice and recognition that he deserved.

For the ending, Gi Beom finally able to beat Hwang Deuk Gu and their mission is completed. Even with the defeat of Argos, it doesn't feel good. Things kind of get heavy, maybe because of the secret that Chief Choi hide from Rugal member. It was a bit devastating seeing them part ways. Yeah, all four of them went on different ways after all things that happen. That kind of unusual. Is there season two i smell ? It kinds of leave me hoping seeing Hwang Deuk Gu in the prison with a mysterious gaze after a doctor check up on him and that suspicious massage that Kang Gi Beom received ? Yeah, I am really hoping for season two. 

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Thursday 3 September 2020

Thoughtless Thursday #031

September 03, 2020 4 Comments


Assalamualaikum, good day dearest ! I actually have no specific thing to discuss and said so, this pretty much would be me getting off things out of my mind and soul. Lol. The only things that have been on my mind is my future, my next step. This is still blurry and I have no idea where I will be get off the next time. As for my UPU application, I am yet to be accepted  and this had been scaring me so much. I keep thinking of the 'what ifs' when I really should not. It mess up my mind and my mood and that is not a good thing. At all.

Next, hmm, what's next ? Oh yeah, I have about three pending novel (malay) reviews that I should really start writing but every time I opened up the folder, I ended up closing it again. Yeah, not good because it only causes me stress. But what can I do ? I am a professional procrastinator. Oh, I actually wanted to write an entry for the Malaysia Independence Day but my siblings came hence I couldn't really make time for it.

I think this can do for now, till then.

- thes

Tuesday 1 September 2020

The Dude In Me

September 01, 2020 4 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest ! How are you all holding up this new, fresh month ? Wow, it's September already, time sure flies so fast. Anyway, this is a movie review that I should have done long ago but yeah, too lazy.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : The Dude In Me 
Runtime : 122 minutes
Genre : Comedy, Fantasy
Country / Language : South Korea / Korean
Released year : 2019
Director : Kang Hyo Jin
Writer : Shin Han Sol, Jo Jong Hoon, Kang Hyo Jin
Cast : Jin Young, Park Sung Woong, Ra Mi Ran, Lee So Min
Plot : 

Kim Dong Hyun is a high school student and he was often bullied by his classmates. One day, he falls from the rooftop while trying to pick Hyun Jung's shoes. He bumped onto Jang Pan Soo who was standing below him. Jang Pan Soo is a leader of a criminal organization. When he woke up, he found out that he had switched body with Dong Hyun. He then begin to live as a high school student and found out that he had a daughter with his ex-girlfriend who is now Dong Hyun's classmate.  


To be honest, I only wanted to watch this movie because of Jin Young. He was the main reason why but as I read on the synopsis, I think it will be great because this kind of movie usually is. And I am not wrong. I had so much laughter while watching this movie. The plot was so simple and it didn't have messy story line. It is very relaxing and enjoyable for me.

At first, I am expecting Dong Hyun as the fit, handsome Jin Young but Dong Hyun was actually a fat boy! I didn't realize that Jin Young is the fat Dong Hyun bcs he looked so different ; with the extra weight on his belly and cheeks and that nerd spectacles, he don't look like Jin Young, at all. He almost look like Sandeul (one of the members of B1A4) instead.

With a bigger body, he really does looked like a gangster, he at least looked intimidating and it matched well with his character as 'Jang Pan Soo' soul. But, when he lose weight and finally looked like a prince charming, he somehow looked a little awkward but managed to be the cool gangster. His expression did look a little uncomfortable for me. Maybe it is because a whole new role for him so he couldn't really express well. But as the movie continue, Jin Young look more comfortable with his role and finally able to be the gangster he had to be.

Even though Park Sung Woong hold one of the major role, he missed for about thirty to one hour of the screen time due to being in comatose. When he woke up, oh man, it was hilarious ! Never though he will ever act that way! Long gone the fighter in him and only one that left was a coward high-school boy. It is definitely another side of him and he kills that high school boy role ! 

There were tons of scene that I found hilarious but there were three memorable scenes for me. First being the love confession of Jang Pan Soo in the body of Kim Dong Hyuk to Mi Seon. I couldn't help but cringe throughout that scene. Jin Young really knows how to be a lover because his character looked really sincere when he declared his love to Mi Seon. And than that kiss scene ?! Omg, I really laughed out loud, especially with the added soundtrack. Second one is when Pan Soo and Dong Hyuk confront Dong Hyuk's father with their situation. Oh my... This one really hilarious especially when Sung Woong acted cute and all expression he made, it was priceless! And last one was when Pan Soo asked his daughter to call him as dad all while he still in Dong Hyuk body! That scene should be sad or at least heart wrenching but it was too hilarious for me to be sad.

There s no better way to end the movie the way it is. Well, everything came back to normal and their soul switches again. It was a good ending for everyone. This is a great movie for a light binge-watch.

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