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Title : Sketch / Seukechi / 스케치
Episodes : 16
Genre : Action, Crime
Network : JTBC
Cast : Rain, Lee Sun Bin, Lee Dong Gun, Lee Sung Joo
Plot :

Detective Kang Dong Soo was on stake out to catch criminal when he first met Yoo Shi Hyun, a female detective that can foresee the future in 3 days time. When she first explain her ability to Detective Kang, he did not believe her. Things changed when Shi Hyun drew a sketch whereby Min Ji Soo, Detective Kang's fiancee died. He was devastated when the sketch turn into reality and swore to kill her murderer with his own hand.


The first thing that I wanna talk about is the ability that Corporal Yoo possessed. It was very cool to have that kind of ability, for a broader perspective. But, to have the exactly ability that she had might be some sort of curse or punishment because I would never ever ever wanted to witness the death of people around me. It's terrifying.

The plot is very nice. It's well constructed and the best part is the endless plot twist. I think I have multiple wrong guesses of the real X. The real X got me stunned. I mean, who would thought that Corporal Yoo's brother is the antagonist ? But it makes more sense to me that her brother is the X. Well, they are from the same blood and it only make sense that they possessed the same ability. Only that Corporal Yoo's brother does not sketch when he lose conscious. Plus, her brother use his ability to cut off all of the evils. He got the nice intention but the way he deals with them are not good. To reach his goals, he had killed countless innocent soul.

I felt so sorry to Kim Do Jin, the one who killed Min Ji Soo. He is an army who serves in the special forces. The day he had his leave, he met someone on his way. When he arrived, he found out that his wife was killed. To add to his fury, he found a book written by his wife that she is pregnant with their child. He then met with Chief Jang, a man who made him believe that he had a purpose to his life. Later, he found out that he was being used by Corporal Yoo's brother.

"The important thing is not whether we can do it or not. The important thing is did we do what we need to do" - Kang Dong Soo

The ending of this drama is very realistic. Corporal Yoo found out about her brother and she successfully saved him from committing another crime. The evils that they are catching are not caught in the present, but in the future that Corporal Yoo's brother saw. Even with that, I am very content. The ending are not rushed and they ended the drama the way it should. 

This might not make it to my best of drama list but it still gave me the full satisfaction. Overall,  I would rate this drama with 7.5/10. 

P/s: that brother of Corporal Yoo is a visual. Lol


Thursday 27 June 2019

Thoughtless Thursday #017

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Assalamualaikum ~ How was your week ? I've been dealing with this stupid anxiety a lot more often this week. And I am getting tired with it. I had too much going on in my head that I don't know either it is just my imagination or reality. This is bad.

With the pressure from people around me, it made me wanted to stay inside my blanket at the corner of my room.  With the result that were out last week, I was depressed for a day. It didn't met my expectation for which I hoped that it was dream. Sadly, it is not.

I'm too lazy to put my trademark
taken at : 15 May 2019, 0626

And now I learned that my convocation will be held in October instead of November, I am getting more anxious. What should I do now ? I seriously couldn't sort out my priority anymore. It's getting hard. I wanted to help at home and at the same time, I wanted to work. I need to pay for the student loan and I wanted to further my study. Why is merging into adulthood is so hard ㅠ_ㅠ

Now that I am done ranting, I felt a bit lighter. But then there's a new weight that came. Pray for me.


Monday 24 June 2019

I Fine Thank You Love You

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Assalamualaikum, hey ~ Suraya is back with another movie review and this time, it is a Thailand movie. I really love watching Thailand's movie, especially with rom-com, and horror comedy like 'Pee Mak' and 'Make Me Shudder'. I found someone on Twitter (Twitterians review are the best, honestly) and decided to give it a shot. 

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Title : I Fine Thank You Love You / Ai Fai Thank You Love You
Runtime : 117 minutes
Genre : Romantic-comedy
Country : Thailand
Released date : 2014
Producer : GTH
Cast : Sunny Suwanmethanon, Preechaya Pongthananikorn
Plot :

Yim (read:Jim) was dumped by his Japanese girlfriend, Kaya. They both can't communicate with each other as Kaya does not speak Thai and Yim does not speak Japanese. Determined to win her back, Yim started studying English with Pleng who used to be Kaya's tutor and also good friend.


First off, Thailand's movie never disappoint. Second off, that Yim guy is seriously handsome. The plot are simple and very straightforward. It is very suitable with the genre. I had a good amount of laugh while watching this movie. Both of the actor definitely had a very good chemistry. 

Even though this movie had imply a quite number of dirty jokes, it is not to the extend that I got uncomfortable. I guess, the jokes are bearable. If you can understand Thai language, I think you can understand some lame jokes by Yim. I love Yim's character. He had his goals and he works really hard to achieve that goals. I really hope that I can have that attitude of him. 

As for Pleng, she is so considerate that she put others before herself. The funny thing is, she couldn't even break up with her boyfriend who obviously made her uncomfortable. If it were me, I would left that guy as soon as I got the chance to (it's might be cruel but it is better than giving them a false hope, aite). I am very glad that this movie only involve two main characters. If there is another character involved in their love story, I guess I will be hella confused.

I highly recommended this movie for those who really loves rom-com. However, many of the jokes are wordplay of Thai language so maybe some of you didn't found this funny. But for me (I have no knowledge of Thai language except for Sawadeekap), it is still funny and I enjoy the movie so much.

p/s : I heard Sunny is back with another work but I am not sure whether it had been released or not.


Saturday 22 June 2019

School 2017

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Title : School 2017 / Hakkyo 2017 / 학교 2017
Episodes : 16
Genre : School, Romance
Network : KBS2
Cast : Kim Se Jeong, Kim Jung Hyun, Jang Dong Yoon
Plot :

A story of teenagers drama in school. The drama is centered on Ra Eun Ho, a low ranked girl who had passion for drawing. She was then caught with the school mysterious troublemaker, Student X. She was used to be the scapegoat for the case when the real Student X saved her from being expel. The principal then asked her to bring the real Student X into the light. Ra Eun Ho found herself suspecting two of her classmate; Hyun Tae Woon, the most feared person in the school aka the director son and Song Dae Hwi, student body president as well as the top ranking student.


Okay, first off, out of three version of schools, I only had watch the School 2013 ? I think ? The one with Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin. I definitely loving that drama. Even though it was centered on those two boys, however, the other character were overshadowed by them. This drama however, the other character were shadowed by the main. Even though they had mention the problems or crisis that every other character had been facing, it was only brief and the resolution to the problems are simple and quick.

Unlike School 2013, the role of the homeroom teacher in School 2017 are not really play as important role. The only problem that the teacher solved and contributed was in looking ( or more like covering ) for the Student X. Other than that, I don't think there's any. Maybe there is, but the main point of this drama is the Student X. I guess, he just overshadowed the other things.

If School 2013 focused on the friendship and the brotherhood of the two main characters and totally no romance of two different gender, this one had the that element. Well, I guess the romance are just everywhere, like Song Dae Hwi has his own girlfriend, Eun Ho is with Tae Woon and the teachers, basically, everyone is in love. I admit that high school love are cute and less cringy so it's okay with me.

When I first watch this drama, I thought that it is kind of ridiculous. I mean, why would he played prank on the teachers and act like some hero he is ? It's funny at times. But I guess that what makes this drama different from others.

For the overall, I am satisfied with this drama even though there's no elements of suspense or action or something that in my tea, this is one of those many dramas that I love. For that 6.5/10 is what I would give.


Thursday 20 June 2019

Thoughtless Thursday #016

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Assalamualaikum ! Heyya. Rasanya dah almost two months segmen ni terbiar tanpa berita. Muehehe. Maklumlah, bulan 5 haritu kan puasa, lepas tu aku busy final exam lagi then raya pulak. Haih, memang tinggal habis la blog ni. 

Harini kebetulan aku kebosanan sorang-sorang kat rumah, so aku pun start la blogging (ekceli aku draft-kan next review je) then terperasan yang harini hari Khamis, so aku pun rasa nak melalut alang-alang dah Khamis ni kan.

kind of missing the view from rumah pacik hm
taken on : 4 May 2019

Semalam, one of my Kuntum (closest friend ever during diploma) cakap yang dia dah lepas interview untuk kerja. Bestnya la hai. Aku ni ha tak habis-habis menonggok depan laptop. Tak tengok drama, tengok movie, takpun layan Twitter, blog. Hm, inactive betul sejak habis diploma ni. Lifeless betul sampaikan semua novel yang ada kat rumah ni habis aku baca balik semula (I really need a new novels but baby I had no moneyyyyyyyy).  Hati ni nak je kerja. Tapikan, aku ni penakut sebenarnya. Nak tanya siapa pun tak tahu (walaupun akak abang ramai), hm. Seronoknya Mijaja nak kerja dah. Ada duit sendiri hmm.

Alright cukuplah sesi kesian kan diri sendiri. Takde usaha tak guna jugak nak mengeluh. I will pray that my way will be eased and blessed by Him. So, memandangkan aku dah malas nak type, bye.

p/s : dear fellow Muslims, don't forget to reah al-Kahf tonight, okay !


Tuesday 18 June 2019

One Day

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Assalamualaikum ! Here is the 100th entry ~~~~~ This is quite awkward because most of my entries are filled with reviews, which totally the opposite of my intention in blogging again. But, here we are.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : One Day / Eoneunal / 어느날
Runtime : 114 minutes
Genre : Drama
Released year : 2017
Country : South Korea
Distributor : OPUS Pictures, CGV Arthouse
Cast : Kim Nam Gil, Chun Woo Hee
Plot :

After the death of his wife, Kwang Soo an insurance examiner fall into depression. He went to work was assigned to a case involving a blind person, Miso accident who was now in a vegetative state. When Kwang Soo went to the hospital, he met a woman who introduced herself as Miso. Kwang Soo then learned that he is the only person who can see Miso who woke up as a spirit.


Alright, I was actually tried to broaden my favorite genre so I decided to watch this movie. For a two hours movie, this actually are really boring and slow, for me. I had skipped a few parts and even watch it with double speed.

The plot are simple and very straightforward. I didn't understand why they had to produce a two hours movie. Most of the scenes are quiet and had this gloomy feeling. I couldn't help being sleepy throughout the movie. Honestly, I feel bad for not appreciating this movie but I just can't force myself to respect it. The concept of seeing the spirit of a comatose person are something that had been used in movies or dramas through the years. At some point, it is just expected and not really interesting.

I don't really know both main actors so I don't want to say much. The one who plays as Kwang Soo are so great because I could literally felt depressing feeling radiating from him when he lose his wife. Other than that, I remember nothing. Well, the consequences of not really paying attention to the movie.

This movie are really did not match my taste, so for those who enjoy thriller, actions or crime related movie, this is really not for you. This movie is suitable who enjoy the sentimental feeling of a friend and family and for those who loves emotional movie then, this is the perfect movie for you guys.

Because this is not my preference and I am always out of my mind when I watch this, I can only rate it as 4/10


Sunday 16 June 2019

Star Nextdoor

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Assalamualaikum ! I will probably be active blogging as I am on break  (I really need to work real soon *sigh) ! So, all of my free time will be filled with dramas and movies and little bit of reading. As a head up, I will make tons and tons of review. So, bear with me. This movie review will be the opening of that many of entries. Hehe.

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Star Nextdoor / Iwootjib Seuta / 이웃집스타
Runtime : 98 minutes
Genre : Drama, Comedy
Released year : 2017
Distributor : Storm Pictures
Country : South Korea
Cast : Han Chae Yong, Jin Ji Hee, Im Seulong
Plot :

Hyemi is a top star is South Korea. She is known for her acting as well as the offer she got from Hollywood. What the world does not know is the fact that she is a mother to a middle schooler, Han Soeun. Hyemi then caught in a scandal where she is dating a member of idol group. Soeun then start disliking her mother as she date her bias.

I actually found this movie through Youtube. There's this one channel where they would take a clip from movie and I happen to watch that clip and boom. Here we are.


First of all, I watch this movie because of Seulong. Lol. And his scene are like, only three or four at most ? Even if he is the main reason that I wanted to watch this movie, the plot somehow encouraged my intention. Lol. This is a fun movie to watch, even though it is not so exciting but still, I love this.

I love how the both mother and daughter called each other. Unlike other daughter who called their mother as 'omma', Soeun called her mother 'Han Star'. As for Hyemi, she rarely called Soeun with her name. It was cute and heart clenching at the same time. I personally think that both character symbolize longing and empty despite having each other companion. Soeun always get hurt by her mother who denied her existence as daughter and the comments she made about her. Hyemi was always regret what she said to Soeun. She often reflects on herself, especially when Madam Park, her mother (Soeun's grandma) shove it on her face. They loved each other but had no idea how to show and expressed it.

My most favorite scene is when Soeun came clean about her feeling towards her mother, indirectly. Soeun was accompanying her friends on an acting audition when the staff mistook her as one of the contestant. Hyemi was happened to be one of the judges in the audition. She strongly refused to have Soeun on the audition but the director wanted to. Soeun then agree with condition that Hyemi helped her with the script-reading. And without taking her eyes off her mother's, Soeun get things off her chest. Hate to admit, but I cried, a veryyyy little tears. It was a sad scene.

The ending of the movie was good as Hyemi finally come clean about her status and decided to retire. However, her fame never stop as her manager constantly asked her to comeback. Even Soeun wanted her to be star again as she started to hate her mother's constant nagging.

Overall, I love the movie. No elements that make me disappointed and I love the way they wrap up the movie. 7/10


Thursday 13 June 2019

Another Flowery Year #SixYearsWithOurHomeBTS

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Assalamualaikum ~ Hey ya. So the holidays are over *to those who works and study. As for me, I am currently on break of life. Heh. Here is another topic that might bored some people and may be triggered others. I will solely talk about K-POP and BTS in this entry. So, to those who could not stand hearing, reading or talking about this topic, I suggest you to stop reading, peace !

picture source : @BTS_official (Twitter)
edited with :

I could not believe that it has been six years since their debut. Wow. Time sure pass by quicker than we knew. It felt like I discover this beautiful group only yesterday. I do not really remember what I talked on last entry of BTS debut and I am not going to check it. If I ended up talking about the same thing, it's my apology. 

The first time I came across BTS is when I watch their debut MV, 'No More Dream' on YouTube. I was actually amazed with the concept of their group, hiphop (I am really a big fan of hiphop at that time). The plus point is the English subtitle of the song. With that, I am really fall in love with the group. I mean, who would talk about rebelling against the stereotype student in their song ? A song that will represent them at that. Well, BTS did. They really represent the teenagers who had no dreams and do whatever they were told to. The message of the song is strong. As a teenager at that time, I was really hooked onto the song. 

source : @BTS_official (Twitter)

Back then, nobody had imagine that this boys will be this big. I usually avoided situation where we would critics other artists and put my fav on a very high position because I am a fan of music. So, fanwars are the things that I hate the most in this community. From my view, every one works for what they dream of and their hard work should not be questioned. I was really sad when the K-netizen condemn BTS for where they came from. Despite all the hatred they received, they still keep going on and now, look where they are.

To be honest, BTS is the only group that I stanned for a very long time. Heh. Six years had passed just like this. I am not sure what is the special thing this group possessed that got me stuck. It may be the message they had on their songs, their chemistry, the history of their group or maybe their visual ? I am not sure. Whatever it is, BTS had became one part of my life.

BTS now is a well-known group, not only in Asia but also in the America and Europe. From what I had experienced, once an artist able to make their name big, they will gain two things, new fans and haters. BTS is not an exceptional. As for the fans, it may be a good thing, the family is growing. What is not good is when there is immature fans where they would compared everything and everyone to BTS. Honestly, I despised this kind of people. Like I said earlier, everyone works hard to be where they are now. Why bother comparing ?
not mine ; credited to the rightful owner
For the haters, it seriously got worse in the recent years. I usually avoid reading any news related to hating BTS because I will get sad. Especially the one with death threat. I mean, why would someone threaten to kill a person who they did not know personally ? Another thing that I would get sad over is the Malaysian community. Just because they spoke a different language than Malay, English, Chinese and Tamil, they deserves the hate ? Well, I am not pointing to all, but some of us really did this. This is so sick.

The two hate cases that cause quite uproar in Malaysia this year was the one where one of the religious man, quite well-known at that point out this group as demonic. Wow. This had managed to make me so sad. First, because the one who spoke. Is this really how a religious man should behave ? He should know better than me for he had better religious knowledge than me. Shouldn't we talk with manners ? Second, the ignorance. He merely quoting a news article that said 'Russia banning LY DVD because it deemed gays' or something like that. Because of this news article, he, who I believed did a very poor research on the topic, spoke his mind. I mean, why would not he look up for the mentioned thing before saying anything. In my view, there is nothing wrong with the content of the DVD. I do not know if I am 'blinded' with my love for this group or what, but all I can see is their chemistry and hard work. But then, I am not the one who are full with Islamic knowledge here.

In all honesty, I want these men to find the right path. The teaching that brought by the Prophet Muhammad. Then, how can they accept Islam if the Muslim behave that way ? The way he spoke are totally opposite of what Islam teaches. Again, I am not the one with full of Islamic knowledge. I apologize on behalf of that man. To write about the hates that they received is hard for me. Those men had became one of my happiness source so when they receive the backlash, it somehow managed to pain me a little. I had a little hope in me that they will come to the right path. This is what I pray for and I will not lose that hope till the end.

The second one was the one where one of the ministry in Malaysia said that they would bring BTS for the Visit Malaysia 2020. This caused an uproar, saying, why should we bring them and why will we not use our local artists ? To be honest, I think that this is quite childish. I believe that the ministry had looked up for the positive effect that will bring Malaysia to the world. But then, the locals did not want those good things. Actually, I don't really care. I don't like crowds which means I will never go to places with big crowds. If they want to bring them, then do, if not, then do. I am not some kind of obsessed fan that will do everything and anything for them. Lol. That is so not me.

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner
Everytime I looked back to the time they struggled to win the first place in music shows, and look at where they are now, I am very convinced that hard work would never betrayed. With them as one of my motivation, I keep my head high and fight. As I have ended my diploma phase, this raya I had countless questions on what I am going to do after this. Well, I am going to do what I am good at.

These past three years had been an incredible, wonderful and unbelievable years for both BTS and ARMY. The times when they first won Daesang, I still remember those moment like it was mine. And they did it again and again for the next years. Last year, when BTS was announced as the winner of Artist of the Year in MAMA, Jin had said that they had emotionally struggled at the beginning of the year. They were discussing whether they should ended their contract or not. And to think that they somehow wanted to ended their contract, was extremely sad. If I remember it correctly, the beginning of last year was only their second year to be known in the western industry. I am glad that they are able to made up their mind to not leave us yet. I am not ready for that. For the upcoming years, I hope they can stay true to themselves and enjoy whatever they did. 

So, whatever it is, I am done ranting about BTS. I am sorry for not able to keep the mood of the entry. Keep shining, BTS ~

Written by the teeny tiny dust in the galaxy,

Monday 10 June 2019

Inference Notes

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Assalamualaikum ! I hope it's not too late to wish a 'Selamat Hari Raya' to those who celebrates !! I did have a cheerful raya, what about you guys ? So, here is a review of a movie which I watch few weeks back, during those stressful days.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Inference Notes / Tui Li Bi Ji / 推理笔记
Runtime : 90 minutes
Genre : Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Released year : 2017
Country : China
Cast : Duling Chen, Po Hung Lin
Plot :

Xia Zaoan is a mathematics genius. She receive a heart transplant as she had a chronic heart diseases. After the transplant, Zaoan found herself questioning the owner of the heart that she received. She began digging on the case with the help of the members of Inferences club, Mi Kaka and the friend of the possible heart owner, Li Xiaochong. Through their plans, Xia Zaoan found herself caught in the probability killing. 

I honestly have a high expectation on this movie and I found myself crushed to the ground. :(


First of all, I don't know where I should start. Hm. I coincidentally came across this movie on the usual website that I watch movies and I decide to give it a shot because of the synopsis. I was expecting a large scale crime and the untold truth. But, all of the that doesn't happen. 

This movie is simply about Xia Zaoan looking for the owner of her new heart. Along the story, she develop feeling to Li Xiaochong which I found really disturbing. It is not because of the mature scene which is not found in the movie but because of the romance theme did not fit the context of this movie. All of the scenes that involve their romance are totally bored me out that I had to stop watching for a couple of times. 

As for the owner of her new heart, it really is the friend of Li Xiaochong who was killed by unexpected person. Honestly, I had lost my interest on who killed Li Xiaochong's friend because it take too long and the scenes to uncover the truth are mostly just a mere filler scenes. He was killed by a group of geniuses that wanted to prove that the principle of probability (if I'm not mistaken) is real. As the math genius herself, Xia Zaoan is able to prove to the group that the principle can be prove wrong with the unexpected event.

Anyway, this is one of those confusing movies that I ever watch and is definitely one of my least favorite. The only thing that I can understand is that, in one answer, there will be millions and billions possibilities that the answer can be change. Well, I will leave with my favorite quote from the movie,

"Even smart people gets stupid sometimes - Li Xiaochong"
p/s : never get your hopes high, you will be disappointed