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Thoughtless Thursday #010

September 06, 2018

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Aloha people ! I'm feeling a bit sad this week because the next semester will start very very soon. I haven't start packing, yet and I don't think I will start soon. Looks like my so-called break mission are not successful, again. Old habit die hard. sigh

I wanted to finish my diploma as soon as possible, but the reality after diploma life, still manage to get me a massive headache. One question that I receive lately is,

"Degree or work ?"

Honestly, me myself, had no idea. Every time my friends, family asked me, I can't answer them. I really envy people who had planned out their life. What I;m gonna do ? I hope things would work out for me too. D-5 to next semester, chaiyok !

exactly me zzZzZ
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k-drama review

Wok Of Love

September 04, 2018

Greetings to you. I came with another review of k-dramas entitled 'Wok Of Love'. The sole reason I watch this drama is because of the actor, Jang Hyuk and JunHo of 2PM.

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Wok of Love / Greasy Mello / Gireumjin Mello /기름진 멜로
Episodes : 38 [ 30mins per episode ]
Network : SBS
Genre : Drama, Romance, Comedy
Cast : Jang Hyuk, Jun Ho, Jung Ryeo Won
Plot :

Seo Poong is a talented chef who works for Giant Hotel for almost 10 years. He had a fiancee and get married to her. After a month of their marriage, he found out that his wife had been cheating on him with the CEO of Giant Hotel. Poong, who was supposed to get the promotion as the Head Chef was moved to another branch. He felt cheated and decide to leave the hotel and took revenge on the hotel. He then opened a restaurant across the hotel. The restaurant was originally run by Do Chil Seung, a loan shark and his subordinate. They had to close the restaurant due to the lack of customer.

Dan Sae Woo, who came from a rich family, is a young woman who was engaged. When her wedding day came, her father was arrested and her wedding was cancelled. Her husband ran away as soon as he heard the news. Thanks for Do Chil Seung, who fell in love with her at first sight, she began working at the restaurant that was run by Poong.


Before I start my review, I feels that I really need to tell you that this drama will make your mouth water or worse, you might want to grab a quick meal almost every episode that you watch. Even thought some of the dishes were made with pork, which is haram for muslim, but I can't help  but feels hungry ><

Back to my review, I personally thought this drama will be another boring drama, but it is actually very interesting. The funny scenes, the intense scenes, the romance, I think it was all balanced. The chemistry between the actors are really great and I really really really love Do Chil Seung. He was hopelessly in love with Sae Woo even thought he knew that she is a married woman. Even when she had divorced and rejected him countless times, he still couldn't get over her.  Another thing about him, he is the nicest loan shark. He even gave a big amount of money to help Sae Woo get a 'surgery'. He also help Poong to get his revenge.

As for Seo Poong, when he found out about his wife unfaithfulness, he was in despair and was actually hope that she would came back to him. He finally realized that she didn't love him when he found out that she was once pregnant with his child. Even thought it was quite sad when he found out about the baby, the scene was funny when he confront his ex-wife and the CEO. The once unremovable knife, was removed. You should watch this scene. Honestly, Poong is my ideal type of man. The main reason is because he is a chef. Hehe, I can't cook *peace. And as I describe, he is really faithful to his love and ready to fight for it.

Dan Sae Woo, I really like her character. When her life began to fall down, she wore a fencing mask and brought her pet around the city. It was funny because her pet, I am not going to mention what pet she had, you gotta find it out yourself. She successfully portray a rich girl who was not used to be at kitchen. With her unique character, I didn't know exactly how to describe. What shocked me the most is, the was a scene where she was drunk and went inside a carrier, like, how could she fit in there. To add to the extra, Do Chil Seung push the carrier with her inside, I laughed really hard.

I personally liked how the side characters in this drama are not over-shadowed by the main characters ( not everyone shone but they are still recognizable ). First, the people around Dan Sae Woo. The first one is her nanny or housekeeper or ahjumma and co-worker, Chae Seol Ja. She had been working at Sae Woo's house for almost 20 years and when Dan Seung Ki ( Sae Woo's father ) was arrested, she decided to stay and help the family. She also had a history with Master Wang, the main chef of Finishing Touch ( Giant Hotel's Chinese restaurant ). When she finally reuniting with Master Wang, she was tempted to work together with him because he could gave her a bigger salary than Poong could. It was a very dramatic scene in the morning. As the two building was situated across each other, Chae Seol Ja was in the middle of the road from Hungry Wok to go for Finishing Touch. Suddenly, Poong appeared and called for her, at the same time, Master Wang appear from another side. I could say that I was nervous and laughing at the same time. In the end, Poong had to carried her on his shoulder and brought her back to Hungry Wok.

The second side character that shone was Oh Maeng Dal. He is Do Chil Seung right-man. He always had Chil Seung's back and support him. He is also the new love interest for Chae Seol Ja. He fall in love with her at the first sight, I guess ? He was very impressed when Seol Ja showed off her skills to get the work at Hungry Wok.  When he around her, he became somewhat a dummy.

Then, there was Kwang Dong Sik, a member of Do Chil Seung's gang. He is married and  just like Poong, his wife cheated on him with a worker in Finishing Touch, a close friend of Poong when he was part of Finishing Touch. When he found out the truth, he immediately attacked him. Dong Sik was the only member in the gang that was recognized by Poong with his skills. Extra point, he is very handsome, another eye-candy ^^

And the last one, Sae Woo's mother. She portrayed an image of a woman who grown up with silverspoon in her mouth. So, when her family went bankrupt, she was devastated, when she started working as a dishwasher in kitchen, she was scolded a lot by Poong. When Poong knew that she is Sae Woo's mother, he tried to win her back. There was a scene where he was drunk and went to Sae Woo's house and make a scene. She stood strong against their relationship even thought Poong started working in their house's kitchen. She used that to get back at him.

This drama is really worth watching. With unusual pet, to a usual pet, cat, to the funny scene, nerve-wrecking scene, it was all worth the time. Just, don't watch the drama with an empty stomach, or late at night, it will make you crave for things.



61 Years with Independence

August 31, 2018

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Assalamualaikum, hello, ni hao, vanakkam dear Malaysian ! So, today is the day when the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Hajj had declared that Federation of Malaya ( former name of Malaysia ) was independence from the British Empire. Thus, to commemorate the event, 31st August 1957, it was later announced as national holiday.

As we know, every year, there would be a theme for The Independence Day and as for this year, Sayangi Malaysia which could also be translated as Love My Malaysia. Bunkface's 'Kita Punya Malaysia' was selected as the official song theme.

As I was in semester break, watching YouTube is my daily thing now. So, I actually found some interesting video about Malaysia that I could share it here.

I don't know why, but this video actually came up on my recommendation, so I just watch it. I think this video is fun and easy to understand as the guy who explain every word are really good. I have never learnt history in English, but I can understand what he was trying to say. This channel is really fun, check it out yourself here

This one is another interesting video because you could actually find out what foreigner said about Malaysia. I was very surprised when one of the guy mention that Malaysia is famous for photography because, I don't really think so. This channel is very fun to subscribe and they upload their videos weekly, check it out here !

This channel was actually conducted by a traveller so he usually uploaded his travelling vlog.And as you can guess, that video is about Malaysia, and how diverse it is. If you are interested in travelling to other country, check out his channel here.

I hope that we as Malaysian could continue to live in peaceful, harmony and respecting each other. Happy Independence Day Malaysia ! And, happy holiday =DD. There was a few quizzes about Malaysia that I found online, so I guess, I will leave with those quizzes as my closing. Good luck ~

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Quiz 3



Rich Man, Poor Woman

August 29, 2018

Assalamualaikum and hi. This entry will cover another k-drama review. At first, I wasn't going to watch this drama as it is not in my favorite genre, but as I scroll through my Instagram, I found one interesting clip of this drama, so I decided to roll the dice. Another reason is because of Suho. Since I am a fan of EXO, I always keep up with the members individual activities, and I decided to watch it. And the reason that convince me to watch this drama is the plot summary. As this drama had mentioned one of neurological disorder, prosopagnosia ( inability to recognized faces ) which I never knew about, I decided to watch it.

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Rich Man, Poor Woman /
Episodes : 16
Network : MBN, Dramax
Genre : Romantic Comedy
Cast : Suho, Han Yeon Soo, Oh Chang Suk
Plot :

Lee Yoo Chan is an IT genius who is also one of the founder and CEO of Next In. He built the company seven years ago with Min Tae Joo, his brother-like friend. Next In became the most desired place to work at for the young professionals. Despite his success, Lee Yoo Chan actually suffers from prosopagnosia, which he can't recognize faces. Kim Bo Ra is a last year college students who is having difficulties finding jobs. She failed almost all of her interview. When she was about to give up, she met with Min Tae Joo, who suggest her to attend Next In interview session. Kim Bo Ra had a skills to memorize things quickly. During the interview session, Lee Yoo Chan insult her ability by saying that it was useless, but then she was hired for her ability.


To be honest, this drama are not really that great. Maybe it wasn't my type, but yea, it is quite boring. But, but, but I loves the main actress, Han Yeon Soo. She is cute, like, her face is really really small. And her eyes are really big. OMG

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner
( she's cute aren't she >< )

I think the plot is quite realistic, for example, how hard it is to pass an interview. Despite her ability to memorize things quickly, Kim Bo Ra was continuously rejected. All of the employer thought that her skills are not practical and might not benefit the company. When she went to Next In, I thought that Yoo Chan would be impressed and accept her but man, no. He, being a complete jerk, insult her in front of the other candidates. Another part is, when Yoo Chan decides to leave Next In, he planned to take his staff, which was his team that are directly involved with the 'Big File' project. Unfortunately, none of the team members wanted to leave the company. Even Kang Chan Soo, the one who really likes Yoo Chan decides to stay.

Another than that, I think everything is predictable. Like, you could guess when will Tae Joo backstab Yoo Chan, how Yoo Chan will get up again, the connection between the characters and everything. There was no thrill, at all. The only thing that kept me from discontinuing is, Bo Ra's relationship with Yoo Chan's past girlfriend.

There was another character that make me stay. It was Cha Do Jin, the former worker of Next In also boyfriend of Mi So, Bo Ra's bestfriend. I think, this couple caught my eyes more than the Yoo Chan and Bo Ra. They were always bickering after the break up. It was funny because they obviously attracted to each other. And the moment when they found out about the baby, it seriously funny. And they ended up get married instead of aborting the baby which was the original plan. And, the morning of their wedding, they actually forget the ring ! Like, seriously ? LOL.

I think this is all that I could came up with. As for this drama, I think 6/10 ? Okay, that's it. Thank you for reading ~

Watch on,





k-drama review

Lawless Lawyer

August 26, 2018

Assalamualaikum, so here is another k-drama review. To be honest, I really anticipate this drama ever since I read the synopsis, plus the main actor is my one of all my favourite, Lee Jun Ki ( a fan since Criminal Minds ).

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Lawless Lawyer / Moobeob Byeonhosa / 무법 변호사
Network : tvN
Episodes : 16
Genre : Law
Cast : Lee Jun Ki, Seo Ye Ji, Lee Hye Young
Plot :

Bong Sang Pil is a thug-like lawyer with a high winning rate. He work as a lawyer to take a revenge for his mother - who was killed by an influenced judge, Cha Moon Suk's subordinate, right in front of his eyes. When he was trying to escape from the bad men, he met a detective who he thought that he will help him, but the detective was on Cha Moon Suk side. When he escaped, he went to find his uncle outside of Gisung. 18 years later, he went back to Gisung to start taking revenge on people who killed his mother. Ha Jae Yi, who got her law license suspended because she beat an unjust judge returned to Gisung, her hometown. Bong Sang Pil then approached Ha Jae Yi and get her to work with him. He also knew the secret of Ha Jae Yi's mother disappearance.

Seo Ye Ji is an actor who is in Hwarang, as Princess Sook Myung ( that's why I felt like her face is familiar to me, I re-watch Hwarang before this drama ).


This drama has successfully broke my expectation of villains. First, Cha Moon Suk's most loyal subordinate, Ahn Oh Joo became one of the candidate for the Mayor of Gisung ( with the help of Cha Moon Suk ), he literally ruins Cha Moon Suk's father ceremony by promoting himself. He took the spotlight which was supposed for Cha Moon Suk. I actually very satisfied when he was slapped by Cha Moon Suk. It was quite funny.

Unlike other crime-based drama with heavy law term and cruel villain, this drama is rather light. With the present of not-so loan shark, who later became Sang Pil trusted people, this drama is fun to watch. My favorite is when they did their 'Lawless Lawyer' trademark moves.

Even thought this drama point out the misused of power ( just like other drama ), the only people that stood out is the so-called-just judge, Cha Moon Suk and the CEO of OhJu Group and also Mayor of Gisung, Ahn Oh Ju. These two is the only people with power that were highlighted in the drama even thought there were another five people.

The romance between Sang Pil and Jae Yi started during the rising of the drama. What I liked about this couple is there was less or no cheesy line between them. Besides, the actor who act as Jae Yi had a typical cold-princess type of face. Based on Hwarang and this drama, I don't think she will be suitable for an innocent, playful type of character. Same goes to the actor who act as Sang Pil. It will be weird if he did not do some stunt act in his dramas or movies.

Best part of this drama is the plot twist. The first one was something that I could guess randomly ( and hey I got it ! ). And the second one, it was totally unexpected, it was jaw dropping ( at least for me ). In the beginning of the drama, Sang Pil had received a notebook, from an unknown person. I don't want to ruin the fun and spill the beans, so to those who are curious, watch it yourself. I guaranteed that this drama is worth watching.

To those who wanted to watch click on,




I would give 8.5/10



My Thought on IDOL

August 25, 2018

Hey fellas. So, yesterday was quite a day for me as I anxiously waited for the clock to hit 5PM. Every ARMY must also had the same feeling as me. Yes, yesterday, Love Yourself  series, Love Yourself : Answer was finally out after along wait. And now the series are officially ended ㅠㅠ

The MV for the title track of this album, IDOL was released at 6PM KST on 24 August 2018. When I first watch the MV, my very first thought is,

'am I watching some bollywood movie right now ?' 

The reason why I had that kind of thought is, there  is one specific scene ( near to the end of the MV ) that shows BTS members dance with a large number of dancers plus with the music somehow resemble the music of bollywood movie where the actors will sang together with a lot pf dancers. ( people who watch SRK, Amir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Kajol, Kareena Kapoor should know exactly what I am talking about ).

The MV is full of colors and it might hurts your eyes ( be careful ! ). And some people even said that their MV had broke the stereotype of K-POP MV which I don't really understand. There is this one scene with drawings of some members, Jimin, SUGA, and Jin. At first, I thought that there are drawings of all members but as I kept watching the MV, I did not found the other four drawings of the members, but well, I don't really have a keen eye. And the scene with shark, it reminds me of the time when Jimin sung 'baby shark dooo dooo' in Summer Package.

(this video are not mine ; credited to the rightful owner, @myalogue on Twitter )

As we are talking about BTS, we had to discuss a little bit of the lyrics. As usual, I have my favorite line from every song. As for IDOL, the bridge part, which was sung by Jimin and Jin is the first in my favorite.

" I'm so fine wherever I go,
Sometimes I find the longest way to go around,
It's okay, I'm in love with myself,
It's okay, I'm happy in this moment "
Another part that I love is sung by Jungkook and V, 

" There are tens and hundreds of myself in me,
I welcome another me, today,
After all, all of them is me,
I just go at it, rather than sit on it,
Runnin' man. "

 And of course the line is,

" You can't stop me loving myself "

 The song itself is catchy. Honestly, EDM is not my favorite genre but I do listen to them from time to time, so I guess, this song will be able to keep my mood up, just like other EDM song does. I haven't yet heard of another song in the album ( internet was so slow and I got lazy everytime ) but I have heard 'Trivia : Seesaw'. It was really good ! One more thing, there is another version featuring Nicki Minaj of this song and the MV will be upload later days, ( I will update this post when the time comes =D )

I think this is all I could share, so I'll leave with the official MV of IDOL, enjoy ~

p/s : when the clock hit 5PM, I hit the refresh button on ibighit channel countless times and the MV wasn't in so I had to search, up until now the MV was not in their channel and I also did not receive any notification*facepalm* ( did it only happened to me ? )



Thoughtless Thursday #009

August 16, 2018

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner
(this will be me after diploma *facepalm)
Holla people ! It's been so long since I wrote on Thoughtless Thursday entry. Since I'm on my semester break until early of September, I had no idea what I should do to fill my days. I only had my long list of k-dramas to watch. I currently watched on Wok of Love and once I have finished, I will make sure to put it on review que !

And, not to mention, I have more or less one week before BTS comeback ! YEAYYY. Make sure you guys check out the intro for the upcoming album.


k-drama review


August 16, 2018

Assalamualaikum. This is kind of a very late review because I have finish this drama about a month ago. So, expect a bit of confusing plot.

Alright, aku sendiri tak pasti apa sebab aku tengok cerita ni sebab based on summary yang aku baca, cerita ni tak bagi big impact pun dekat aku. But I still ended up watching this. So, here is my honest opinion.

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Suits / 슈츠
Network : KBS2
Episodes : 16
Genre : Law
Cast : Park Hyung Sik, Jang Dong Gun
Plot :

Go Yeon Woo adalah seorang anak yatim piatu yang dibesarkan oleh neneknya. Dia ada cita-cita untuk jadi seorang peguam, tapi disebabkan oleh latar belakang dia yang miskin, dia tak dapat nak further dalam bidang tu. Instead, dia jadi valet boy untuk tanggung kos hospital nenek dia. One day, kawan dia mintak tolong hantarkan drug dekat one of hotel room. Mulanya dia tolak tapi disebabkan terdesak untuk bayar bil hospital nenek dia, he forced to take the job. On his way to the hotel room, dia sedar yang dia sebenarnya diperangkap sebab ada police. So, dia pun escape. At the same time, ada satu interview untuk hire attorney dekat hotel tu. Choi Kang Seok, merupakan seorang attorney yang sangat berkaliber dekat Kang & Ham Law Firm. Go Yeon Woo yang masa tu tengah desperate nak lari daripada polis terus menyamar as one of the interviewee yang dipanggil untuk masuk interview. Given the eidetic memory, Go Yeon Woo berjaya impressed kan Choi Kang Seok walaupun Choi Kang Seok sedar yang Go Yeon Woo bukan the right applicant. He then hired Go Yeon Woo walaupun dia tahu yang Go Yeon Woo takda licence untuk practice law.

A little head up, story line drama ni tak heavy mana sebab theres a lot of funny scene. And romance also.


First of all, aku jenis manusia yang suka kumpul quote, especially from what I watched, heard. Dan drama ni sangatlah baik sebab every episodes akan ada satu quote yang somehow berkaitan dengan content episode tu. Tapi tak semua quote aku dapat relate and faham sebab bila dia relate dengan certain episode, quote tu jadi applicable only on that episode. Aku nak share few quote yang aku faham.

"Fate gets decided by the choice you make, not coincidence"

"There always lies a dark side behind the face of the truth. Therefore, the truth doesn't always win just because it shows itself."

And aku akan share one most favourite at the end of the entry.

Honestly, aku still a bit confuse dengan relationship Yeon Woo dengan Kang Seok because there was these flashback scenes yang menunjukkan Yeon Woo masa kecil and Kang Seok masa muda. Dorang macam know each other and macam share a history before. Masalahnya, takde scene yang confirm or deny yang dorang kenal each other. Aku tak sure sama ada writer decide to get rid of the scene or they forget. *facepalm

Bagi aku watak Choi Kang Seok dalam drama ni sangat best sebab dia sangatlah self-centered and suka down kan orang. Dia seorang lawyer with a 99% ( or was it 100 % ? ) chance of winning. Dia lawyer yang takkan bawak case to trial, he thought it as troublesome. Prinsip yang dia pegang, never take it to trial. Dan paling penting, dia tak guna emosi masa deal dengan opposite site. Yang dia tahu, dia kena menangkan client dia ( he never care about other people than his client ).

Go Yeon Woo pulak, sangat opposite dengan Kang Seok. Masa dia mula-mula diiktiraf as one of the associate and not trainee and took case, dia sangat menjaga kebajikan everyone, including his client opponent. Dia merupakan seorang lawyer yang fix the situation. Maksud aku macam, kalau client dia did something wrong, dia akan cari cara untuk make it right. At least, make up to his opponent. Sangatlah tak make sense sebab, kenapa dia perlu kisah, kan ? But yeah, he was like that. Dia banyak kali jugak kena marah and warning dengan Kang Seok.

The moment identiti Go Yeon Woo terdedah, dia kena tahan sebab, well, he broke the law. Masa dia kantoi ni tak salah aku law firm tu baru je lepas one big crisis and Yeon Woo berjaya selamatkan law firm tu daripada terpaksa merge dengan another law firm yang kononnya nak tolong. Kang Seok yang bertanggungjawab hired dia despite tahu Yeon Woo tak berlesen was asked to be responsible. Owner law firm tu tak boleh nak fired dia sebab dia banyak sumbangan dekat law firm tu. So, dia diminta untuk turun pangkat. Kang Seok setuju, tapi dia nak bela Yeon Woo dekat court. After a few argument dengan owner law firm tu, dia dapat bela Yeon Woo. Hukuman Yeon Woo dapat dikurangkan atas sebab dia tak pernah salah guna fake title dia as lawyer and the good deed he had done.

One thing yang perk interest aku is, the additional cast of this drama. First, love interest Go Yeon Woo, Kim Jina. Pelakon yang pegang watak Kim Jina ni is the same actor in 'Mother 2018', Go Sung Hee. Watak yang dia pegang dalam dua dua drama sangatlah contra. In 'Mother 2018', dia pegang watak as an abusive mother, dalam drama ni, she is really sweet girlfriend. And the fact that 'Suits' air ( April to June 2018 ) after 'Mother 2018' ( January - March 2018 ) buat aku wonder sangat macam mana dia boleh change her character in such a short time. Dan lakonan dia sangat wow.

Second is, watak David Kim, one of Kang Seok punya opponent and rival, yang suka challenge dia. He is the same actor in 'Mother 2018', Son Seok Koo . The one yang pegang watak as boyfriend of the abusive mother. Yes, dia adalah boyfriend kepada love interest Yeon Woo. Masa aku perasan both of these actors, aku terus macam speechless sebab they are in a drama again ! Nasib baik dorang takde scene sama-sama.  Kalau tak memang they work on the same project twice lah kan. Tapi watak David ni is more to cameo.

Actually, aku tak berapa faham kenapa drama ni dinamakan Suits. Well, whatever, don't really care. For this drama aku rasa out of five, aku bagi 3. So, I will end this with my favourite quote of this drama,

"Everyone wants to be a jaguar, but they are all hyena"


personal life

What Should I Do ?

August 11, 2018

Assalamualaikum. Okay, this just gonna be a quick post. Actually, aku tengah sangat keliru, pening, serabut sangat. Kenapa ?

First, aku ada final paper, lusa tapi aku tak baca apa-apa lagi. Second, aku balik rumah malam final paper dan aku tak kemas apa apa lagi. Third, for next semester, apparently student tak boleh apply for asrama and aku sangatlah perlukan asrama sebab mak aku tak bagi duduk luar T_T. And last, aku tak tahu nak teruskan post review in english ke malay. Actually aku post in english just to improve my english, tapi aku rasa ramai tak berminat nak baca post that was written in english (ada but some).

For the first problem, it can be fixed, kalau aku rajin. Second problem wasn't really problem. As for the third one, ini sangatlah membebankan kepala otak aku. Sangat sangat pening aku dok pikir. Then, aku decide untuk duduk dekat bilik sewa area Nasar Homestay ( idek where it is ). Kawan aku kata permohonan duduk asram bukak first week of new semester. So, aku masih lagi contemplating sama ada nak balik lewat ( and miss out whole lesson for one week ) ataupun stay dekat bilik sewa tu for one week ( tupun kalau aku dapat asrama ).

Aku rasa macam kepala aku nak meletop fikir. Only if management bukak application for asrama before the sem break, it will be better. Like, takdelah aku nak pening kepala nak letak mana barang barang semua, balik awal ke lambat ke apa ke. But, I know that everything will be fine. It should be fine. Hopefully.

And as for last problem, lantak la, I'm gonna write with whatever language. Chaw



Steel Rain

August 06, 2018

Assalamualaikum and hi. Okay, I came across to this movie when I was scrolling through Twitter. There was a clip of one of the part in the movie that perk my interest. Then, I immediately look for this movie online. Countless websites only provide the english subtitles and not the movie. But then, I successfully found the movie !

not mine ; credit to the rightful owner
Title : Steel Rain / Gangchulbi /
Release year : 2017
Distributor : Next Entertainment World
Genre : Action
Runtime : 139 minutes
Starring : Jung Woo Sung , Kwak Do Won,
Plot :

Eom Chul Woo is a former top agent from North Korea. One day, he received an order to kill two closest person to their Number One from Lee Tae Han, a high ranking military officer. He was told that the two person are planning a coup. He then accepted the assignment and bade goodbye to his family. While he was waiting for his target at the public appearance of Number One, bombs suddenly drop upon the crowds. Rogue North Korean soldiers descend upon the area and shoots at anyone still movingEom Chul Woo then risks his life to protect the wounded Number One. The only safest place that he could bring the leader is to South Korea.

Kwak Chul Woo is the Chief of Foreign Security Affair in South Korea. He then heard about the active coup in  North Korea and receive an information that Number One is on their way to the South. He then met with Eom Chul Woo and try to come up with a plan to stop the war between the two country.

the situation when Eom Chul Woo was suppose to kill Number One's people.

The gynecologist that suppose to save Number One ( far right ) and two North Korean that follow Eom Chul Woo ( two ladies in pink jacket )

Honestly, I had a hard time trying to understand this movie because I can't figure out who is on the good side and bad side. I came to understand this movie after it run for almost an hour.


Misunderstand #1

At first, I thought Eom Chul Woo was suppose to kill Number One. So, when he saved Number One from the bombing and brought him to South Korea, I was hella confuse. Turn out that he suppose to kill Number One's right man. The bombing situation was unexpected and Eom Chul Woo thought that the person he suppose to kill was behind the bombing

Eom Chul Woo with two North Korea people brought Number One to a gynecology clinic in South Korea and demand the doctor to save Number One. And when Kwak Chul Woo found Eom Chul Woo with an injured Number One and two North Korea citizen, I honestly thought that he wanted to kill Number One.  The plot was actually quiet hard for me to understand.

Misunderstand #2

The second thing that got my head spinning round n' round is their names. As you can see, both of the main cast had the same name. The only different is their nationality and surname. I'm glad that I could differentiate them before the movie ended.

Kwak Chul Woo with Eom Chul Woo ( they first acknowledge that Lee Tae Han is behind the coup )

Despite the hard to understand story line, this movie is actually worth watching. I like how realistic they tried to potray inside the story. This movie doesn't only show the controversial between the South and North Korea but also their allies. When North Korea launch the nuclear bomb, South Korea asked America ( if I'm not mistaken ) for their support and advice.

Honestly, besides the movie 'Secretly, Greatly', I think I rarely cried really hard because of an action movie. This movie is actually heartbreaking. Why ? First, when Eom Chul Woo was first given the assignment, he was told that his family (wife and daughter) will have to move to Cuba. He tried to left when his family was sleeping but his wife woke up and immediately chased after him to say goodbye, as if they knew that that was the last time they would see each other.

Second, during his stay in South Korea, Eom Chul Woo constantly reported his current position to his leader, Lee Tae Han, to ask for help, but he was attacked instead. He didn't realized that he was used by Lee Tae Han until the person he supposed to meet and kill was killed by his own men. Eom Chul Woo was also injured. During his stay in the hospital, he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Honestly, this is one unique plot because who would have thought that the hero had a deadly diseases.

And the scene that had my tears non-stop falling from my eyes is the climax. Eom Chul Woo had realised that he was used by Lee Tae Han, he then offered himself to stop the war by him going back to the North to meet Lee Tae Han and asked him to stop the war. He said if he failed, he wanted the South to bomb his location when he gave the signal. Kwak Chul Woo was actually disapprove his suggestion but Eom Chul Woo insisted that it was the only way. When Kwak Chul Woo was in his way to send Eom Chul Woo to finish his mission, Eom Chul Woo asked to borrow his card, he then bought a few gifts for his family. He asked Kwak Chul Woo to give it to his family, if he was able to go to North Korea. I was honestly crying really hard when these two bade their final farewell.  And when Kwak Chul Woo was monitoring and finally received the signal from Eom Chul Woo, he was still debating, but for the future of both country, he had to. I was sobbing hard at this point. TT

on their way to sent Eom Chul Woo back to his country
The final farewell

The saddest thing is, Eom Chul Woo's daughter wasn't told that she had lost her father. Kwak Chul Woo went to North Korea to accompany Number One to go back to his country. He then went to Eom Chul Woo's family to deliver the gifts.

The war was successfully stopped but people will never know the sacrifices of Eom Chul Woo.

Honestly, this is the first Jung Woo Sung's movie that I watched. The catchy title and that video clip that I watched got me to this movie and I am not regretting  it. It was worth watching.

Eom Chul Woo tried to negotiate with Lee Tae Han

Eom Chul Woo was shot and was called as betrayer by Lee Tae Han. He then send the signal to bomb his location.



Love Me If You Dare

July 10, 2018

Assalamualaikum and hi ! So, this is the first time ever I watched a chinese drama. I found out about this drama on one of the entry of a blogger that I followed ( I'm so sorry that I don't remember your blog T_T ). Because of the interesting desciption of that one blog, I decided to watch the drama myself.

Let's start !

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Love Me, If You Dare / He Has Arrived / Ta Lai Le / Qing Bi Yan
Country : China
Network : Dragon TV
Genre : Suspense, Psychological, Crime, Romance
Episodes : 24
Cast :

1. Huo Wallace / Xiao Hua
not mine; credit to the rightful owner

2. Ma Sandra / Ma Si Chun 

not mine ; credit to the rightful owner
3. Yin Andrew / Yin Zhang

not mine ; credit to the rightful owner
4. Wang Kai / Nick

not mine ; credit to the rightful owner

Plot :

Bo Jin Yan is an analyse and advisor of police violent's unit department. Before he moved to China, he was dealing the world's most violent criminal called The Flower Cannibal. After he managed to put him behind the bar, he moved to China to get a little rest. Jian Yao is a college student who were on semester break. She worked as a translator for Jin Yan during her break and found herself attached to him. She began to work as his assistant after finishing her study.

First of all, this drama are really contrast to the title ( I'm not very sure what the chinese title meant but I'm pretty sure that the  english title are literal meaning of the chinese one ). I was actually attracted to the title and when I read the synopsis of the drama, I immediately had a feel that I'm going to like the drama. I'm not regretting anything.

The cases that were discussed along the drama were very crazy. They were so violent, so unimaginable that I had goosebumps every time Jin Yan managed to think what was on the mind of the criminal. I wouldn't say that the entire story were intense and crazy because there was a good funny scene. Especially when there was both  Fu Zi Yu  and Bo Jin Yan in it.

On the early stage of the drama, I really love Fu Zi Yu's character ( I love him through out the story duh ). Because, one, he is a technology geek which I really wanted to be one but nah. Second, he had this funny side. And three, he is damn loyal to Jin Yan. He even made a car for Jin Yan called Andy. Just like Zi Yu, Andy the car shared the same trait as him, except for a technology geek. The car is obviously a technology itself. Unfortunately, Andy's appearance on the drama was lessen towards the middle of the story.

Fu Zi Yu oftenly teased Jin Yan for liking Jian Yao but Jin Yan wasn't aware of his teasing until one day. He asked Zi Yu to meet and have lunch with him. He then straight-forwardly said to Zi Yu that he love Jian Yao. The funny thing was, his face held no emotion. He was so serious that Zi Yu didn't know whether he was serious or not. 

The ending of the drama was really cliche where everyone in the story had a happy ending and none of them were heart-broken or dead. There was this one scene where Li Xun Ran, Jian Yao closest friend and also a police man, 'died' in an explosion of a factory while trying to save a man. I legit crying at that moment but nah, I was just wasting my tears because Li Xun Ran was actually were captured by the psycho who thought he was better than Jin Yan. A small little note, Xun Ran was the toughest one because he overcome death like three times. 

One thing that I wanted to stress is, the twist of this drama are insane. I couldn't even imagine that the production actually revealed the face of the psycho like 8-9 episodes before the final episode. And when that psycho actually died and I thought that everything going to be okay, well, I thought wrong. The real psycho wasn't him. This drama manage to give me a little headache, trying to connect all the dots and everything. The most shocking twist was when the little psycho reveal to the world that Bo Jin Yan had a split personality with an evidence of him talking like a psycho when he was captured by the Flower Cannibal. Jin Yan was targeted by the FBI and police, he wasn't able to move freely. He asked for help from ZiYu and his friend in FBI to save Jian Yao.

He also acted like he had the split personality to save his love. When they came face to face with the real psycho, it was really unexpected because the psycho was someone who were close to him. Despite the cliche ending, the story line were insane. To those who loves this type of drama, I really recommend this one. You wouldn't regret watching !

watch on : myasiantv



Midnight Runner

July 06, 2018

Assalamualaikum and holla people ! Aku kembali lagi dengan review k-movie ! Aku tengok movie ni sebab tajuk dia agak catchy and genre movie ni pun action-comedy which really suit my taste. Now lets get to the real deal.

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Country : Korea
Release Year : 2017
Distributor : Lotte Entertainment
Genre : Action-comedy / Crime
Starring : Park Seo Jun, Kang Ha Neul
Plot :

Ki Joon dengan Hee Yeol, 2 watak utama movie ni merupakan antara new student yang enroll dekat Korean National Police University. Dua insan yang mempunyai background dan perwatakan berbeza berusaha untuk jadi polis yang bagus upon graduation. At first, both of them dislike each other with passion, tapi sebab satu ujian yang diorang kena hadapi masa orientation (sort of) buatkan dua musuh ni jadi kawan baik. One day, diorang keluar outing untuk cari awek baru girlfriend tapi secara tak sengaja, diorang jadi saksi kes penculikan. As a police cadet, diorang decide untuk laporkan dekat pihak polis tapi diorang taknak kena buang daripada academy, diorang gunakan apa yang diorang belajar untuk selamatkan the girl.

To be honest, most of the background of cerita ni, gelap so susah sikit untuk tengok what really happened. So, the upcoming screenshots might be susah untuk dilihat (lol).


Aku suka tengok gandingan Park Seo Jun dengan Kang Ha Neul walaupun mula-mula nampak awkward.  As I mention earlier, both of them had a completely different background. As for Ki Joon, dia bukan seorang student yang pandai and bukan daripada family yang senang and join the academy because he to work (don't really remember hehe). Hee Yeol pulak is a smart ass, comes from an average family, dan ex-student sekolah science. Dia joined academy sebab dia kata kawan-kawan dia yang further medical school are too mainstream. So, dia nak try something new or some sort.

medusa ; trainer masa dorang dalam tempoh orientasi

Ki Joon try angkat Hee Yeol 

5 hours after

Masa dalam tempoh orientation,  diorang sangat benci each other because of an unknown factor tapi the last challenge change their relationship completely. Semua trainee kena daki bukit on a fixed distance dalam masa 1 hour. Masa Hee Yeol tengah dalam bukit tu, dia jatuh and kaki seliuh. Dia mintak tolong dekat every trainee yang lalu tapi semua ignore dia sebab takut lambat sampai dekat finishing point except for Ki Joon. Dia nak ignore tapi sebab dia baik sangat dia tolong jugakla. They ended up dekat finishing point 5 hours later than the fixed time. Instead of kena marah dengan trainer, diorang berjaya buatkan trainee yang lain kena daki bukit tu balik while they rest at the infirmary. Then jadilah two inseparable friends.

dah kawan dah
Part kelakar yang paling aku ingat is masa dorang nak outing untuk cari awek. Disebabkan both of them takde the so called 'nice clothing' untuk dapatkan awek, dorang pergi bilik cadet yang selalu kalah dengan Ki Joon masa training Taekwon-Do. Dahla masuk bilik mamat tu takde salam lepastu terus selongkar almari. Ki Joon was like, 'Hee Yeol, choose anything that you want'. Mamat tu serious blur tak boleh nak buat apa sebab Ki Joon kata dia nak bagi mamat tu menang masa training akan datang. Bila dah dapat baju, boleh pulak sembur Febreeze as perfume. 

at least wangi lah walaupun febreeze =']]

Sepanjang malam dorang dok usha awek tapi sorang pun tak dapat. Then, bila dorang keluar dari keluar club, ada sorang perempuan tengah jalan sensorang then dorang was like, 'Let's try one last time'. Masa dorang follow perempuan tu and bickering who is better, perempuan tu kena culik. Dorang pun try la untuk selamatkan perempuan tu dalam masa satu malam. Dorang punya progress tu lancar.

Dalam proses dorang nak selamatkan perempuan tu, dorang berjaya track who is the abductor. Sayangnya dorang pun kena culik. Kena gantung dekat kedai butcher macam lembu. Masa tu both of them pengsan tapi si Hee Yeol tersedar dulu. Cara dia nak sedarkan Ki Joon buat aku gelak and geli at the same time. Why ? Hee Yeol try kejut Ki Joon dengan panggil dia tapi Ki Joon tak sedar, so last resort is, Hee Yeol ludah dekat Ki Joon. Geli dooo. Aku tak tau la apa perasaan Seo Jun masa kena ludah tu. Euuuww.


tak sedar lagi ni

Lepas dorang dapat lepaskan diri, dorang terpaksa lari ke balai polis sebab orang-orang jahat tu kejar dorang. Polis tak percaya dorang ni student dekat police academy so dorang terpaksa call professor dorang. Bila dah cerita dekat prof dorang apa yang jadi, prof tu suruh dorang stay away dengan kes tu and biar dia yang settlekan.

Balik academy je, Ki Joon dengan Hee Yeol ni terus training gila-gila sebab diorang nak selamatkan semua mangsa culik. Dorang pinjam barang-barang academy untuk hadapi musuh. Dorang dapat maklumat yang mangsa culik tu akan dibagi dadah yang boleh hasilkan telur (ovum) yang banyak sebulan(quick note: a woman could only release an ovum per month).  Then, telur yang banyak tu akan diselewengkan. For an infertile married woman, salah satu cara untuk diorang dapatkan anak is using another woman ovum. The twist is, married couple ni tak tahu pun yang ovum yang diorang terima tu illegal sebab pihak klinik claim yang ada orang sanggup dermakan ovum.

Honestly, this is the biggest impact on me masa aku tengok cerita ni. Actually, I've never imagine that this kind of crime actually wujud. Movie dah berjaya bukak mata aku untuk tengok yang sebenarnya banyak lagi crime yang kita tak aware pun jadi dekat keliling kita. I don't know about Malaysia, tapi aku pasti some part of this world ada jadi benda ni.

Bila Hee Yeol dengan Ki Joon ni berjaya selamatkan perempuan-perempuan yang kena culik tu, dorang once again terpaksa call profesor dorang. Once pihak atasan academy dapat tahu pasal Hee Yeol dengan Ki Joon ni, dorang discuss samada nak buang dorang dari academy ataupun tak. Akhirnya, dorang decide untuk kekalkan Hee Yeol dengan Ki Joon dekat academy but they have to do volunteer works. Masa dorang tengah bersihkan kawasan akademi, perempuan yang dorang selamatkan tu datang nak cakap terima kasih. Masa tu both of them try to impress dia.

Movie ni cerita pasal crime tak heavy mana pun sebab masa critical pun dua orang watak utama ni berjaya throw jokes. That's why tak rasa suspense mana pun. Lakonan Park Seo Joon best sebab watak yang dia bawak ni memang macam watak yang selalu dia pegang. As for Kang Ha Neul, aku tak banyak tengok cerita yang dia berlakon tapi some of cerita yang aku tengok, watak dia selalunya serious. So, bila dia kena watak macam ni, aku take time sikit nak sesuaikan diri dengan watak dia.

Overall, movie ni taklah gempak mana tapi still buat aku rasa nak tengok lagi. You guys can watch this movie on



5th Flower Path With BTS

June 27, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone !!! I know that this is super duper late but whatever. I still wanted to post this entry. Before that, Happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslims reader and those who celebrated *throwing confetti

made on

Okay, last 13th June was marked of 5 years of Bangtan Sonyeondan or better known as BTS debut day! As it was near the celebration of Eid, I couldn't make time to post about them, but now here I am.

To be honest, BTS is the first group that I have known since their debut days. That makes me very fond of them. I still remember the time that they struggled to make it on the chart, the time that they desperately wanted to be recognized and the time that they almost disbanded due to the financial problem in production. I'm really glad that they are able to pass that phase. It was such a relief that BigHit did not give up on them.

The very first member that I was able to recognize were maknae, Jungkook and he was my bias.

not mine; credited to rightful owner

I don't know how but I just love his smile and then he just crept his way into my mind. He is too handsome and not to forget, so extra. And then, the other members slowly stick into my mind. Right after I was able to recognize all of the members in this group,  I can't stay true to Jungkook. They all had their charm that I can't escape. But, JK would always have that special place in my heart ^^

The first song that I heard was 'No More Dream'. I watched the MV and I was totally blown up by the choreography. I am not a dancer nor I had known in the area, but I love the choreography and because of this song, I immediately search more of them thus leading me to a maze that I am not sure I can escape. I should thank Teacher Son and the team for the amazing choreo.

After 'No More Dream' era, it was 'Just One Day' or 'Boy In Luv'. I don't remember which MV came out first but I remembered watching 'Just One Day' first and was actually kind of disappointed because the song did not have the same vibe as the older MV. Once again, the choreo got me. As for 'Boy In Luv' the MV had some short-acting of the members. If I'm not wrong, this is the first MV that they had to act. This song had the upbeat melody that I could easily attached to, so I easily liked this song.

As for the MV in next two albums, 'Most Beautiful Moment in Life' they consist stories of each member and somehow that lead the smart ARMYs to start making theories that I couldn't even understand some of them ( they were complicated af especially when the next album were released). Despite those theories, I, as the most simple fangirl, I just like the MV because they seem more artistic (this is my personal view) than previous MVs. In the 'I Need You' MV, each member represents the stories of troubled youth and the 'Run' MV was the continuation of the 'I Need You' MV. Because of both MVs were sort of story, it had no choreography in the MVs, so I only knew the choreo when I watch the comeback stage and no doubt that they were all great !

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

If you were to asked me which MV I love the most, I would say it is 'Run'. Why ? The MV had me in mixed emotion. When they were partying inside the house, I feel so damn happy. But when the camera zoomed out from Jungkook's face, all of the other members were gone and he was left alone. The smile on my face immediately wiped out ( I think am qualified to be a fictional writer, meh ). Besides, the lyrics of this song are great, it somehow comforted me.

" Run, run, run again,
    It's okay to fall,
  Run, run, run again,
    It's okay to get hurt "

In term of choreography, I love how there was a part that they had to flip their jacket. It was so cool and to be honest I had tried to do it but nah dancing just not my thing.

my screen record from BTS 'RUN' dance practice video on YouTube

Their first win on music show was with 'I Need You'. They had to wait for about two or three years to get the title winner and they deserved it. I don't remember if they cried but I think Suga just had a happy expression. Of course, they are happy, delighted I might say. It was one of their dreams. Since then, every time they release a new song, they will get the trophies. I would say that 'I Need You' era is the turning point of their career and our life.

The first daesang (big award) ? Who remembered this moment ? I remembered crying when they did their group hug. It was on MelOn Music Award 2016. Even the cold Suga shed tears ! And there was Jungkook crying and trying to look cool at the same time. I remembered as if it was yesterday.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

not mine ; credited to rightful owner

not mine; credited to rightful owner

 2016 was a year for BTS. They gained another big recognition and I was very proud of them. But they continued to work hard, providing us with the high quality of music, lyrics that had us motivated, happy, sad and everything. On May 2017, they were invited to attend Billboard Music Award !  To be honest, I did not know that they were nominated in one of the categories so the moment I saw the news, I was very shocked ! It was a sweet memory and to make it sweeter, they won ! Right after that all of the Americans news stations, shows were interested in them. And not to forget, all of the collaboration with the western artist that might be happening anytime from now on always had me excited ! As for the Korean, most of them are changing their perspective on BTS which was great !

And for the latest album, they even had their first comeback stage on BBMA ! It was such an honoured!! This album actually quite different from the oldest but in a good different. I loved how they always tried new things instead of staying in their comfort zone. I am not very sure which song that had Suga went from rapping to singing, but this album definitely had that ! It was great honestly. Just like how I always love V's deep voice, I always love Suga's rapping. And when he was singing it is a whole new level. He might not be as great as the vocal line, but he is good enough for a rapper. Who knows he might even improve his singing skills, right ?

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

I actually still wanted to talk about every member and why I love them but maybe I will save it for later ? Part two ? As the new semester is starting and it is a short sem I will be very busy so I think the part two won't come anytime soon (let's just hope that I wouldn't forget).

And for last, I wanna say that these guys had a big impact on my life. Their hard work and teamwork inspires ( I almost spell infires lol ) so much. They started a small group. But with their determination, they got wherever they are now. I am hoping to see them in person ( which I never had a chance to, might never have but let's hope for the best ).

Night loves !



Thank You Siqah !

June 12, 2018

Assalamualaikum ~ Actually gift ni dapat dah lebih kurang seminggu tapi aku baru je unpack sebab busy dan malas nak unpack. Heee ~ Gift ni daripada giveaway yang aku join last minute, Letter of Happiness Giveaway by Blog Siqahiqa.

Thanks siqah, I really love everyone of them. I excited for your birhmonth giveaway !

p/s : aku baru ingat nak keluar cari tudung esok tapi bila tengok tudung ni somehow match dengan baju raya, tak jadilah keluar =P


personal life

NuTeen : Anti Blackhead Gel

June 11, 2018

Assalamualaikum semuanya ~~ So apa khabar ? Macam mana preparation raya semua ? Dah settle ke ? As for me, tak. Ya Allah aku paling malas betul nak kemas rumah raya ni. Almaklumla, rumah penuh dengan budak, kemas harini, esok semak balik *facepalm

So, ketepikan hal raya dulu, aku nak tanya preparation wajah anda *wriggling eyebrows. Ramai yang ada masalah blackhead and kulit berminyak termasuklah aku sendiri. Sebelum habis final haritu aku ada la jalan-jalan dengan member nak cari makanan buka. Sambiltu singgah Watson and masa tulah aku tertarik nak beli product NuTeen ni. Kebanyakan kawan sekelas aku pun syorkan produk ni, so aku pun nak jugaklah try.

Actually, aku ni jenis yang takut nak try skincare walaupun aku sangatlah memerlukan skincare. Tapi alhamdulillah first try aku dengan skincare menunjukkan hasil yang bagus. Aku nak kata blackhead selambak, takdelah sangat. Cuma ada certain part on my face yang memang obvious ada blackhead; part hujung hidung, dekat area cheekbone ada sikit dekat dagu. Area dahi aku pulak penuh jerawat pasir, serious menyampah. Selama ni aku pakai cleanser je.

Untuk pengetahuan korang, NuTeen : Goodbye Blackhead ni senang nak digunakan. Tak payah basahkan muka pun. Kulit muka dengan tangan kena pastikan kering (make sure bersih !) and just squeeze a good amount of the gel then apply on the infected  area, massage gently. Lepas seminit, basuh dengan air. Then, yeayyy goodbye blackhead !

Masa korang rub dekat area blackhead tu, dia akan menghasilkan kotoran macam daki. Tapi sebenarnya tu daripada gel yang kita guna tu. Bagi aku, once kotoran tu dah terbentuk, aku rasa puas hati. Mungkin sebab aku rasa macam segala blackhead dah keluar MUHAHAHHA

Part yang aku suka is, lepas dah basuh muka, akan ada bau yang sangatlah lembut hasil daripada gel tu. Then, bila rasa kulit kita memang smooth je. Rasa macam, 'akulah manusia paling flawless' anddd kesan gel ni sangat cepat !! Sebab aku pakai taklah hari-hari, tapi sekarang, almost takdak. Gel ni jugak mengurangkan penghasilan minyak dimuka, thus menyusahkan jerawat untuk muncul. 

Harga untuk satu tube gel 30 ml ni lebih kurang RM15 sahaja. Tak la membebankan sangat untuk student macam aku.

Bagi aku takde kekurangan pun gel ni. Apalagi, jom grab satu sebelum raya and welcome to flawless club ~


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