The Vanished

March 26, 2019

Assalamualaikum ! I just finished midterm break and the following week after midterm are expected to be super stressful with all of the assignments, presentations, tests, programs and last, final. I just need a time to relax so, I wrote this review of a movie that I watch during the break. I hope you can enjoy ! 

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : The Vanished / Vanished Night / Sarajin Bam /
Runtime : 101 minutes
Genre : Thriller
Country : South Korea
Distributor : Kidari Ent
Plot :

The corpse of Yoon Seol Hee disappear in National Institute of Scientific Investigation the night of her death. Her husband, Park Jin Han claims that she still alive meanwhile detective Woo Jung Sik believe otherwise. 

This movie was not labelled as horror but I felt that it is a horror movie.  I honestly had never heard of this movie until my friends introduced it to me few days ago.


I am starting this review with the plot. In the beginning, it is mentioned that Yoon Seol Hee was killed by her own husband, Park Jin Han by using a special drug.  She was killed because she found out about her husband love affair. So, when her body disappear, Park Jin Han was very scared that she would be alive and took revenge on him. With the constant strange things that appear in front of him that only him and Seol Hee knows make him believe his instinct even more. With this, I almost made myself to believe that Seol Hee is alive.

But, here is the real deal. Soel Hee is really had died. So, who would do such things to scare Jin Han off ? The characters are only circulated on Seol Hee, Jin Han, detective Woo and Jin Han's lover, Hye Jin. As a normal person, I would think that Hye Jin is the one behind all of the scheme as she knows Jin Han drug and all. But, I couldn't figure out her motive.

The last 30-15 minutes, the real person behind all of the scheme was finally revealed. And as I expected, Hye Jin is one of them. Yeah, there is an accomplice. They did the crime for a solid reason and it was a perfect crime. At the ending, Park Jin Han was arrested for murdering Seol Hee and also for stealing her body - even though the latter part was not the case. I honestly had never expect that the person is the one who stole Seol Hee body.  The plot twist is the real deal. Totally unexpected.

Second thing, for the cast, I did not recognized any of them. But, it wasn't a problem as they could brought the characters and portray them perfectly. And, it is lovely to watch another person act. They are what I would considered as a veteran actor. This movie is a really great movie, with excellent screenplay and everything and definitely a must watch for all movie lover !


p/s : please pray for my ease while completing my diploma
p/p/s : I only had to endure for another 2 months, more or less



March 19, 2019

Assalamualaikum ! So, here is another movie review update as I am too lazy to do my assignments and all. Enjoy ~

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Oldboy / Oldeuboi /올드보이
Runtime : 120 minutes
Released Year : 2003
Genre : Mystery / Suspense-Thriller
Country : South Korea
Distributor : Show East
WARNING : Massive violence, adult scenes
Plot :

Oh Dae Soo is a normal businessman who had his family of his own. One night, he was drunk and on his way home with his friend. He made a quick call at phone booth and let his friend talk on his behalf. Oh Dae Soo then woke up in an unfamiliar room. He was locked up for reason that he know nothing of and who did it. With the TV inside his room, he found out that he was framed for murder of his wife. 15 years later he woke up at a rooftop of a building, only to question why. A homeless man came to him and pass a phone and wallet full of cash. When the phone rung,  Dae Soo was challenged to find out who was his kidnapper and the reason in just five days.

Mindblowing, seriously. The plot itself got me almost losing my mind.


Okay, for once, I am both amazed and disgusted while watching a movie. And the reason for both feeling is because of the plot. I do admit that this is one of the best movie I've ever watched but it was uncomfortable for me when the secret was out (even I had suspected it will be the case). If Oh Dae Soo was me, I am sure that I will be crazy after two weeks being locked up. I can't stay inside a room for a long time, it is suffocating. I am a little bit claustrophobic, so yeah.

Secondly, that kidnapper, he is sure a crazy man. Its insane. How can he locked up someone for 15 freaking years and let them out just for them to play his stupid game ? I mean, Oh Dae Soo did him wrong, yes, but the mistake is something that he is not aware of. And, if you asked me, I don't think what he did was actually so wrong that he deserved to be locked up.

One thing that I should definitely mentioned is, this movie are not suitable for young audience. Full, like fulllllll, of violence. Example ? Cutting the tongue, plucking out teeth using hammer, gunshot and lots of fighting. I don't know how many times that I grimaced while watching the cruel, heartless scenes. Most important, there's adult scenes. It is very uncomfortable while watching this kind of scenes. Especially after I found out the relationship of the two, it is actually more disgusting.

Even though I am no better than a beast, didn't I have the right to live ? - Oh Dae Soo

Watching this again ? I might have to think again. Well, I am not saying that this movie doesn't deserve it but there a lot more to consider. With the blood and the uncomfortable scenes filled like every 15 minutes, I don't think I can do it again. Yea, I like, love crime and thrilling movie like this one but it is just too cruel. I can't bring myself to watch Dae Soo to get played again.

Curious to why Oh Dae Soo was locked up for 15 years ? Then watch this yourself, and you will found out that his kidnapper is psychotic. 7/10 because of uncomfortable scenes bring the rate a little down.



100 Days My Prince

March 12, 2019

Assalamualaikum ! So, I am very excited as I am currently on midsem break so I thought that I could do two review. So, here is the first one, tehee ^^

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : 100 Days My Prince / Hundred Days Husband / Baekilui Nangoonnim / 백일의 남곤님
Episodes : 16
Network : tvN
Plot :

Lee Yul is the crown prince of Joseon. He tried to uncover the truth of his illness but ended up being in a situation that almost kill him. He then woke up at a small village, losing his memory. He is forced to believe that he is an army that came back home to marry his woman, Hong Shim. For 100 days, he lived outside the palace as a peasant.

Honestly, this is my second drama that had D.O as one of the cast. He really is a well-rounded artist. He looks so natural with his character.


Okay, it had been seriously long time since I last watch an old era k-dramas. The very last is Scarlet Heart, if I'm not mistaken. I am neither too excited nor bored when I watched this drama. The introduction left quite an impression to me, because the young Lee Yul, confessed to Yi Sul that he wanted to marry her. And how fate brought them back together after years passed.

The drama got a bit boring in the middle that forced me skip a few scenes. Due to too many characters in this drama, I constantly got confused who is who (like always) especially when they all had same feature and alike position in the drama. For those who hungry for handsome man, I think you can chose one from this drama. I personally liked a manly type of face so I am drawn more to the actor who act as Hong Shim brother, Kim Jae Young. Sadly, there is not much of his scene.

The plot is very nice and enjoyable. I would say that I seldom felt bored while watching the drama. It has both typical and unusual plot. The fact that the Crown Princess was forced to comply with her father to protect her lover was just so sad. She ended up being alone after her father crime was revealed.

Do Ji Han came as the cameo in the first two episodes as the crown prince friend as well as personal bodyguard. I was very delighted when I thought he is one of the supporting cast. But, man, he died too soon. I am actually looking forward for his acting. Too bad tho.

The political issues in the drama is limited to the 'Who is the next king'. It was not so heavy and the conspiracy to have the their generation as the next is the battle between the queen and vice premier only. I was glad that the queen using a quite good approach, using talisman (not like it works) and praying. The queen aren't so cruel to have her son to be a crown prince. I would say that the issue is light and not a cause of headache.

Loving is not about winning or losing. It is about giving - Jung Je Yoon

This is a must watched for all K-drama lovers ! 9/10




March 05, 2019

Assalamualaikum !! 

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Unstoppable / Angry Bull / Sungnan Hwangso / 성난 황소
Runtime : 115 minutes
Released Year : 2018 
Genre : Crime / Action
Distributor : Showbox
Country : South Korea
Plot :

Dong Suk used to be a gangster but he had changed his way and begin to start up a king crab business. He is married to Ji Soo. One day, he went home and found his house in a mess. He then received an unknown call. Dong Suk went to the agreed place and found a bag full of cash. The kidnapper trade the money with his wife. When Dong Suk reported the case to the police, they took it as if he sold his wife off. Having no choice, Dong Suk began his mission to save his wife.

Every Ma Dong Seok movie are lit and very satisfying !


First off, even though this movie is labelled as a crime movie, the villain is not very smart. Sure, he did succeed in kidnapping Ji Soo and more women but he actually a coward. Some scenes that were supposed to be nerve-wrecking, turn out to be funny because of the villain. With all of these genre combination made the movie more fun to watch, even it is typical. The crime committed isn't bad and there was no scenes that would triggered someone. The kidnapped women was only mentioned to be sold and prostituted purpose but they were no such scenes.

This movie can be labelled as family-friendly because the violence scenes are not something unfamiliar or too cruel. The only problem is the vulgar language which is quite hard to avoid not using in a movie. Thus, it is safe for a young kids to watch this movie.

Crime or action movie usually filmed in dark ambient light scenes to get the right mood. However, this movie aren't using a very dark ambient light to get the right mood. It has a good balance of light and dark in scenes which is a good move for the audience. The cinematography is also on the spot. There was not much shaking during the fight scenes and it is very stable as they change from one scene to another.

I really enjoyed all of casts, especially Kim Sung Oh. In my personal opinion, he had a fierce type of face but kind at the same time. It is enjoyable as he tried to act as the cowardly villain but pretend to be cruel. All of the actors chosen had their own style and choosing Ma Dong Seok for the main cast definitely  a good move because this movie is definitely his typical style.

I am very satisfied with this movie and I highly recommended it ! 9.5/10



One Way Trip

February 26, 2019

Assalamualaikum ! How have you been ? So, my assignment groups are still not processing to do the final assignment as we are busy with the weekly tasks. But, I still managed to find my time to do this movie review. Hohoho. Quite proud of myself =P, so lets start.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : One Way Trip / Glory Day / Geulroridei / 글로리데이
Runtime : 93 minutes
Genre : Drama / Friends
Plot :

Yong Bi, Sang Woo, Ji Gong and Dong Man are friends. They planned and went to Pohang for 2 days 1 night for Sang Woo, who is about to get enlist into military. During the night, they went for drink at the beach. At that time, they witness a woman being beaten up by a man, so they went to help the woman.

I have no idea why the plot and the title are so opposite. If you are expecting a good scenes of bromance and friendship goals, you might get disappointed.


First off, the complete twisted plot got my jaw dropped, in good and bad way, but more to bad. I honestly thought that I would watch a happy, full of bromance, slight comedy type of movies. But it is actually somewhat cruel, and a challenge to the boys friendship.

I honestly grew uncomfortable during few scenes as it consists people shouting, a bit violent and a little mess up scene. I honestly thought these scenes is unnecessarily long. Even though I love twisted movie, but I had to say that I hate this. Many of the scenes are just filling for the movie, which made me lost my interest middle way.

However, all of the cast did a wonderful job on conveying the emotions. Especially Ji Soo. He portray a boy who grew up in a messed up household, thus the parents of others think him as troublemaker. When Ji Gong suggested that they put the blame on Sang Woo, who was in comma and still unconscious, he refused to do so, even though in the end, he did blame Sang Woo.

This movie completely left me unsatisfied because in the end, the truth is never unfold. The detective did not found out the real murderer. The records of those boys who supposed to be witness became suspected. And because of power that some people hold, others became miserable. If you asked me would I rewatched the movie, I would definitely say no.

I am disappointed so, 4/10


k-drama review

Devilish Joy

February 19, 2019

Assalamualaikum, hey ! Yesterday was a bit stressful for me because of last minutes cancelled classes leading me to not knowing what I should do. I hope I could stay strong for the last semester. So now, quite a title we got here, isn't it ? Actually, I don't remember the reason I decided to watch this drama but I assure you that it is an okay drama. So, here is the review !

Title : Devilish Joy / Devilish Charm / Maseung-ie Gibbeum / 마성의 기쁨
Episodes : 16
Genre : Romance
Network : MBN, Dramax
Cast : Choi Jin Hyuk, Song Ha Yeon, Hoya
Plot :

Joo Gi Bbeum and Gong Ma Seung met  by chance in Hainan and fall in love. They promised to meet again one hour after parting but Ma Seung didn't come to the place. Three years later, Joo Gi Bbeum life turns upside down. They met again by chance but Gong Ma Seung didn't recognized Joo Gi Bbeum. They kept on crossing path and ended up in love again.

I honestly didn't know how to describe this drama. It is somewhat typical but not so typical, get me ?


First off, the first episode bothers me a lot. I'm not sure if its because of the lighting during shooting or the effects of the video or what, but the first episode has a somewhat poor scene. It is too bright and dreamy. I do understand if it was for a few scenes, but it happened for a full episode and it kind of annoying since it is so bright. Luckily, it is just for that one episode.

Even though I am not a fan of romance drama, I had to admit that this drama is not so cringy and I had fun watching the couples. Especially the supporting character (happened every time, yea ?). The best part in this drama is the sound effect used. They made sure to include some cute sound effect for every scene that necessary.

This drama had a good plot honestly, but it is really slow pace and it almost made me lost my interest. I even skipped a few part because it was too slow for my liking. As for the characters, I think that all of the casts are well selected and  all of them played their role very well. Especially Hoya. It was very unexpected from him to act that way. I was used to him being so serious with his work, very hardworking, competitive and all and in this character is the opposite of that side. Very self conceited, quite arrogant, whiny and well, cute. It is amazing that he managed to get into that character,very natural, at that.

I honestly thought that this will be a sad ending, like Winter Sonata.  But, no luck, it is a happy ending. Tough luck, I was really prepared to cry my eyes out but no, I didn't cry when I watched this drama, even though there are many sad scenes.

"Most of the things you worry never happened, so don't worry in advance" - Lee Ha Im

Overall, it is a good drama for those who loves romance. 6/10 from me.



To All Boys I've Loved Before

February 12, 2019

Assalamualaikum, hey everyone ? How's life treating you so far ? As for me, I just had a one week holiday (because of CNY, when I suppose to have only days off, but my classmates were all to enthusiastic to celebrate CNY *notethesarcasm). And, I had two quizzes today, this evening and night. I am hoping that I could excel, pray for me. Anyway, let's get to the review !

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : To All Boys I've Loved Before
Runtime : 99 minutes
Genre : Romance, Young Adult
Distributor : Netflix
Cast : Lana Condor, Noah Centineo
Based on : To All Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han
Plot :

Lara Jean live as an invisible teenager girl throughout her school life until her love letter for five boys was sent. She began get attention when she got into a fake relationship with Peter Kavinsky, one of the boy who received her letters.

I have finally able to watch this movie after all effort. 


This movie went viral on Twitter and other social media platform prior to its released and every girl on that platform was like, 'girls need someone like Peter' and 'someone like Peter or Josh' and so on. This manage to grab my attention and I thought that this is one of those super duper sweet kind of movie. But, I am not totally wrong tho.

The flow of the story is very good, and there is no room for me to get bored. Even thought the plot is something I am familiar with, (Wattpad has tons of books that involved fake relationship and fall in love) I can say that this movie is in its own level. The insecurities of Lara Jean to fall in love because as I would like to quote, 'Everyone will leave at the end' is very relateable to me.

Honestly speaking, I do not understand those Twitter girls who went crazy to have a boyfriend like Peter because in my opinion, he is just, I don't know how to say this, um, he is, well general ? I admit that I was amazed and adore him for his handsome face and for his bravery to stand up for Lara Jean at the hallway but beside that, there is nothing else.

Despite being a romance movie, this movie didn't exclude the role of family. I really adore the sisterhood of Covey girls. I gotta admit that I am not that close to my sisters or to any of my siblings. I even put some barriers between me and my family, like there is this invisible wall between us. I don't know

And, good news to Lara Jean fans, last December, it was announced that a sequel film will be released based on the sequel novel, 'P.S. I Still Love You'.

I think, I could give a 9/10 for this. It is an enjoyable movie and really worth my time and energy.



Empayar : Hikayat Putera Tanpa Nama by Teme Abdullah

February 08, 2019

Assalamualaikum ! So, selalunya aku post pasal movie, k-drama review je kan. Harini, aku nak buat review untuk buku pulak. Aku rasa janggal sikit nak type dalam bahasa melayu sebab selalunya buat review k-drama semua dalam english. So, bila nak tukar ke bahasa ibunda balik rasa pelik. Aku bukan rendahkan bahasa melayu, tapi sebab ganti nama untuk bahasa melayu ada banyak kan, so aku tak tahu which one yang lagi sesuai guna, aku ke, saya ke, sebut nama ke. So, aku decide untuk guna aku je.

Actually, buku ni sebenarnya adalah one of hadiah daripada 'Giveaway Saya Nak Menang Buku Terbaru TEME' by S.K last year. Hadiahnya sampai hujung tahun 2018, 31 Disember haritu disebabkan few masalah teknikal. Selain buku ni, aku jugak terima dua buku lain yang juga hasil tulisan TEME, 'Arkitek Jalanan' dan 'Impian Jalanan'.

Secara jujurnya, aku dah lama tak beli buku, tak baca buku fizikal selain buku yang aku terpaksa baca. So, aku berjaya habiskan ketiga-tiga buku tulisan TEME ni dalam masa less than one week. Terasa wow gitu. Dah lama sangat tak beli  buku, rinduuu. So, bila dah dapat free, memang pulun habis la tiga buku. 

Okay, taknak buang masa, jom start review !

too lazy to add filtering, editing and all so this is raw version =P
Tajuk : Empayar : Hikayat Putera Tanpa Nama
Penulis : TEME Abdullah
Mukasurat : 352 pages
Penerbit : Iman Publication
Sinopsis :

Ilmu itu umpama senjata yang boleh dimiliki sesiapa.
Jika senjata itu jatuh ke tangan yang baik, akan digunakan senjata itu untuk menyerang yang jahat.
Namun, jika ia itu jatuh ke tangan yang jahat, akan digunakan senjata itu untuk memusnahkan yang baik.

Out of the three books yang aku dapat, this one memang aku baca last sekali. Sebabnya aku tak pernah baca penulisan TEME, so aku decide untuk baca dua buku yang dah dipublishkan lebih awal daripada buku ni. Bagi aku, penulisan TEME memang best. Especially untuk manusia macam aku yang malas nak fikir perkataan yang complicated.

Isu agama yang dibangkit dalam novel memang apa yang tengah terjadi dekat dunia ni. Sangat mendalam. Watak manusia yang cuba tegakkan agama dengan keadaan ditentang oleh mereka yang menggunakan agama untuk kepentingan sendiri. 

Based on introduction chapters, aku sangkakan timeline yang digunakan TEME ni masa zaman kegemilangan Kerajaan Melayu Melaka dulu disebabkan gambaran suasana Madrasah Taming Sari ni. Tapi ada satu masa yang memerlukan pelajar madrassah keluar daripada madrasah, aku dah jad confuse dan akhirnya, aku conclude kan bahawa timeline dalam novel ni adalah pada masa hadapan. Pada masa yang aku sendiri tak tahu apa dunia ni akan jadi.

Untuk watak, aku ambil masa sikit nak sesuai kan diri dengan nama watak. Sebabnya, nama watak yang digunakan a bit unusual. Guna nombor. So, aku selalu lah jugak tertukar watak utama dengan sampingan. Tapi aku puji cara TEME pilih nama watak. Pendekatan yang dia gunakan ni mengingatkan aku dengan allahyarham P.Ramlee. Sebabnya ? well, both of them guna nama watak yang unusual supaya takde mana mana pihak terasa dengan apa yang mereka buat. Great job !

Last thing, plot. Bagi aku, plotnya biasa je, tapi aku rasa excited untuk teruskan pembacaan. Ingat senang ke nak tarik perhatian pembaca untuk baca apa yang kita tulis ? (just like how all bloggers are, me especially :')) Tapiiiii, aku agak tak puas hati dengan ending dia. Hish. Geram sangat ! Mereka yang menggunakan agama sebagai perisai peribadi masih berada di atas ! Haih. Harapnya adalah second book

To all bookworms, you should really really read this book. Worth your time ! 9/10


k-drama review

Lovely Horribly

February 04, 2019

Hello ! Assalamualaikum everyone ~~ Even though it is still consider as the start of the semester, I had to admit that I've been quite busy, maybe because this is my last semester, so the lecturer kinda push students. So, I don't think I can update with topic other than reviews.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Lovely Horribly / Reobeulli Horeobelli / 러블리 호러블리
Episodes : 32, 30 minutes per episode
Network : KBS2
Genre : Romantic-Comedy, Horror
Plot :

Yoo Philip and Oh Eul Soon were born at the same time and they shared the same fated. During their life, if one person is happy, the other one will be sad and vice versa. The first time they met was when they were 10. Oh Eul Soon parents went to a spiritual ritual for Eul Soon and since then Eul Soon became sick. When she grew up, Eul Soon became a scriptwriter and had all of the bad luck of their fate. On the other hand, Yoo Philip grew up with a good luck on his side. He became a top star and a popular actor. They began to work together for a drama called, "A Ghost's Love Story" and unusual event began to start once they start to work for the drama.

Honestly, this drama had been stored in my drive for a few months. I had a really hard time resisting myself from watching another K-Drama last sem. Last semester was tough so I had to temporarily stop, so, when the 10 days semester break (I will keep mentioning this for as long as I want) start, I watched every drama to my heart content.


For a starter, I really love this drama. Even though I am not very fond of horror-related thing but this drama is bearable and it is not a very horror drama. From what I had watched, this drama is more to comedy rather than horror. However, to fit the horror theme, there were few scenes that made me watch with my eyes closed. I can't say that there was no romance because there definitely are some scenes that fit the elements. I was actually glad that the romantic scene were not cringy one, rather, it was a heart warming scene, so, I am very comfortable watching.

Next, I would love to talk about the cast. Overall, I am vary satisfied as the cast did an awesome job on the characters that they had. I actually kind of surprise that Eunjung from T-ARA able to act as an obsessive fan. She is scarier than the ghosts. Her obsession towards Yoo Philip is too much to the point that she willing to kill. There is another antagonist that I really despite, Ki Eun Young, a writer and also friend of Eul Soon. She constantly used Eul Soon for her kindness. 

As for the main characters, I had no comment on Song Ji Hyo acting. I think that the character suits her well. As I am a 'Running Man' fan, I had accustomed to the way she behaved and through her character, it was similar to her real personality. The only thing that made me laugh out loud is the scene where Yoo Philip imagine her doing aegyo. Like seriously, it is not Ji Hyoat all. For Park Ji Ho, this actually my first time watching his work. I am unfamiliar with his name and his style.

Lastly, the storyline. Even when Philip and Eul Soon had made up their mind to only think about them and ignore the ill-fate between them, they once again break up. I personally liked how the writer explained what happened between Philip, Eul Soon, Yoon Ah and Eun Young. To make it simple, every crisis and every plot is well explained. There was no question arises upon the ending of the drama.

For the rating, I would give, 9/10.


k-drama review

My ID Gangnam Beauty

January 28, 2019

Good morning ~~ Assalamualaikum ! Okay this drama is kind of popular as many of my friends recommended this drama to me. And I also had encounter several clips of the drama here and there on socmeds. So, here it is.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : My ID is Gangnam Beauty / ID : Gangnam Beauty / Nae Aidineun Gangnamiin / 내 아이디는 강남니인
Episodes : 16 Episodes
Genre : Romance, Comedy
Network : KBS2
Plot :

Due an ugly appearance, Kang Mi Rae was bullied during her schools year. She became timid and started to giving score to people faces. To avoid another bullying in her collage years, Kang Mi Rae decided to do a full course plastic surgery. She became a hot topic in her department as she has a beautiful faces. Even so, she still had the timid personality. When her secret was out openly, people began to talk behind her and calling her Gangnam beauty. Do Kyung Seok used to attend the same middle school as Mi Rae. He however did not judge a person by appearance and thinks that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. He then started to like Kang Mi Rae.

One little fun facts, Cha Eun Woo is a member from a boy group, ASTRO. He is known as a face genius due to his handsome face and appearance.


One thing that make me annoyed from the beginning of the drama until the end is, the 'old' Mi Rae. We never knew who she is. Well, but I do understand that the production crew wanted to protect her image. Butttt, if you googled, there are few articles revealing the actor of young Mi Rae, soooo. 

This drama touch about what people talk nowadays. It is always about appearance. Nowadays, if you wanted to be someone to remember, you need to be beautiful. It is a tragic facts that we had to face. To the people who had a rough childhood, especially due to her or his appearance, it will leave scars to them. They might take it either positively or negatively. Without knowing, the bullying might end someone life. Kang Mi Rae is born with ugly face, thus, her classmates laugh at her, bully and saying bad things to her. When she grew up, she changed her appearance, but she didn't felt the confidence. Another character, Yoon So Ah, a girl with natural beauty, grew up as an ugly, dirty child. When her mother dress her up, her classmates began to like her. She grew older and thinks that to gain people to like her, she must be pretty and must play innocent. Due to that, she became a monster who did not like when there's a person that are more likable than her.

There was one thing that did not match Kang Mi Rae personality. Her way to dress up. This is strictly my personal opinion. As a person who was judged by her appearance and her timid personality, she would not dare to reveal much skin. But instead of that, Kang Mi Rae usually dress more revealing. And when she was assigned as a server at their department stall, the skirt given to her is on almost the same length as her usual short. So, I did not get it when she wanted to refused using the skirt, like whaaaat.

Do Kyung Seok. Honestly speaking, Cha Eun Woo is a bit stiff, maybe he is still new to acting. But, he did a good job on portraying a cold handsome prince character. But, he seems can't get comfortable when acting sweet. I don't know but it was awkward watching him trying to sweet talk to Mi Rae.

Overall, this is a good drama, very light and not much of headache.  There are also scenes that could make you laugh out loud. This is a well-balanced drama with a little bit of every elements. Well, I might have been frustrated because of too much couples to ship on the drama because every one of them is cute. This drama used a large scale of supporting actors and yeah, I had a hard time figuring who is who. It took me to third or forth episode to figure out.

So, I would leave with a quote,

It's not like some people do not deserve to be loved or are not allowed to be attracted to someone. There are no such rules. And no one has the right to laugh at you. Also when you are attracted to someone, you cant control your feelings - Senior Woo Young




Thoughtless Thursday #013

January 24, 2019

Assalamualaikum ! Hey, so, I have started my new and final semester of diploma for one week, so far, it is okay as there was a lottttt of cancelled classes.

my mood for the whole week
(not mine; credited to the rightful owner)

So, the results for last semester was supposed to be out tomorrow but I don' know what happen because it is out today. And, I had checked my result. To be honest, I am shocked that I managed to score this high. Even thought my targeted GPA is not achieved but my targeted CGPA is achieved, thus, I am happy. Very happy that I could dance.

I am this shocked
(not mine; credited to the rightful owner)
I'm a happy birdie ~
(not mine; credited to the rightful owner)
Now, I only have to struggle for one semester to get a very good result so that I could further my study somewhere else. I had my eyes on a university in south Malaysia that offers the course that I wanted. I really really hope that my plan will go accordingly. Insya-Allah.

p/s: sorry for all bts gif, but, theyre part of my life
pps : yoongs looks soooo cute when he acted this way



Birthday Giveaway by Mya Rosli

January 22, 2019

Birthday Giveaway

Happy birthday to you ~~ Even tho saya tak kenal Mya secara rapat dan hanya berjaya menjadi rakan blogger sahaja, tapi tak salah kalau saya wish awak cause sometimes a stranger can be more familiar than a family.

So, I'm wishing you :

  • sentiasa berada dalam keredaan dan rahmat-Nya,
  • dipermudahkan segala urusan seharian
  • bahagia bersama keluarga, sahabat sepanjang hayat,
  • dipanjangkan umur serta dimurahkan rezeki 

and the most important thing, berjaya menjadi seorang muslimah sejati. Once again, happy birthday !! 


The Witness

January 21, 2019

Assalamualaikum ~ Did anyone have a good day ? For today movie review, I will be doing a movie from China. I found this movie on my YouTube recommendation so I give it a shot.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : The Witness / I Am The Witness
Runtime : 112 minutes
Genre : Drama / Investigation / Crime
Country : China
Released year : 2015
Distributor : Beijing Enlight Pictures
Cast : Yang Mi, Lu Han
Plot :

Lu Xiao Xing was involved in an accident that caused her to lost her sight and her brother. She was a rookie cop at that time. Three years later, she tried to persuade her senior to let her work as a police officer again. Due to her mistake on the day of her accident, she was unable to return as a police officer. Xiao Xing then called for a taxi that night. Without her knowing, the taxi that she get into was not a taxi. The taxi then hit a girl but the taxi driver denied, saying that it was a dog. Little did she knows, Xiao Xing became a witness to a hit and run case that was also connected to the missing girls in the town.

I assure you, this is one hella good movie, so I think I did one hella good review. Enjoyed =)) Oh, one more thing, this movie is a remake of 2011 South Korea movie, Blind.


First and foremost, even though this is a crime-related movie, the screenplay aren't always dark and thrilling. It has a good balance for bright and dark scenes. Aspects of suspense, romantic, and comedy all included with the right flavor. One more thing, the movie doesn't hold some very twisted fate of the characters, so there's not much of headache.

Second of all, every actor plays a good part portraying their characters. For example, Lu Xiao Xing character used to be a police officer, even for a short amount of time. So, when she was involved in the incident, she knows what she was dealing with. The most impressive things is the was she acted as a blind woman. If I don't know better, I might think that she is blind. The saddest scene is when her dog protected her from the kidnapper. The dog died.  Lin Chong is acted by Lu Han. He is a reckless teenager who is also a witness of the incident. Lu Han's acting never disappoint, he able to give his best to be a teenager who never thinks other than himself. Despite that, he helped Xiao Xing escape from the kidnapper.

Next, the kidnapping case. I was really curious about the motive of the kidnapper. The girls was kidnapped and there was no sign of murder or any sign that could lead to their existence. There is one shocking things about this kidnapping case. It might cause by the guilt or anger of the kidnapper, I believed. This is sure one interesting part of the movie.

And lastly, I would loveeeee to talk about the OST of this movie. Honestly, I never really get attached to OST of a movie, if it's drama, I might. As the kidnapper use lyrics from a song to conceal his identity, so the song constantly played throughout the movie. It is called 'Fireflies' and sung by Lu Han. Even it is a short song, it is still good and pleasant. So, I will left the YouTube video below for you to enjoy.

I have not watch the parent movie of this movie (Blind), but I am pretty sure that it has a similar plot. So, if you prefer to watch a Korean movie, might as well watch Blind

9./10 for this movie =D

this is the my favorite quote <3

p/s : the last semester of my diploma is here ㅠ_ㅠ


Thoughtless Thursday #012

January 17, 2019

Assalamualaikum, holla ! I think I have begun this 'Thoughtless Thursday' segment ever since second of 2018 and it has been half of January of 2019. My first intention by doing this segment is to make sure that I will had at least one post per week. But seeing that the number for this post is only at 012, I think, I failed, ha ha. Nevertheless, I will still continue this.

So, the 10 days break is coming to the ending. And I only had 2 days more or less to enjoy. Last week, I had mentioned what I wanted to do during my so called holidays, so today I will update what exactly happened for the past days.

In my first plan, I wanted to finish my pile up k-dramas. What a joke, I only got to finish one drama and a few movies and there is more than five dramas waiting *facepalm. I guess, I am not the person that could sit still all day long in front laptop and watch drama, I get bored. On the bright side, I had managed to immediately did the review of the drama and movies that I had finished and they are on que to get posted, stay tuned!

Second, renovating blog. This. Is. Not. Happening. Yet. Not in the near time, maybe soon. Like soooooooon. I need time to carefully dealing with the codes and all, so yeah, the mood are not right to deal with those.

Third, exercising. Honestly, I really really really wanted to go jogging every morning. But, Allah has better plan for me as every morning since the holiday, it will start raining. Thus, I didn't exercise. I guess I only went out of the house three times since the break start. Well, I'm a homebody and I'm broke. End of discussion.

meme's not mine;credited to the rightful owner. ( Yoongi being so relateable )

Lastly, read novel. I had finished three novel. One, my favorite novel written by Hana Ilhami. And the other two is Teme novel, 'Arkitek Jalanan' and 'Impian Jalanan'. I only heard from friends that Teme books is a must read books for bookworm, but yeah I never had the opportunity. So, I am really grateful when I win the giveaway. Now, I almost finished with 'Hikayat Putera Tanpa Nama'. Once I finished that book, I will do review on it. As for 'Arkitek Jalanan' and 'Impian Jalanan', I might not do the review. If I do, I might will combined it together, as one set of post.

For the last two days, I will continue with drama, finishing the novel, scheduled some movies/drama reviews. One more thing, I started to write fiction on a website nowadays. It is a fanfiction tho. But yeah, I am trying to get productive.

So, these will sum up my holidays week. Chao.




January 14, 2019

Holla assalamualaikum people ! How are you doing ? This is a review of Rampant, a korean movie which was released around October last year. I watched this movie with a friend of mine, she constantly pursuing me that I should watch this, so I did (only to shut her up). Well, it is not a bad choice actually. So, here is the review ~

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Rampant / Outbreak / Rage / Changgwol / 창걸
Runtime : 121 minutes
Country : Korea
Distributor : Next Entertainment World
Genre : Action, Zombie
Plot :

Lee Chung is a prince of Joseon, but he was taken hostage by the Qing Dynasty. He is a womanizer, and enjoys gambling. Despite that, he is an amazing swordsman. When his brother, Lee Young the crown prince succeed the throne, he brought Lee Chung back to Joseon. At a village, he faced a human that acts like monster during the night. Despite didn't wanted to take responsibility for the villagers, Lee Chung are forced to as he return to the palace. 

Basically, this is a zombie movie that happened during Joseon era. Fun facts, this movie was premier at 19 countries during the same period.


Okay, since this is a movie that I had watched few months back, and had no intention to watch it, this review might be a bit blurry and confusing ? But I will try my best. First, I was confused with the story line because one, it happened during Joseon era where I had a hard time to identify who is who (sorry but I don't really recognized Hyun Bin and Dong Gun to differentiate them), and two, it is a zombie movie, so the cinematography is usually at a dark places. But, it was soon resolve when Lee Chung arrived at the palace. It is clear to me then.

Just like how fast 'Train To Busan' story develop, Rampant is also a fast moving movie. There was not even one moment where I lost interest to watch the movie. Every scenes filmed, is a must to watch, especially when we are wondering the reason why there was a zombie at the era. And yeah, it was not revealed at the end of the movie. During the falling action of the movie,  the reason why the zombie rampant exist in Joseon era was revealed, although it is a bit unclear how the first zombie got the you know, the zombie DNA.

I really love Hyun Bin character in this movie. He acts as a prince who didn't want the throne, he even went against his father. He had no intention to rule the nation. When his people asked him to protect them, he was reluctant, saying that he had no potential to do so. But the situation change his perspective and he eventually thinks that he needed to be on the throne, to protect his people.

Out of 10, I would rate this to be 8.7. It is a great movie and I was actually glad that my friend insist that I should watch this. It is definitely worth it.



Saving Mr Wu

January 11, 2019

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone. Here is another movie review and it is a Chinese movie. I found this movie while I was scrolling on my favorite website. I was attracted because this is based on a real case happened in China.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Saving Mr Wu / Jiějiù Wú Xiānshēng
Runtime : 105 mins
Country : China
Genre : Drama / Thriller / Action / Crime
Plot :

Mr. Wu is a well known action actor was kidnapped by Zhang Hua and three other accomplices who was disgusted as a police. The witness then reported the case to the police. The police force then form a unit led by Chief Xing. Zhang demand a total ransom of RMB 3 million. Before leaving to get the money, Zhang told his accomplices to kill Mr. Wu at 9PM regardless he got the money or not. The police successfully caught Zhang and it is a matter of time to save Mr.Wu.

I personally liked how the story develop. Even thought it is based on a real case, the scenes are not necessarily exactly how it happened. With a minimal involvement of actors make it easier for me to figure out who is who.


To start my review, I would like to talk about the character, Mr.Wu. The way he was abducted was so easy. Even though he did question the real identity of his abductor. They pretended to be police officer and tried to fool Mr. Wu. It was unsuccessful and they had to force Mr.Wu to get into the car. When he called his friend to get the ransom money from the banks, Mr Wu dropped few hints to him. Given that he used to be a soldier with that friend, he gave out infos that only both  of them would understand. When Zhang left to collect the money, he tried to do some psychological talk with one of the abductor. He tried to convince him to betray his friends and released him. 

Second, the unit that was supposed to catch Zhang and his gang was on guard all night and day since Mr.Wu's friend reported his situation. They catch up with his pattern but never catch him. Zhang was caught by coincidence when he visited his girlfriend house. It was nerve-wreaking moment whenever the team supposed to caught Zhang but lose him. I don't know how many times did I felt so frustrated but when Chief Xing caught him, I swear that it was the second happiest moment for me. 

I can't say much about this movie as it is quite straightforward and the plot is easy to understand. Although it is not a movie that I would give a high rating ( 6/10 ) but it is worth watching again. So, I will leave it as it.


personal life

Thoughtless Thursday #011

January 10, 2019

Assalamualaikum and good evening everyone ~~ I think it has been tooooo damn long since my last post (other than me doing reviews *rolleyes). So, to update about my life, currently, I'm in semester break for 10 freaking days only. And truth to be told, I did not go home. Don't ask me why because me myself didn't know.

this is not mine; credited to the rightful owner ( The I'm not crying JK meme)

So, for the ten days holiday, I'm going to watch all of my pile up dramas, maybe a more frequent blog update, more reviews of what I watched ? I also thinking of 'renovating' my blog but then, it is not my main priority and I'll do when I'm in the right mood. And I'm going to maybe do some exercise? And last but not least, I'm going to read novels (the one that I won from Giveaway buku from Teme by skblog if I'm  not mistaken). Anddddd I just hope that I will survive this 10 days. And today is D-10. I have 9 days to go. 

Hold up, it is still not too late for me to say Happy New Year , right ? Hehe. I was thinking to do a scheduled post for new year but then I forgot. Well, I had my final exams on the last day of 2018 so, yeah, no time. So, I hope everyone of you will had another wonderful year ! 

seems familiar ? yeah, this is what I edit for 2018 new year and yeah, I'm lazy to edit a new one.

I guess this is it from me, till then ~


k-drama review


January 05, 2019

Assalamualaikum ~ Now I'm having a 3 days gap to my final paper for this semester so here is another k-drama review ^^ 

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Life / Laipeu / 라이프
Episodes : 16
Genre : Medical, Management
Network : JTBC
Plot :

Sangkok University Hospital is getting its new president as the hospital has changed its management. The new president, Go Seung Hyo is a businessman that put revenue as the top priority. He planned to moves department that generate more losses than revenue to a rural hospital. One of the department involved is emergency department which is an essential department for a general hospital. Ye Jin Woo, a doctor at the emergency  department and few more doctors from various part of hospital tried to get rid of Go Seung Hyo.

Honestly, I thought that this gonna be a one typical challenging doctor lifestyle type of story but it is not that typical.


At the beginning of the drama, I think that this is a very good drama as there is almost no story of medical staff going against management of the hospital. Indeed, it is. But not so good. As the story develop, it became quite boring and the drama had successfully make me slept while it is playing. 

If you asked me if I wanted to re-watched this drama, I don't think I will. Even the plot is simple
and predictable. Even so, I still kept watching because I really love the relationship of Go Seung Hyo and one of the pediatricians, Lee No Eul. Their kind of cute scene makes me keep going. Oh, and also the real reason of Director Lee (former director of Sangkok University Hospital) death.

I can say that it is a bit of heavy for me. Why ? Because I keep relating the management in this drama to what I have learnt, which is sucks. Nevertheless, it is a good lesson for me. Handling a big company / organization / corporation are not a simple thing (keep reflecting on what I should do after diploma, lol). You might want to give it a try, then do it.


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