Thoughtless Thursday #005

February 22, 2018

This picture is not mine, credit to owner.

Hey everyone ! This is another tough week. Yesterday's lecture were really a pain. I could actually see that this semester will be the most busiest one because of the early date of assignments submission and also I had to handle Taekwon-Do's tournament.

I really wanted to sleep now but I had to start designing banner for the tournament, which I never had experience and I'm not even expert in that area, but I am still up for the challenge. Wish me luck ~

p/s : I'll start promoting for the tournament once the banner is finished and good. =)


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  1. good luck and can't wait for the banner!

    1. don't expect too much tho, i'm still a beginner ! btw, thankiee~

  2. how about your banner?need a help?i can help you

    1. i've done for my banner design and i've sent the designs to my instructor, I just need the approval from him. Thank you for asking and offering your help !


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