Friday 30 August 2019

Salam Merdeka !

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Assalamualaikum to my dear fellow Malaysian. Harini merupakan hari kemerdekaan Malaysia yang ke-62 ! Syukur, alhamdulillah untuk Malaysia yang aman damai dan insya-Allah akan berkekalanlah keamanan juga kemakmuran Malaysia.

Tema kemerdekaan Malaysia tahun ni is 'Sayangi Malaysiaku : Malaysia Bersih' dan 'Malaysia Bersih' sebagai lagu utama untuk sambutan kemerdekaan tahun ni (sumber: Berita Harian Online, 24 Julai 2019)

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photo taken on : 16 March 2019
Dekat tempat aku sendiri sambutan kemerdekaan memang agak meriah dibandingkan dengan tahun-tahun lalu. Sambutan yang kemerdekaan dibuat awal sedikit, dengan macam-macam aktiviti seperti Konvoi Berhias dan Gubahan Jalur Gemilang. Aku tak sempan nak snap gambar masa hari kejadian, so yea, no gambar =(

Macam tahun lepas, aku nak share satu YouTube videos yang related to merdeka. And aku harap korang dapat enjoy ~

Haaa, aku memang fans betul tengok video-video dorang. Tapi kan, kalau lah aku yang kena terjah, mungkin aku akan buat bodoh macam takde apa berlaku. Hahaha. Aku ni dengan orang yang ajar memandu pun aku block out suara dia apatah lagi orang yang aku tak kenal. Lagi-lagi bila ada camera, oh no. Memang aku lari lah !  (I'm camera shy y'know !)

Last year sangat popular dengan budak-budak peragakan baju daripada Jalur Gemilang, aku rasa creative sangat orang yang come up with that idea. Tahun ni pulak, especially this month mana-mana pergi mesti ada yang pakai tudung Jalur Gemilang. Wow gila. Lawa sangat design tu. Cumanya aku je yang malas nak ikut trend. Hehe.

For the last words, aku harap isu-isu perkauman yang timbul sekarang ni will be resolve because we have been living together for over a half century. And yes, aku tak nafikan ada beberapa peristiwa hitam yang mengancam keamanan kita but that's for our lesson. Andai kata kita berpisah, aku rasa the one that will be benefit the most is the outsider yang nak Malaysia jatuh. So, daripada kita terus duduk menuding jari, mencari salah orang tu orang ni, membangkitkan isu-isu yang remeh, lagi baik kalau kita sama-sama majukan Malaysia, tak gitu ?

So, that's it from me,


Monday 26 August 2019

The Terror Live

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Assalamualaikum ! Hola people, what's up on monday ? Hehe.. I'm here to give a little bit of spice for your day. This review is of a South Korea movie and it is very intense and crazy. Make sure to watch it !

not mine; credited to the rightful owner
Title : The Terror Live / 90 minutes of Tragedy / Deo Tereo Raibeu / 더 테러 라이브
Runtime : 98 minutes
Genre : Thriller, Suspense
Released year : 2013
Country : South Korea
Cast : Ha Jeong Woo
Plot :

Yoon Young Hwa was a former anchorman before an incident that brought him to be demoted to the radio show. One day, a listener called during his segment and stated that he will blow Mapo Bridge if his demand was not met. It was taken as a prank call at first, but after the called was disconnected, Mapo Bridge which was located near the broadcasting building was blown. Yoon Young Hwa saw the situation as an opportunity for him to regained his position. However, the situation worsen and it was recorded live for the next 90 minutes.

This is one of the most intense movie I had ever watched ! The plot was really really great and none like others. The main character, Yoon Young Hwa is one crazy person because he still managed to take opportunity during an emergency situation. He is an opportunist who see every teeny tiny cracks that he could squeeze himself in. However, as crazy as he is, the one that made me seriously annoyed was the Yoon's chief. He is so shameless that once he achieve his target, he immediately leave from the building and had no care to whoever in the danger. Ugh. He didn't deserve to be a human.

As for the person who responsible for the bombing, his intention was only one. He only demanded an official apology from the President, no more no less. His condition was only that. He had no intention on harming anyone. The terror that he originally planned would had zero casualty. However when his demanded was not met, he the unfortunate event came. And he was shot down at the end.

I personally loved how the terrorist disclosed his identity for the first time. He didn't even used voice changer(?) when he talked on air. I actually thought he is an mentally ill person or someone who wanted to be on the center of the attention but I am wrong. He only wanted to tell the stories behind the construction of the bridge that he blew up. It is sad but it was not something that should be the reason of the terrorist. Maybe he did wanted the attention. Who knows.

During the scene whereby the building beside of the broadcasting station were bombed causing the said building to collapsed onto the latter, Yoon Young Hwa still managed to sit on his chair. It was an impossible thing to happen even if he grab onto the table.  Plus, the chair had roller and yet he managed to sit still. From my view, it was a bit unrealistic but for the sake of the movie, it is realistic.

Just like the typical crime-related movie/drama, when the criminal is dead, someone had to take the responsibility. So, when the terrorist was shot down, the upper management was planning to put the blame on Young Hwa. He then found out about that and took the remote bomb that was left by the terrorist and blew up the final bomb. Never I felt so satisfied over a main character death. Plus, it as better for him than to take the blame.


Saturday 24 August 2019

Brother of the Year

August 24, 2019 1 Comments
Assalamualaikum, holla ! Since its Saturday and its the weekend, I got to recommend one movie. It is Thailand's and it is a very good movie, especially when there;s Sunny ^^

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Brother of the Year 
Runtime :125 minutes
Genre : Romance, drama
Released year : 2018
Country : Thailand
Distributor : GDH
Cast : Sunny Suwanmethanont, Urassaya Sperbund, Nickhun
Plot :

When he was little, Chud dream to have a little brother. However, when the baby is born, it was a girl. They grew up together and eventually lives together in a house in Bangkok. Jane then left to continue her study in Japan. Chud was extremely happy to have the house to his own. When Jane came back, she found the house in a messy, dirty and disgusting way. She then started working and fall in love with her boss, Moji. She planned to get married despite her brother protest.

Another Sunny's movie. Bae at his finest (despite him being an ass of a brother this time)


 For the starter, I would love to review on the plot, as always. I am expecting a cheerful and funny scenes of a brother spoiling his little sister's date. But, serious talk, he actually an ass. Sorry for the language. He didn't even bat an eyelashes when he skip her wedding day. If I am in Jane's shoes, I would be extremely sad and might also had the hatred towards him. But she's not me. It was sad  annoying when Chud keep feeding to his ego even when he missed his dear sister.

All the praises and applause goes to the main cast, Sunny and Urassaya ! They definitely did a very wonderful job on carrying the character. I love the emotions that the both of the portray in every scenes. Especially when Jane gave her speech on her wedding day about Chud, even though he is not there. She still had the string of hope that he will set his ego and came to her wedding. She also wanted to rekindle their relationship before she depart to Japan. But then, he crashed her hope again. For years, they didn't meet. Not even when she gave birth.

As for Nickhun, I think he looked a bit awkward to act. Well, I usually watch him being on stage, singing and dancing. Not acting. The awkward-ess moment was when he wanted to comfort Jane when Chud found out that she asked her friend to give job to him.

For the overall, this is an enjoyable movie even though the plot was not even close to what I am expecting. It definitely a family-friendly movie so it can be watched by all ages. Oh, might wanted to prepare tissue as the last one hour was quite heart-quenching scenes. 


Monday 19 August 2019

God's Quiz (All Season)

August 19, 2019 2 Comments

Title : God's Quiz / Shinui Kwijeu / 신의 퀴즈
Episodes :

  • Season 1 - 10 episodes
  • Season 2 - 12 episodes
  • Season 3 - 12 episodes
  • Season 4 - 12 episodes
  • Season 5 - 16 episodes
Genre : Medical, Thriller, Crime, Forensic

Network : OCN
Cast : Ryu Deok Hwan, Yoon Jo Hee, Park Jun Hyun, Ahn Nae Sang
Plot :

Han Jin Woo is a genius. He was a neurosurgeon but after some event, he can't perform surgery and was appointed to be medical examiner alongside Chief Jo. The cases that were submit to them were the cases of mysterious death or death of rare disease patients. The investigation was aided by Kang Kyung Hee, an attractive detective who possess excellent skills in martial arts and had strong sense of justice.
Alright, before I started with the review, I need to clear up somethings regarding this entry. First of all, I'm sorry to post all season into one post as it is more convenient for me and less hassle. Even so, I would try to give review of every one of the season in stead of an overall review (the event of the season might get jumble up as I had lost the notes on review and I'm too lazy to rewatched all season, again*facepalm

This might get lengthy than usual. Face up.


not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

 As far as I remember, the first season was a bit rushed. They had 10 episodes on this season and eight to ten cases. The last two episodes can be considered as one case as they were committed by one person, Jung Ha Yoon who was an old friend of Dr. Han.

There was quite a long history between the two of them as both of them were a victim of an illegal experiment conducted by Ha Yoon's very own father. The drug injected on them made Jung Ha Yoon the person he was and slowly affected Dr.Han's life as well. At the end, Jung Ha Yoon was shoot dead and Dr. Han started dating Detective Kang. However, it was left hanging as there was no update on Dr.Han's life as the drug had started shows side effect.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

 Shocking, shocking, Jung Ha Yoon is alive everyone ! Alright, save that for later, we'll go through the plot first. They were still solving cases of rare diseases. This season involved a new character, a profiler. Her character was a bit arrogant and had a high self-confidence. 

The case that I strongly remembered from this season was the one with psychopath. The reason why I remembered the case was because of the culprit was a woman. Hah. Usually the psychopath character will be portray by male actors. This is why I remember the case. And even at the end of the case the woman was dead, she already got her daughter to behave and think like her. It's creepy as the girl was only about 10 years old and she's the one who killed her own father.

A crazy twist as Professor Jang, mentor of Dr.Han saves Jung Ha Yoon through the Dema Project. The project was basically inserting chips into the subject brain and controlled them through the system. To make it simple, Ha Yoon was killed, for the second time and Dr.Han seeks for help (he went for surgery but I think he pull out last minute to let his brain recover by ifself.)

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

As for this season, Detective Kang was not present and was replaced with Detective Bae, a veteran detective who was very stingy. The plot for this season was better than previous as I felt that they're not rushing into solving the cases. It had better explanation on why and why this and that happened.

And as Dr.Han's had no longer took the drugs and did not went through the surgery, he develop a Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or better known as split personality. The other part of him was his ambition towards experimenting the brainwaves. That part had written the thesis on that subject but then one person carry out the experiment, on human. He would make people suffer by messing up with their brainwaves. In my opinion, he is the worst of all cases that were on the overall season. And he is not dead. What a bummer. He should be dead in stead of living, even if it's behind the bars.

And in this season, Professor Jang died... or not ? Because on the latest season, he was living, fine and breathing. I am not very sure. As for Dr.Han, he collapsed on his way to meet Detective Kang. Another hanging ending.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

 This season started with Dr. Han fall into comatose state for one year. The conflict on this season involved Dr.Han's own mother. She makes a human clone with her own eggs for research purposes. Her lab was sponsored by her patient which also a suspect of several cases.

I'm not too hype on this season and the thrill was nothing like the previous season. That powerful man (the suspect) then died in the hand of Dr.Han's mum. Even if she is a woman with a big ambition, she still cared for her son. As the man threaten to harm her son, she took an action first. 

This season plays a bit more of my emotion as one of the junior in the lab was killed. He knew about the case of the man and became a victim. Dang, I cried when he died. 

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

 So, here is the last season. The cases of this season was no longer one per episode. It became a trend for crime or medical drama to solve cases with two episodes per case. CODAS system that was lead by Kwak Hyuk Min became a threat to Dr.Han's team. Kwak Hyuk Min and Chief Jo had a long history together. 

At first, I thought it would be a boring if Dr.Han going to be the target of the criminal, again. But then, it showed that Dr.Han had nothing to do with the potential criminal. It was Chief Jo and Kwak Hyuk Min, this time. However, as the plot developed, Dr.Han still couldn't escape the crisis. 

From my opinion, this is the tenses and emotional season. From the start until the end of the season, they were looking for the actual event that happen behind the fire case of the welfare. It took them six episodes to solve the case. I cried tons for the last two episodes. Even though the criminal was bad enough to kill the people in the most quickest and painful way, I kind of satisfied with it. Those people deserved it. When the criminal died and Dr.Han's finally found his lost memory, it was the saddest. I actually hoped that they will be alive and given the second chance to fix themselves. But then they died.

The most confusing moment was on of the last scene where Dr.Han, Chief Jo, Detective Kang plays traditional Korean board game with Professor Jang. I seriously remembered that he had died. But then, he is alive. I am confused.

OVERALL - One of the greatest drama that I had ever watched. And since it had been so long since I watched a medical drama, I fell so refresh. It was a great ride !

For the closing, here is the quotes from the first season,

"People are not ignorant about rare diseases, people are ignorant of humanity." - Professor Jang

"Not to get an answer from a brutal question, but to reflect us on a mirror, called death." - Dr.Han

Saturday 17 August 2019

The Five

August 17, 2019 2 Comments

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner
Title : The Five / Deo Paibeu / 도파이브 
Runtime : 123 minutes
Genre : Thriller
Released year : 2013
Country : South Korea
Distributors : CJ Entertainment

Cast : Kim Sun Ah, Ma Deong Seok, Shin Jung Keun, Lee Jung Ah, Jung In Gi
Plot :

After her family was killed by a serial murder, Eun Ah lives in despair. She is physically and mentally unstable. She decided to get revenge by gathering other four people who is in need of her organs as she had a rare type of blood.

This movie was produced based on a webcomic called 'The 5ive Hearts'  by Jung Yeon Sik.


All those two hours screen-play was so intense ! Especially when the killer broke into Eun Ah home and the last one hour. It was a crazy ride. The fact that the killer is actually a sculptor made it crazier. I was not expecting that at all. I only thought that he kidnap and killed his victims because of some type of obsession or maybe some painful events that made him that way. But girl, I was so wrong. He only killed because he thought himself as a creator who purify the soul and born them again. Tsk.

The people who was recruited by Eun Ah tried to go against her once, before they were told the side of her story. It was a human instinct to save themselves first before others as they all tried to get their part without doing the actual work. And again, it was human of them to accept the work after Eun Ah told her story. They even wanted to save her from killing herself to fulfill the promise she made with them.

I really really dislike the antagonist. I mean, he was so crazy about being a creator to a pure soul that he killed. He really have no sense of guilt or whatsoever. I was so satisfied when Eun Ah used her ability of creating domino's effect into use while catching him. Even though the first attempt was a fail. The way she ended him was a big satisfaction to me. He was killed with his own creation. At that moment, I finally felt like breathing again.

To the last moment, I had the hope that Eun Ah's daughter was alive, even when there was exact proof that she is died. Hm. If she were alive, maybe the ending can be a little happier. Oh, one of the organ receiver that was on Eun Ah's side was died. That, was unexpected.

Overall, I am satisfied with the storyline and not to mention all those actors did play their roles perfectly. I definitely love it !


Monday 12 August 2019

Mountain Cry

August 12, 2019 1 Comments
Assalamualaikum, holla ! Are you people still celebrating Eid ? Still doing korban ? Then I wish a very happy day for you. To those who had started working, then I hope you will have a happy day ahead.  As for today's review, it is a Chinese movie. It is a beautiful movie.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Mountain Cry 
Runtime : 107 minutes
Genre : Drama, Romance
Country : China
Released year : 2015
Distributor : Village Roadshow Pictures
Cast : Lang Yueting, Wang Ziyi
Plot :

The movie was set in the year of 1984, started with the sudden death of a husband and a father to a family in a remote village on the mountain. Han Chong, the person who was responsible to his death was supposed to took care of the widow, Mute/Hong Xia and her two child until she came up with the compensation amount that she wanted. The villagers then learnt and understand the Mute's side of story with her power and her own voice.

This movie is a novel-based written by Ge Shuiping.


I actually was not expecting such a strong twist from this movie but there was. I loved how minimal conversation they had throughout the movie, it kept me guessing what Mute was actually trying to say. At the same time, it had me frustrated.

The plot definitely had me hooked. Especially after the vision or maybe memory from Mute's childhood was shown. I only had the grasped that she didn't love her husband seeing how to resist him. She was kidnapped and then sold to him when she was about ten years old, maybe ? Because she overheard the conversation she wasn't suppose to hear, her husband then cut her tongue. Definitely not expecting that one.

From my point of view, there was no heart fluttering moment between Han Chong and Mute. But I love how he took responsibility on her when he was against the contract at first. Charming ? Yes. Even though I am sure that I had an emotionless face throughout the movie, I can't help myself to stop watching. I don't know why I am so hooked on this movie.

The only time when I felt something was when Mute decided to turn herself in to save Han Chong from doing so. Dayum girl got so brave. And the truth of the death of her husband then was revealed through the letter she wrote. 

Overall, I love this movie. Even though it is a bit boring, but I can't stop myself from stopping in the middle. If there was an english translation to the novel, I would love to read that !


Saturday 10 August 2019

Missing 2016

August 10, 2019 3 Comments
Assalamualaikum, how's your week ? As tomorrow is Eid Adha, I wish all people who's celebrating will have a happy life ~ As for the review, here is a Korean movie with one of the actress that I really adored, Gong Hye Jin.

Title : Missing / Missing : Lost Woman /  Missing : Sarajin Yeoja / 미씽:사라진여자
Runtime : 100 minutes
Genre : Drama, Mystery
Released year : 2016
Country : South Korea
Distributor : Megabox Plus M
Cast : Uhm Ji Won, Gong Hyo Jin
Plot :

Jisun is a divorcee and currently fight over the custody of her child. While working at a PR company, Jisun juggles time between winning over the custody and spending time with her daughter, Daeun. Jisun then hired a Chinese-Korean nanny, Hanmae to take care of her daughter. One day, Jisun came home to an empty house. She begun looking for Hanmae everywhere. While searching for the woman that had her daughter, the story of Hanmae was revealed bit by bit.
Beside action, thriller movie, I also found interest in this such movie. A love between mother and child.


I honestly thought this will be another sort of psychotic nanny that got attached to the kid but when the history of Hanmae was revealed, I know I was wrong. Instead of got attached to the daughter, Hanmae was actually exchanging her own daughter, Jane with Daeun. Her back story was actually very pitiful that she took an extreme measure to have her child back.

The plot is simple and even though I was suppose to feel the pressure as Jisun looked for her daughter I did not feel such thing. Maybe it was because I knew that Hanmae will not harm the kid. However, I was shocked when Jisun found Jane inside the refrigerator of her own house. I feel sorry for the kid. With unstable state of mind, Hanmae may had put her into the fridge because she died with hot temperature.

Even though this is not as thrilling as what I expect, I did not feel bored while watching the movie. Every scene was actually interesting and every character definitely played important role. Usually, for this kind of movie, the police will had no function and the baby mother will be the sole savior. However, the police was actually did their job in getting back the baby to her mother.

I was quite disappointed with the ending. Hanmae was not supposed to die. Her life was pitiful enough and to killer her was just so cruel. But then the writer might wanted to say that a mother would always be there for her child. I think the scene was sad enough but I did not cry (big applause for me). 


Thursday 8 August 2019

Thoughtless Thursday #019

August 08, 2019 1 Comments
Good evening and assalamualaikum semuanya ~ I'm gonna  do little life update for this entry. Memandangkan esok is the last day untuk rayuan UPU kemasukan ijazah sesi 2019/20, aku rasa aku nak rant about this.

First, aku confuse sebenarnya. Kalau rayuan upu ni, those yang diterima masuk ke universiti tu akan daftar this september or by the beginning of this year ? Mostly yang aku dengar kata awal tahun depan. Tapi ada jugak yang kata this september. Alahai. And kalau betul daftar this sept, big possibility aku akan tolak. Kenapa ? First, aku tengah ambil lesen and JPJ test dah collide dengan tarikh konvo which means, kena tunda tarikh tu *facepalm and second, financial issue. Nampak macma alasan en ? Tapi memang alasan pun.

this is my view from my bed during my stay at rumah sewa masa belajar
Taken on :16 April 2019, 1857

Second, masa aku pilih which university and what course, the course that I desperately wanted to be in, was not offered anymore. Tahu tak aku discourage sepanjang hari ! Lepas check dah takde tu aku terus malas nak isi. In case you all wondering, aku nak try psychology with hr dekat UTM (senarnya aku memang dari dulu nak belajar dekat Johor, no reason and aku memang minat psychology). And memandangkan course tu dah taknak student, aku pun terpaksa ambil UKM - psychology as my first choice. Sayangnya, ada interview untuk course ni. Haih. Aku, tak suka interview. One more thing, kalau aku nak pergi interview, aku akan susahkan orang lain, which I seriously despise. 

Boleh je aku nak pergi sendiri, tapi nanti mak pulak yang bukak mulut dekat akak abang, mintak tolong diorang. Haih. Serba salah gue. And now, aku tak taulah macam mana. In case lepas untuk interview, big possibility aku tak pergi. Heh.

Aku ingat nak kerja la. Penat jugak aku usha freelance works yang aku boleh buat, tapi mostly freelance work memerlukan certain strong skills which I  definitely and clearly did not possess. Hmm. 

Okaylah, malas lah nak tulis banyak lagi. Nanti habis bocor semua rahsia hidup aku. Chaw


Wednesday 7 August 2019

Monday 5 August 2019

The K2

August 05, 2019 3 Comments
Assalamualaikum, today's review is from 2016 drama. It's old but why not. Especially when there's Ji Chang Wook, aite ? 
not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : The K2 / Deo Keitu 
Episodes : 16
Genre : Thriller, Drama
Network : tvN
Cast : Ji Chang Wook, Im Yoona, Song Yoona
Plot :

Kim Jeha is a former soldier and currently on the run. He was hired to become a bodyguard by Choi Yoo Jin, a wife of a presidential candidate, Jang Se Joon. Jeha agreed to become the bodyguard as he had a plan to kill the person who killed his fiancee. He was assigned to guard the secret house. Go Anna is a secret daughter of Jang Se Joon and Uhm Hye Rin, a movie star that committed suicide. She is also a recluse as she had develop a sociophobia during her mother death known to the world when she is a kid.

I know this is an old drama but I only had the chance to watch it recently. And here we go !


First of all, the camera work are on the top. Especially during the action scenes. The most unforgettable one was the one inside the garage. The camera went 360 degree to capture the moment Jeha kicked his enemy. I was very impressed because it was a rare sight for a drama to do such thing. A big applause.

Second of all, I hate Jang Se Joon. He played all victim but he is actually the most poisonous character. At least in my view. He used an innocent girl, Choi Yoo Jin to help him to become the president of the country. He cheated on her and never once be nice to her. Even though Choi Yoo Jin is as bad but she actually love to have Anna as her own daughter. Again, in my view. 

The plot of this drama is actually very simple and easy to understand. It is all about power and revenge. What makes it complicated was the enemy that came from all sides. Nevertheless, I enjoy the plot so much. The happy ending of the drama were not my actually happy ending as Choi Yoo Jin died. I was actually hope that she and Anna reconcile and start again.

This drama had a good balance of humor, romance, action, sadness and crisis. Everything is very good and I had no complain whatsoever. I definitely enjoyed my time watching every single episode. And to end this, here is good quotes from the drama,

"But this thing called greed, it didn't come with brakes." - Jang Se Joon

"Bullet are not the only thing that can kill a person, you know." - Choi Yoo Jin
So, here is my stop.


Saturday 3 August 2019

He Is Psychometric

August 03, 2019 6 Comments
Assalamualaikum, heyya. This drama was released on the first half of this year and I am aware that one of my favorite / bias, as in, Jin Young played the main role of this drama. But, I initially did not want to watch it as I think it might be similar as 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon'. I gotta thanks all the reviews on Twitter because this drama was not even close of SWDBS. Hee, so here is the review ~

not mine; credited to the rightful owner
Title : He Is Psychometric / That Psychometric Guy /  사이코매트리 그녀석
Episodes : 16 episodes
Genre : Mystery, Fantasy, Crime
Network : tvN
Cast : Jin Young, Shin Ye Eun, Kim Kwon, Kim Dasom
Plot :

Lee An is a survivor from Yeonsang Apartment Fire Incident that took his parents lives. He was saved by Kang Seong Mo, a teenager boy living at the same apartment block. Due to the incident, An develop a psychometric ability whereby whenever he touches someone or something directly, he will be able to read the person or object's memory. Using his ability, An wanted to take down the evil people with the help from Kang Seong Mo and Eun Ji Soo. An met Yoon Jae In, a smart girl that lives in shadow during high school. After two years, they met again and started to solve the mystery behind Yeonsang Apartment fire incident.


First off, Jin Young did a great job playing the character although there are some scenes that he looked a bit awkward but it's fine. He able to portray every emotions involved very well and make it a successful start for him.

I actually did not expect the plot to be complicated as I thought this drama will be a simple and fluffy type but I was wrong. There is a darker side of story in this drama that caught me off guard. The four main characters are related to each other in the bad way. 

I personally love the way the story from the past were told. Right the moment before the fire incident happened, the people involved and how deep their involvement in the incident. The story behind the incident were slowly came into the light. I hated how they make me hoping that it was not Kang Seong Mo who set the fire and crushed the hope clean. The twist are seriously unexpected. 

Good point is, at the end of the story, not everyone had the happiness even though the bad was catch. An was still struggling to pass the police examination (?)  with the help of Jae In. Kang Seong Mo accepted his punishment and Eun Ji Soo are dead.

This drama was labelled as fantasy because of An ability. Honestly, I think there are people who had that kind of ability. I believe that it was not impossible. And through this drama, I learnt that there are more of people out there that I had yet to explore. Someone like An, someone like Seong Mo. This drama is definitely a great drama to watch.


Friday 2 August 2019