Monday 29 July 2019

Bad Genius

July 29, 2019 7 Comments
Assalamualaikum, heyya. So, today's review is not from South Korea which I always did. It is Thailand. I am well aware that some, maybe most or all of you had already watched this movie but still, I wanted to do the review.

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Bad Genius / Chalard Games Goeng 
Runtime : 130 minutes
Genre : Crime, Thriller
Country : Thailand
Distributor : GDH 559
Released year : 2017
Cast : Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, Non Chanon Santinatornkul
Plot :

Lynn is a mathematics prodigy and also a scholarship student in a prestigious school. She make money by helping her friends cheat in examination. She then receives another task that brought her to Sydney, Australia with Bank, another scholarship student. Both of them need to answer the international STIC examination and give the answer back to her friends in Thailand before the exam took place. This task involves millions-Bath and a large number of clients.

I'm always late for movies, this is two years-old movie and cause a blow up here in Malaysia (probably in another country too) but I'm just watching it for the first time. Heh.


I finally understand why this movie blow up. It is indeed a very good, great and excellent movie. I am loving the plot that made me anxious all time. The writer is definitely a cheater (no offense intended) and a genius. If I am one of the person who cheat in the exam, nah, I won't success. I mean, I barely can see what my teacher wrote on the whiteboard even though I'm at the front line. 

I love the balance of Bank and Lynn. Both of them are scholarship students. While Lynn being a bad example of a student by giving answer to her friends and let them cheat, Bank couldn't stand injustice and reported his own friend to the headmistress. However, when he attempt to get Lynn on his plan to cheat on GAT exam, Lynn refused as she had realized her mistakes and set things straight by reporting the STIC scandal to the board. 

I personally loves the moment when Lynn had to answer and remember all the answer to the exam, alone as Bank was caught. The whole scene gave me an extraordinary tension and anxious. I was on edge all the time ! There is not even a moment that got me bored, which is a good thing. I am glad that this movie is not like some typical high school movie. It is worth watching.

The actors definitely played their roles very well. Especially Lynn, she had this 'resting-bitch' face at the beginning. And seeing her nervous and on edge during the STIC exam was worth it. She had the worse moment in her life by agreeing to the task. She had her view changed after that. As for Bank, even though he was caught for cheating in the exam, his view was changed as he said, "even if we were caught, we won't be put in the jail.". I think that it was really daring and brave. He is willing to take another risk. I am quite disappointed in his new behavior. 

To wrap it all, this movie is definitely one of the best movie that I had ever watch. It is unusual for me to watch a thriller movie from Thailand as I prefer rom-com if it were Thailand. But this movie definitely had me change my mind. It is great !


Saturday 27 July 2019

The Chronicles Of Evil

July 27, 2019 3 Comments

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Title : The Chronicles of Evil / Akui Yeondaegi / 악의연대기
Runtime : 102 minutes
Genre : Thriller, Mystery
Released year : 2015
Country : South Korea
Distributor : CJ Entertainment
Cast : Son Hyun Joo, Ma Deong Seok, Park Seo Joon, Daniel Choi
Plot :

Chief Detective Choi is set for a promotion. He went on drinks with his team to celebrate, on his way home, the taxi driver brought  him to a desolated place and a crime occurs. He accidentally killed the taxi driver. He decided to cover up the his crime because of his promotion.
When he woke up the next day, the news showed that the person he killed were found hanging on a crane at a construction site. The case then was assigned to Detective Choi.


First of all, I never ever thought that the plot would be so twisted. The movie started when Detective Choi was a rookie, he was forced to cover a case of a group murder. The first thing that came into my mind was, the child of the accused was going for a revenge. However, that thought slowly fade away as the story continues. The first person I suspected to be that child was Detective Cha, a maknae of the team. But seeing how passionate he is on his work, I get rid of that thought. Little that I don't know was he is the mastermind.

I had a hard time figuring who is the mastermind as they keep the flow of the plan very very detailed. The moment when Daniel Choi came into the picture, everything was just messed up. He played a character of an ex-actor and also a drug-addict. Even thought he had a minor role, his character are important. Towards the end, I still believe that he is the son of the person the accused years back. However, he is just a close friend of that son. He is the one who with Detective Cha from day one.

The most mind-blown secret of this movie was, the murderer of the cover up case. The one who killed the customers at the bar was Detective Cha himself, when he was little. He witnessed his father got beaten by the customers. He then change the alcohol to dangerous chemicals he found in the kitchen. Despite his confession towards the Detective Choi, his father still got the blamed and eventually executed.

I think nobody would thought that Detective Cha is the  mastermind. His character does not show any resentment or any sort of hatred towards Detective Choi. In my view, he thought Detective Choi as his role model, or mentor. He also figured out that Detective Choi were the one who killed the taxi driver and shut his mouth. He even had a closed relationship with Detective Choi's son. Never once it crossed my mind that he had everything prepared.

The last scene definitely gave an impact on me. Detective Cha finally confront Detective Choi, he asked him either he wanted to arrest him or let him lose. As Detective Choi had attached and remorse, he planned to shut his mouth even though he once said that he will arrest him. Detective Cha then killed himself in front of Detective Choi and Choi was arrested in front of his son. The plot seems simple at first but I was wrong. I definitely love every single twist and curves of this movie.

This movie was released on 2015 and filmed on 2014. However, the camera quality make this movie looked like it's from older year. Aside from that, I completely enjoyed the movie !


Thursday 25 July 2019

Adios, por ahora

July 25, 2019 10 Comments
Assalamualaikum everyone ! This entry is actually a long overdue. In initial planning, aku nak post entry ni one week after final paper. Tapi time tu sibuk preparation raya, so taklah menyempat nak menaip. Lepas tu, rancang nak post at the end of June. Haha. Being a procrastinate-follower, sampailah ke harini baru settle typing, review and post. Yeah, long journey.

edited with
This will be a very very very very long entry that will get you wear out while reading. Those who stay till the end, thank you, love you. Hiks. Now, I had unofficially finished my diploma (yeayyyyyyyyy, all of the sufferings are over !, I will share every memorable things that happen to me during those two years in diploma. All good and bad memories will be keep safe inside the box of my mind. Tehee.

So, let's start,

First person yang aku berkenalan of course lah roommate. Aku tersangat bersyukur bila dapat tahu bilik asrama will only be shared with two people. Bahagianya rasaa ~ Once family aku balik, mulalah sesi mengemas barang whatsoever pun bermula. Dalam masa sama, roommate aku punya family still ada dalam bilik tu, so aku nak bersuara pun segan. Dah la aku ni pemalu tahap gaban. So, sepanjang masa aku senyap, melainkan dorang tanya. Boleh kata aku just kenal nama dia and course dia je. Oh, one more thing, dia orang Sarawak. Waktu family dia dah balik, dia dok kemas-kemas barang tiba-tiba dia nangis, dia cakap dia tak biasa jauh dengan family. Lol. Aku dah la tak reti nak pujuk orang. Sorry mate, aku biar je dia nangis.

The first semester begun. Masa ni, mostly subject is core university. So, kami (semua kos diploma fakulti) dihimpunkan dalam satu dewan kuliah yang sama. Aku, memang tak kenal sesiapa pun dalam kos aku, walaupun pernah buat meeting few times. Aku ni ada masalah betul la nak ingat muka orang, lagi-lagi dalam keadaan yang ramai and aku tak banyak cakap dengan orang-orang tu. The first person that ever approach me in class was, Nazirah. And Alhamdulillah sampai sekarang rapat dengan dia. Kalau nak diikutkan, aku ada classmates yang satu rumah, dua orang at that. Tapi tulah, aku tak rapat sangat dengan budak rumah. So, nak rapat dengan diorang pun susah. Imagine how awkward is that bila waktu kelas, keluar rumah at the same time tapi tak gi sekali because we belong to different group of friend. Ha ha.

Back to Naz, macam mana aku kenal dia ? Well, dia WhatsApp aku, minta tolong bayarkan duit buku (masatu weekend, dia balik rumah) untuk dia. Kenapa dia mintak tolong aku ? Dia kata sebab dia kenal aku. Dari mana ? Masa minggu orientasi. Aku dengan dia terpilih to attend majlis iftar dengan TNC tak salah. Kitorang semeja. Sayangnya, dia je ingat aku, aku tak ingat sorang pun yang semeja dengan aku. Lol. Anyway, aku bersyukur dia mintak tolong aku, kalau tak sampai kesudah kot aku tak cari member.

I remembered how I came to know Mei Yee, a Sabahan girl. Aku ingat dia waktu nak daftar masuk, haha. Nazirah yang semeja tak ingat tapi dia yang beratur belakang aku waktu daftar boleh pulak aku ingat. Actually, Mei Yee ni Chinese Muslim. Sebab aku terdengar kerani yang daftar kan kitorang tu sebut nama dia, lepas tu selamba katak dia tanya Mei Yee, "Kenapa awak pakai tudung". Lol. Aku rasa nak gelak time tu  tapi tak boleh sebab aku tengah cuak, nama takde dalam sistem.  Lagi satu, lepas perjumpaan dengan KPP, dia je yang semangat nak mampus nak jadi assistant class rep. Sebabkan dia menonjol, aku ingat la nama and muka dia.

Next, Adilah. Dia ni orang yang sentiasa dengan Miza(Mei Yee). Masa aku mula-mula tengok diorang punya rapat, aku ingat diorang satu sekolah. Serious. Sampailah satu hari yang aku tak ingat bila, tapi masa ni aku dengan naz dah rapat dengan depa dua ni, one of them kata yang dorang ni serumah je. Haha. Rasa nak ketuk kepala sebab assume semua orang tak peramah macam aku.

Then, waktu iftar senior junior serta penasihat kos, aku berjaya kenal Atina and Aiman. Aiman aku kenal sebab dia makan setalam dengan aku. Lepastu, dia aktif tanya senior yang dengan kitorang pasal U. Aku je dok melongo dengar depa borak. As for Atina pulak, rasanya waktu tu baru nak tengok list name who with who (kotlah). Dia tegur aku, tanya which one number aku dalam group sebab dia nak save (rasanyalah). Kebetulan masa tu aku punya status, 'Happy Anniversary BTS' or something like that. Dia terus tanya, "Oh kau minat BTS ke". Lol first orang tanya aku minat BTS ke sebab status. Selalunya orang akan ignore je takpun, "Eh, aku pun minat BTS gak".

Masa first semester, aku rasa aku takde masalah sangat pun. Sebab, memang takde masalah. Group assignment pun okey. Pointer pun cantik lagi (sadly not four flat, but its okay, tak mengharap pun). Member rapat pun adalah empat orang. Nak gi kelas pun takde masalah. Senang cerita, first semester is a great semester.

Starting from this semester, aku mula kenal classmates, dua tiga orang. Classes tak lagi dikumpulkan dalam satu kuliah besar tapi hanya kami satu kos. And kalau gabung pun dua kos. Tapi, semester nilah lecturer aku sorang tu pergi haji. Memandangkan subject tu subject fakulti, maka berkumpullah kami satu fakulti dalam satu dewan kuliah itu kembali. Secara jujurnya, masa subject ni aku teramatlah tak tumpukan perhatian. Kalau masa first sem, hujung-hujung kelas je start hilang fokus. Tapi subject berjaya buatkan aku hilang fokus dari mula. And mungkin fokus sikit masa tengah-tengah, tupun lepas lecturer point out to certain person untuk tanya soalan. Luckily, aku tak pernah terpilih. Syukuuur.

Start semester dualah kami berlima, aku, naz, meiyee, adila and atina start rapat. And every group assignment yang memerlukan lima or more orang ahli yang bebas dibentuk, muka-muka nila yang aku akan hadap. Dengan dorang la aku melepak, keluar makan, spent time sama-sama.

I actually did not plan to tear all the messages from the card but I had to as I need to keep them nice and sweet.
These people la yang buatkan kad besar-besar for my birthday, for which I really appreciate even tho aku tak berapa suka dengan birthday celebration. Orang punya birthday aku okay but not mine. I am glad to have them in my life.

My result for the second semester are not as great as the first. Mungkin masa ni baru mula nak kenal dengan subject-subject yang relate dengan kos. And this semester is the first time aku kenal what is accounting. Dulu, masa dapat tawaran for matriculation, aku tak terima sebab I wanted to go for accounting, and aku dapat science stream and bila aku tanya orang, mostly semua kata boleh tukar tapi low chance. Masa mula-mula masuk diploma dulu pun ada hati jugak nak tukar ke kos accounting tapi tak jadi sebab malas nak deal dengan paper work.  And I'm actually glad. Sebab aku dah terbiasa dengan science (which term for one thing is only that term). Sangat berbeza dengan accounting yang guna several different term for one thing. I remember going to Ain's room yang boleh tahan jauh jugak la daripada bilik aku untuk fahamkan cara buat journal account, debit, credit, paling aku tak suka masa belajar nak buat income statement.

Things happened. Aku sendiri tak tahu sebelah mana yang betul, sebelah mana yang salah. Mungkin kami, mungkin dia. Masa tu memang most of us menuding jari. Well, masa ni daripada lima it's slowly becoming four. Sekejap lima, sekejap empat. Secara jujur, aku kalau dah berkawan rapat aku susah sangat nak nampak perubahan someone. And again, I'm not that observant to begin with. So, bila one of the five suarakan their thoughts, masa tulah aku baru tersedar. How fool.

Aku try to be as natural as I could, tapi bila kau dah biasa spent time on one side, lama-lama kau pun akan terikut jugak. Aku bukan nak salahkan sesiapa sebab aku sendiri tak tahu and kalau aku tahu pun aku tak yakin puncanya apa. As that one girl slowly drifting away from us, another one came.

Jujurnya, aku taklah mesra mana dengan classmates, setakat tahu nama and kenal gitu-gitu je. Cuna. One cute girl, hardcore fan of Seventeen. Dia mulanya rapat dengan Atina, because of Seventeen and bilik dorang pun lebih kurang dekat jugak la. Aku ingat lagi masa dia mula-mula rapat dengan geng kitorang, Meiyee tak suka dia. Ayat paling best dia pernah cakap dekat aku,

"Sibuk je dia ni"

Lol. Typical mijot. Bila dah makin rapat, dia jugak yang suka sakat si Cuna ni. Sampai stress budak tu. Seingat aku, masa sem 3 aku tak rapat sangat pun dengan Cuna, mungkin masa hujung-hujung sem kot baru boleh mesra dengan dia. Aku pun tak berapa ingat.

Honestly, the third semester is the toughest semester for me. Masa ni, I am chosen to be part of the management team for the Taekwon-do tournament peringkat negeri. And, I am the youngest on the team. Aku tak perasan pun yang nama aku terpilih untuk jadi AJK sampailah S/U persatuan bagitahu. Rasa nak nangis weh. Dahla aku dapat jawatan yang bukan dalam kemahiran aku. AJK publisiti. Lagilah perasaan nak lari tu kuat.

Paling pressured waktu before midsem break. Masa ni memang banyak sangat, mostly semua subject nak buat test. Lepas tu, draft for banner untuk tournament kena siapkan, memang sleepless. Jujur, aku rasa aku tak pernah nak stay up sangat lama untuk something. And third sem gave me that experience. And bila the final draft dah settle, dah bagi dekat manufacturer untuk buat banner, dah ambil banner and dah gantung, tiba-tiba esoknya pengarah program merangkap assistant instructor Taekwon-do, pm aku. Tak salah aku dekat 50 messages daripada dia sorang. Kenapa dia pm aku ? Sebab dia tak puas hati dengan banner yang aku buat. Lepas dia pm aku, aku nangis. Stress sangat. Ya, draft banner aku pernah sekali je bagi dekat dia. Lepas tu aku just bagi dekat instructor aku je sebab dia je yang rajin tanya. memandangkan pengarah jarang dapat jumpa aku, aku assume dia minta tolong instructor aku tengokkan design yang aku buat. Miscommunication happened.

Tahu tak bila kita bekerja dengan orang-orang yang jauh lebih tua dan berpengalaman, approach diorang berbeza dengan kita. Pengalaman kena marah ni buat aku rasa macam taknak tunjuk muka lagi dah. Design banner yang final punya memang aku ikut kehendak instructor aku, bukan pengarah. Susah sangat bila ada dua hati yang nak kena jaga. Last-last aku jugak yang salah langkah.

Masa dekat nak tournament, exactly one week before, aku kenal chicken pox. Annoyingnya ya Allah. Masa tu dah cuak tak reti macam mana nak bagitahu sir yang aku takleh nak join tournament. Paling sedih kena tarik diri daripada team pattern. Padahal time tu memang dah start buat choreography semua. And sebabkan chicken pox, semua team sir terpaksa rombak. Haih. Nak balik rumah time tu rasa bersalah gila tau sebab aku kena siapkan buku aturcara majlis. Lagilah masalah sebab aku tak reti. Last-last aku design kan se-simple yang boleh dengan aku punya limited photoshop knowledge. Malam before tournament jugak baru siap. Pukul 3 pagi baru balik asrama. The consequence is aku lewat bangun. Dekat 8.30 baru bangun. terkocoh-kocoh la aku mandi semua nak gi sana. Nasib baik sempat sampai before tournament start. Malunya woi. Malam tu balik lambat lagi, pukul 12 lebih jugak rasanya. Nasib baik esoknya kelas pagi start pukul 11 camtu. Kalau tak memang goodbye jela kelas.

Pernah sekali, aku terlepas test ! Midterm test that account for 20 per cent. Menangis weh bila lecturer tu tak bagi aku ambil test kemudian. Ni memang once in a lifetime experience. Taubat, taknak buat lagi dah. Aku mengaku memang salah aku pun sebab aku tertidur. Test tu patutnya start pukul 2.30 petang dekat blok akademik yang jauhnya 15-20 mins away daripada bilik aku. Balik daripada kelas pagi tu, lepas makan aku balik bilik sebab nak rehat, sakit kepala yang amat masa tu so, aku tidur la. Sedar-sedar dah dekat pukul 2.30. Tu pun sedar sebab kawan aku call. Cuak gila weh. Dah la aku tak solat lagi.

Aku pun siap pakai tudung semua pastu terus gi blok akademik. Aku tinjau dalam kelas, tengok dorang dah start jawab. Sebab aku cuak sangat, aku tak masuk pun, lagipun lecturer tu ada pesan dia taknak sesiapa pun lambat. Kalau classmates aku je dalam tu aku okay kot. Tapi ni gabung dengan kelas lain. Lagilah aku taknak masuk. Last-last aku gi library, solat. Lepas aku keluar daripada lib, aku ternampak ramai classmates dah keluar. Test dah habis. Last-last aku lepak dekat meja batu bawah pokok depan blok asrama, tunggu budak tiga orang tu. Diorang cuak gak aku tak jawab. Termenangis gakla depan dorang time tu. Hilang macho aku. Hmm

Result sem ni naik la 0.01 pointer untuk CGPA. Hahaha. Syukur la subject yang tak ambil midterm tu dapat B. Tapi malu gak la sebab lecturer share result midterm letak nama jugak. Aku punya je yang kosong per cent dekat bahagian mid test. Nasib takde yang tegur. Hahaha

Forth semester came. Okay, masa sem break sebelum masuk semester empat, aku tersangat anxious sebab asrama. I mean, we had to either move out ataupun mohon asrama sebab this semester new  batch for diploma akan register and in need for the asramas. Barang-barang aku dapat letak dekat stor, syukurla.

Dahla cuti sem tu kejap, dahla time tu raya. Ikutkan pihak kolej kediaman, we're suppose to be back at the third raya untuk dapatkan kunci bilik and register for asrama (that week suppose to be the first week of lecture). Tapi, aku memang rebel la, sapa je nak balik third raya and knowing lecturers, first week tu mostly self and course introduction je, belum masuk silibus lagi so buat apa balik. Seminggu la aku cuti raya.

Nasib baik still boleh register asrama. Muehehe. So, dapat kunci segala bagai, aku terus kemas bilik sesikit and pergi mandi, pukul 10 ada kelas meh. Balik kelas migrain teruk, aku pun tidur. Sedar-sedar dah nak pukul 5. Aku solat, lepastu pegi stor, nak claim barang. Tapi stor tutup. Aku cuak dah, nak pergi pejabat, konfem tutup dah. Esoknya, bila buat report dekat pejabat depa kata, "Kan dah announce suruh ambil barang petang semalam sebab stor tu kita takleh bukak suka-suka. Kena ikut pegawai yang pegang kunci. Awak tinggalkan number phone dengan nama eh."

Aku serious geram gila dengan that kerani. Kenapa ? Ye, announcement dah buat, tapi dia tahu tak announcement tu hanya boleh didengari oleh penduduk asrama blok baru, bukan blok lama ? Blok lama tu speaker pun takde macam mana aku nak dengar. Memang hari-hari aku pergi buat lawatan dekat pejabat kolej. Nasib baik la aku bawak baju kurung sehelai and few proper clothing for kuliah. Kalau tak memang baju Naz la yang aku pinjam. Seminggu aku gi kuliah pakai baju ulang-ulang. Toiletries nasib baik memang dah habis and aku beli baru, kalau tak kena la pinjam roommate punya. Haru betul.

Cerita pasal roommate, aku ada roommate just for one week. Haha. Akak tu nak duduk rumah sewa with her friends tapi stay seminggu dekat asrama. So, for the rest of the semester, aku takde roommate. Bahagia habisssss ! Meja study dua-dua aku guna dalam bilik tu. Pernah sekali blackout, alhamdulillah la, aku takde perasaan time tu sebab esoknya aku dapat tahu blok tu ada student kena histeria. Aku pun tak sure macam mana aku boleh tak perasan langsung. Ke sebab aku tidur awal malam tu ? Entahhhh

As for studies. This semester is the semester yang aku banyak ponteng kelas. Bukan sengaja, tapi terpaksa. Alasan ? Mungkin ? Banyak-banyak pun either sebab aku cramps ataupun attend muet takpun sebab aku nak siapkan video english. And most of class yang aku terponteng ni kelas bahasa asing and class missya. Sorry laoshi. Sem empat ni memang la pendek, tapi nak kejar, siapkan assignment memang sakit kepala.

bookmark from Fu Laoshi ^^

Paling tak best buat video english. I mean, the lecturer had a quite foul mouth and somehow rude. Tapi, biar lantak la dia. Dah lepas dah pun. Aku pulak baik sangat pergi volunteer nak edit video, haha, padanla muka sebab baik sangat kan. Dua malam aku stay up nak siapkan video. Lagi-lagi nak fit kan dengan masa semua group members yang semua ada life and own responsibility, we ended up shooting the videos very very last minute. Around seminggu sebelum video submission baru start shoot. Kerja gila. Rasanya aku edit tu dalam masa around 3-4 days je kot, kualiti pun K.O. Nasib baikla takde roommate, senang sikit aku nak stay up. Kalau tak, rasanya aku buat keje kat surau kot. Hari last yang aku stay up siapkan video, esoknya aku ada test. Haha, redo dah time tu. Nasib baik la terjaga waktu subuh. Kalau tak, memang bye-bye jelah semuanya.

Last class for Mandarin, ada group presentation in which, aku miss sebab cramp teruk. Hahahahhahahaha. Tolak lagi carrymark. Hahahahahahah. Aku memang awal-awal dah WhatsApp miss walaupun aku tahu dia tak tengok sangat attendance. Group member sorang pun aku tak bagitahu, kesian dorang. Nasib baik next class pukul 2. Time tu la kena attack dengan group members sebab dua ahli takde. Lol. Atina being atina. And even tho tak join presentation, miss still bagi bookmark (good-bye gift ke hadiah presentation tah) hewhew.

Result ? Slightly better from previous semester. Alhamdulillah Mandarin aku B, walaupun banyak kali skip class and sampai sekarang faham few words je. Hahaha. That B didn't really suit the outcome.

Moving out of the dorm is a real pain. Actually, masa sem break sebelum start sem lima, aku plan nak balik seminggu lewat, sebab tak tahu lagi either duduk asrama or rumah sewa. And then, lebih kurang seminggu before lecture week start, Cuna wwasap, kata dia jumpa bilik sewa yang dekat dengan U. The catch is, dia nak lagi sorang je untuk penuhkan bilik, tapi yang takde rumah sewa lagi, aku dengan Naz. Lepas bincang dengan Naz, dia suruh aku yang masuk sebab aku jauh banding dengan dia. So, aku pun okay kan jelah.

And, kehidupan di rumah sewa pun bermula. Take time jugakla nak adapt dengan keadaan dekat rumah tu. Lagi-lagi dengan housemate yang suka nak cari pasal. Haih. Dahlah kitorang satu bilik ni memang paling muda dalam rumah tu, habis semua pendapat kitorang dorang tolak tepi. Bila ada masalah selalu nak indirectly letak salah tu dekat kitorang. Sabar jelah perangai macam ni. Lantak kau lah manusia.

Tugas bilik, secara tak rasminya terbahagi. Aku, yakin dan pasti dan semestinya bukan pegang tanggungjawab sebagai tukang masak. Like, no. Setakat tolong sikit sikit tu boleh la. Kau suruh aku masak, hm, memang tak makan la gamaknya.

Actually bila tengok expenses masa duduk asrama dengan duduk luar ni lebih kurang je. Cumanya, bila duduk luar, perasaan takde duit tu selalu menjelma sebab hujung bulan kena bayar bil, awal bulan bayar sewa. Belum kira nak pergi balik kelas, makan minum lagi. And aku bersyukur jugakla roommates bukan jenis kaki jalan. Kalau tak, patah pinggang rasanya.

As for studi, result sem ni paling best. Dekan for overall and semester. Paling tinggi antara semua sem. Bersyukur sangat-sangat sebab suasana study dekat rumah sewa ni lebih sikit. Maybe sebab dua orang roommates tu memang kaki study jugak la, boleh tahan. Pasal drama lain-lain tu hm, dah tak berapa ingat. Lagipun, benda buruk buat apa ingat, kan. Hehe.

Sem break untuk naik sem enam seminggu je. So, aku decide untuk tak balik. Apa yang aku buat sepanjang seminggu dekat rumah sewa tu pun aku tak sure. Aku pulak memang jenis tak berapa nak homesick so memang tak homesick pun lah.

The last and the final semester. Excited, like siapa je yang tak excited to end one journey ? Definitely not me. Nervous, and a little teeny tiny bit scared. Disebabkan result last sem sangat penting, aku tersangat nervous. Lagi-lagi bila dah kenal dengan lecturer yang akan in charge untuk subjects final semester. 

Untuk aku, semester ni the toughest after the third semester. Memang dera mental habis. One of lecturer yang mengajar core subject pulak suka buat presentation. Individual. On current issues of economics, intrade policies or related subject. Penat tahu cari article every week untuk dia punya task. Like, issues semua tu bukannya jadi and resolve within that one week. It takes months even years. Tapi, manfaat jugak la untuk those yang minat dengan issue-issue berbangkit tu. Especially with the Huawei and Apple issue, palm oil and Europe, Brexit, memang every week ada je yang mention pasal issues ni.

Paling tak boleh lupa, presentation group aku kena ulang. Like, dalam 9-10 groups yang ada, group aku je yang memang kena condemn habis dengan lecturer. And terpaksa ulang. Katanya, kitorang dah salah from start. Yang aku tak puas hatinya, presentation kitorang ni based on report yang kitorang submit almost every week. Tapi takde feedback. And because there was no feedback on those reports, kitorang assumes yang everything is good to go. Tapi bila dah present, kena condemn, lecturer kata salah from the start, kau rasa function ke submit report semua tu ? I mean, kalau ada feedback that kind of things memang takkan jadilah. Paling tak best lecturer perempuan sebab well, perempuan kan ikut mood. Not all, but most. Aku pun mengaku aku macam tu jugak.

And lastly, random group representative to present the group. Weh, ni paling tak best. It was like, your whole group members fate were like on your hand. Aku actually rasa bersalah jugak masa ni. Sebabnya, waktu lecturer suruh pilih subject matter tu, group members aku yang ada 2-3 orang je out of five. And class rep inform kitorang after class yang lecturer tu mintak subject matter tu one week after, and tiba-tiba esoknya dia mintak subject matter. Ha ha ha. 

Aku dah lah sejenis manusia malas bukak phone. Gelabah gila time tu. Aku terus wasap groupmates yang lecturer mintak related matters for the presentation. Memang gigil la. Sebab time aku send dekat class rep tu, aku dah overdue. Ha ha ha. And waktu presentation, aku mengharapkan bukan aku, tapi malangnya lecturer tu suka kot tengok nama aku. Ha ha ha. Nervous kot. Notes yang aku pegang tu pun tak function sebab aku tak mampu nak angkat tangan tengok notes. Habis baik la aku yang compile, at least aku faham la jugak parts yang bukan aku buat.

Paling best masa sem last ni is dapat spend time dengan my kuntum semua dekat hotel. Mula-mula tu semua macam taknak pun book bilik sebab yelah, we all student yang sangat broke.Tapi lepas timbang balik susah senang nak pergi dinner and balik semua, better kitorang book bilik, and so we did. 

Bila dah dekat-dekat nak final tu, rasa seronok sangat sebab dah nak habis. But at the same time, sedih jugak sebab nak pisah dengan kawan-kawan. Yang dekat-dekat ni insyaAllah ada rezeki boleh la nak lepak sama. Miza jelah yang jauh. Haih. Tak sabar pulak nak jumpa time konvo nanti. ^^

Result untuk last sem ni tak macam yang aku harap. Aku rasa last sem ni lah sem yang aku paling struggle study. Tapi bila dapat result, rasa kecewa sangat. Menangis jugakla seharian. Pastu move on lah. Dah tu yang Allah nak bagi, syukur ajelah.

This shot was taken when we went to pantai to shoot video for english assignment

To wrap it all, I had a very wonderful and great memories from these two years. Every single person that ever came across me during these two years, I had learnt a lot from them. Thank you for being the most hilarious, chaotic and passionate classmates that I ever had. Thank you for those who had worked in the same group as me, thanks for your commitment. To seniors and friends in the Taekwondo club, thank you for always guiding and help me. And to my kuntum, thank you for bearing my socially awkward self. I love you all. Oh, for all my lecturers, thank you for sharing your knowledge, experiences and humor with me. 


p/s : i should separate this into 2 entries but understanding my super lazy self, here we got an extra long one.

p/p/s : i actually plan to insert more and more pictures but i am too lazy to choose and inform the related individual, hence the very few photos.

Monday 22 July 2019

Less Than Evil

July 22, 2019 1 Comments
Assalamualaikum ~ So here is the review of one of the drama that I actually enjoyed very much.
not mine; credited to the rightful owner
Title : Less Than Evil / Bad Detectives / Nabbeun Hyungsa /나쁜형사
Episodes : 32 episodes / 30 minutes per episode
Genre : Crime, Drama
Network : MBC
Cast : Shin Ha Kyung, Lee Seol, Park Ho San, Baro, Kim Gun Woo, Bae Da Bin, Yang Jae Young, Bae Yoo Ram
Note : This drama series is a remake of UK television series, 'Luther' that aired on BBC One in 2010
Plot :

Woo Tae Seok is a detective that devoted his life to catch criminals. He swing between good and bad detective. 13 years ago, Woo Tae Seok was unable to save a witness from becoming a victim of murder. He once again faced the murderer of the victim. While catching Jang Hyung Min (murderer from 13 years ago), he came across a female psychopath, Eun Seon Jae who killed her own parents. However, she was released due to lack of evidence. Eun Seon Jae then help Woo Tae Seok in solving the cases.


Here is another intense and crazy-plot drama. I loved how they disclosed the murderer from the 13 years old case and how Woo Tae Seok determined to catch him. I actually expect him to save Jang Hyung Min when he was about to fall from the high place but when Jang Hyung Min fall and Woo Tae Seok looked satisfied, it was quite shocking. The appearance of Eun Seon Jae as a reporter and also a suspect for murder complete this drama.

The actress definitely portray a well-define psychopath character. Big applause for her as I have never watch a female psychopath in any drama or movie. This is the first. I love how twisted her character is. She seems like to be on Woo Tae Seok side but then she also seems to be against him. She is on her own side even Jang Hyung Min didn't scared her one bit. To learn that she is actually a witness to the murder that Jang Hyung Min commit and someone who Woo Tae Seok failed to protect are even crazier. The moment when she asked Woo Tae Seok to catch the murderer of her parents are crazy. She wanted him to catch herself to see either he will arrest her or let her go, given the relationship they had.

While watching this drama, I constantly had to held myself back from cursing out loud (which happen almost every episode) because of one character. Captain Jeon (the Jeon reminded me of Jeon Jung Kook *facepalm). He is the senior detective in the station. He is the one who responsible for covering Jang Hyung Min from becoming the murder for the case that happened 13 years ago. He is also the one who helped Jang Hyung Min from police when he was hospitalized. This freaking man knew how to get on my nerves every time he spoke.

I personally loved the transition used in this drama. Not a lot of drama nor movie had this great editing to transit one scene to another. It is refreshing to have this new experience. The transition were well made and it so smooth that I couldn't help to praise the editor every time.

I don't remember the last time I had enjoyed such intense drama with a very good soundtrack. I honestly had no idea who is the singer but I really do enjoy their collaboration. I honestly think that this should at least made it into the nominee for the best OST for the year-end award show.

I couldn't find the official video, so here it is.

For the overall, I really enjoy the plot, the characters, the OST and the screenplay. I had no complain about this drama. I think that even if you are not a fan of crime-related drama, you still could enjoy this drama. For that, I am rating this as 9.8/10.


Saturday 20 July 2019

The Ghost Detective

July 20, 2019 0 Comments
Assalamualaikum ! Hi, here is another review of k-dramas. This drama was released last year and I only had the chance to finish it recently.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner
Title : The Ghost Detective / Today's Private Investigator / Eoneului Tamjung
Episodes : 32 episodes (30 minutes per episode)
Genre : Romance, Horror
Network : KBS2
Cast : Daniel Choi, Park Eun Bin, Lee Ji Ah
Plot :

Lee Da Il is a former soldier. He was discharged due to a whistle blower case. He then begun a private inquiry agency with Han Sang Sub. Jung Yeo Wool is an orphan who became a part timer at the inquiry agency. She asked Lee Da Il to find the killer of her younger sister who commit suicide. They believed that the case they took was connected to the 'woman in red' ghost who killed Yeo Wool's younger sister.


I was actually a bit happy that this drama are not so scary like what I thought it would be. The only ghost is the 'woman in red', or Sunwoo Hye and Lee Da Il (sorry to spoil this but he died on the second episode but you should be able to guess, looking at the title). So, there are really low, like minimal amount of ghost popping out of nowhere.

The plot are really great at the beginning towards the climax. I love it when Da Il tried really hard to catch Hye with his limited strength. The scene where it was revealed that Hye is alive and in coma was definitely shocking. I really did not expect her to be in comatose situation, and had an assistance at that. Unlike other dramas or movie, Hye did not possessed the human being and killed them. She had the ability to control people by hypnotize them, she used someone darkest thought and asked them to kill themselves. If it was a fail, she gave them a choice, kill themselves or she would kill someone dear to them. I must say that this is scarier than getting possessed.

I can say that I really had a good time while watching this drama. The combination of the actors and their chemistry are really great. I loved the brotherhood between Da Il and Sang Seob. Even though they only had worked together for two years, it was enough for them to care for one another. And the one who played Hye, are really creepy. Her voice are definitely a perfect fit for the character.

Towards the end of the drama, when Yeol Woo and Da Il caught feeling for each other, honestly, it was my least favorite time. They tried really hard to protect each other from sacrificing themselves. Some may love how sweet they are, but it was not the case for me. If it were once or twice, then I will be fine. However, they really need to mention the same line over and over again to the point that I think the writer lose idea or something.

One thing about Daniel Choi is, he always played roles in drama or movie that I watched but I still had a hard time remembering his name. When I watched the first episode, I actually thought that he is Lee (?) Chang Min of 2AM. They actually had the resemblances and got me fooled until I wrote this review. Ha, busted.

I definitely dislike the ending of this drama. Well, this is a big spoiler so back off while you can. Lee Da Il died with Hye. Both of his body and his spirit. But he came back, like freaking came back ! I personally, hate this. Can they just ended it like how it was suppose to. Sigh. I am trying to open my mind to accept the ending.

Due to the disappointment that I had on the end, I could only rate this as 4/10.


Thursday 18 July 2019

Thoughtless Thursday #018

July 18, 2019 1 Comments
Assalamualaikum ~ How are y'all doing ? I'm getting better day by day with nothing much going on. Oh, I finally passed the first part getting my license *cheers ! And I couldn't wait to finally receive my license and the courage to face a new, thrilling world.

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner(s)
I've been collecting tons and tons of books that I wanted to buy and read. Sadly, my mom had been refusing to give me the permission to buy them :( I hope it won't be long to get her permission. *sigh

So, that's it for this entry. Till then,

p/s : please check out Heartbeat by BTS

Monday 15 July 2019

Door Lock

July 15, 2019 8 Comments

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Door Lock / Doeorak / 도어럭
Runtime : 102 minutes
Genre : Thriller, Horror
Released year : 2018
Country : South Korea
Distributor : Megabox Plus M
Cast : Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Ye Won
Plot :

Kyung Min lives alone in a studio apartment. One day, she realized that someone had broke into her apartment but when she reported the case to the police, they took it lightly. One day, her colleague came to her house to return her purse that was left in his car. Suspecting him to be the one who broke into her house, Kyung Min immediately went to the lobby and called the police. However, when they went back to her apartment, the man was found dead.

I had been waiting for this movie to be released ever since I watched the trailer on YouTube. All I got to say is, it definitely worth my wait. Seriously.


Honestly, I hate watching horror movies but I guess I can put an exception for this movie. From the first scene of this movie, my heart was already ran miles. I was seriously nervous about watching this movie. And guess what, my hands are shaking while typing this. Lol. I was planning to watch this right after I begin my break but the door lock of my room was broken, hence I decided to postpone. Such a coward, I know.

The horror genre of this movie are not the ghost-type of horror. It is human type. A horror with a psychopath and to be honest, this type of horror are scarier than the ghost-type. The one who broke into Kyung Min's apartment are seriously scary. He really does looked nice but who knows that he changed when the night comes. The fact that he, himself knew that he is a psychopath make it scarier. 

The plot are really well plotted and smooth. Even though I had my hands clutching in front of my face with my eyes tried to peak out behind it all the time, I definitely still could grasp on every scene. At first, I was confused to why should he broke into her house in the middle of night and make it like his own. He took a bath in her bathroom, had few of his things in her cabinet, few of his clothes in her closet  (I still didn't know how can she not notice that) and even slept beside her on her bed with his arm around her ! But then it was revealed that he did it all because he loves her. He had feelings for Kyung Min that he is willing to kill. Toxic type of love, if you asked me.

This movie got me scared to have my own house (not that I am planning to buy my own in the near time). I mean, the door lock system in South Korea are improved but he still got the access to her house. If another horror movie will took place in a large, palace-like house, this one only happened in a studio apartment. The smallest size of an apartment. She had no place to hide and will immediately got caught.

The most terrifying scene was the one when Kyung Min found a house in a desolated area with the same passcode as her apartment. I seriously felt like cursing when she, bravely went into the house. Scream typical horror movie. Another one was when Kyung Min was abducted by the psychopath. I still couldn't get his word to Kyung Min out of my head.

What he said was,

"If you want to run away, then do. But, if I was able to catch you, I will cut off both of your arms and legs."
Crazy ? I know. I didn't even realize that I was holding my breath until my mom came into my room. I had to take a break from this movie for a moment before watching the last scene. It was too intense for me.

For all of the thriller lovers, take this shot. I'm out. 9/10 for this movie. I will leave the trailer that make me wait for so long. 



Saturday 13 July 2019


July 13, 2019 0 Comments
Assalamualaikum !! Today is quite a special day because I'm officially started my lesson to take licenses ! Cheers for me ~ I had wrote this in advance last night and scheduled it for today. I hope you guys can enjoy this review !

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Item / Aitem / 아이템
Episodes : 32, 30 minutes per episode
Network : MBC
Genre : Fantasy, Crime, 
Cast : Ju Ji Hoon, Jin Se Yoon, Kim Kang Ho
Plot :

Kang Gon is a prosecutor that full of justice and had a warm heart. He lost his only family on the day he became a prosecutor. After the death of his brother, Kang Gon take care of his niece, Kang Da In. One day, Da In was put into a vegetative state due to an item with supernatural power. Kang Gon then works with a detective profiler to collect items with supernatural power in order to save Da In.

This drama is an adaptation from a webcomic with the same title.


I think this is the first time that I came across a story with crime-related mix with fantasy. Or is it just me ? Even though I am not a big fan of fantasy, I got to say that this drama is well made. All of the CG used in the drama are really looked like a real things. The power of technology.

The plot of the drama is similar to few crime-related drama that I had watched. You know the usual ? The good guys became a bad guy with the power that the real bad guy possessed. However, unlike the usual, similar drama that I had watched, this time I was actually losing hope that Kang Gon would able to win over Jo Se Hwang because of the items that Jo Se Hwang possessed.

One thing that I couldn't make sense up until now was how the items got their own supernatural power. Maybe it was mentioned during the flashback on the day of the fire incident at the Dream World and I am too dense to realize that. I love how they unfold how the individual possessed the items they had. However, I still couldn't understand how Jo Se Hwang figure how to used the album before using it on his own father. 

The cliche things about the plot of the drama is how every cases committed and reported were related to the case of Dream World fire incident. And everything happened were because of Jo Se Hwang. And it ended with him as well. When he planned another big scale cases, Kang Gon and his team were able to stop the incident. Right after that, the item are slowly losing its power and they disappear at the end. 

I really hate when I had to question the ending of this drama. Yes, Kang Gon able to save Da In and Jo Se Hwang was caught. However, the very last scene definitely had me questioning either Kang Gon able to go back to the real world or not. The scene whereby he, Da In and So Young sitting together, singing while watching the sunsets might only be an imagination or dream and it might be a reality. I couldn't differentiate that.

I am wondering whether there will be the second season of Item or not because Jo Se Hwang was found dead, hanging up, in front of his cell. Strange, aite ? Well, one woman came to him in form of the prison guard with a special item. That's why I was wondering will there be another season or not. I am not complaining if there is but I prefer this drama as a stand alone. But who knows.

So, for the conclusion, I am really satisfied with this drama. It got me thinking what if there is this kind of item in this real world, then, what would happen ? Putting that aside, I will rate this drama as 8/10.

Monday 8 July 2019

Reply 1988

July 08, 2019 5 Comments
Assalamualaikum, so last week..or not, I have done the second series of Reply. So, here is the last series of that. If I were to compare between all series, I prefer the first one and the second is my least favorite. So, I hope this review can help you enjoying the drama ~

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner
Title : Reply 1988 / Eungdaphara 1988 / 응답하라1988
Episodes : 20
Network : tvN
Genre : Family, Romance, Drama
Related : Reply 1998, Reply 1994
Cast : Hyeri, Go Kyung Pyo, Ryu Joon Hyul, Lee Dae Hwi, Park Bo Gum
Plot :

The drama started in the year of 1988, where Olympics were held in Seoul. For the 18 years of their life, Duk Soon, Sun Woo, Jung Hwan, Dong Ryung and Taek had live together in one neighborhood and befriend with each other. The family of these five teenagers are also closed with one another. Even thought living in a half-basement house, Duk Soon remain bright and happy. Sun Woo is a model student in his school together with Jung Hwan, whose family became rich overnight. Dong Ryung is a teenager who loved dancing and gave up on his academic even thought his father is a teacher. Lastly, Taek is an international go player. He had given up on school and only had the other four as his friend.

So, this is the last season (as of now) for the Reply 19s seasons.


I personally like this drama better than the last one but still it could not beat the first one. Hehe. As I said, I am not a fan of a spin off. But, here I am. Unlike the other two season which only focused on the family of the main female character, this season had all family of the teenagers involved. I guess that was how the old time was like. Give and take between the neighbors.

And once again I am thankful to the director, producer, writer and basically all of the production team to keep Song Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa in this type of drama. Honestly, they really suit with each other. Their character really kick off well. I think I can enjoy just watching them arguing over and over again. As for Hyeri, I had never watch her acting but I can say that she really suited this kind character.

Just like the last season, this season had many potential husband for Duk Soon. The first one, Sun Woo. I always thought that the first man that the female lead shows interest in is the person who she will ended up with. Because, as far as I remember, the previous season showed so. But then, Sun Woo was actually interested in Duk Soon's older sister. Poor girl. Then, we had Jung Hwan who acted all cold towards her but actually loved her. I honestly thought and hoped  that he would be marrying Duk Seon because I personally liked his character. Who had thought that Taek will be the husband of Duk Soon. Well, it is Park Bo Gum we are talking about. And in my very personal view, I didn't actually enjoy this pair being together. Maybe it because these two lacked heart-fluttering scenes. Maybe.

For me, I liked the plot and how the story carefully arranged and unfolds. However, there are too much things going on. And with that on board, the runtime of one episode almost went to two hours. And for that reason, I once again had to double and triple the speed. 

Unlike the second season, I can say that I had more joy while watching this drama. And for that, I would gladly rate this one as 8.4/10.


Saturday 6 July 2019

RV : Resurrected Victim

July 06, 2019 0 Comments
Assalamualaikum, so, here is another review. I definitely jobless now so for the meantime, this is what I did. Lol.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : RV : Resurrected Victims / Revival / Sacrifice Revival Report / Heesaengboohwalja / 희생부활자
Runtime : 91 minutes
Genre : Mystery, Thriller, Supernatural
Country : South Korea
Distributor : Showbox
Released year : 2017
Cast : Kim Rae Won, Kim Hae Sook, Sung Dong Il
Plot : 

Jin Hong is a prosecutor that wanted to uncover the truth of his mother death. One day, he received a call from his sister, saying that their mother had came back. Jin Hong rushed to home and found out that his mother came back to life. However, his mother tried to attack him. This case were known to the police and a secret agents team. The team believed that Jin Hong's mother are one of the cases of 'Resurrected Victims Phenomenon' whereby the victims of unsolved murders came back to life to punish their killer and disappear. The team leader suspected Jin Hong as the killer of his mother.


Honestly, I had contemplated to watch this movie countless times. Then, one day I decided to go for it. I think this movie worth it even though this is not the kind of movie that I love watching. The concept of dead people coming back to live are quite general but this movie had it on its special way.

I love how the story unfolds and how they played with my emotions. The curiosity, the sadness, and the madness. When it was revealed that Jin Hong's mother were murdered by two people, I started to think that the team leader of special agent were right. But then, I can't figure out why would he killed his own mother then look for the killer. And I definitely did not expect sad scene from this movie. When the reason of Jin Hong's mother death were revealed, damn. It was really sad. Especially when his mother begged to the kid to not kill her son.

The plot twist of this movie are not that shocking as I am expecting for it. Besides, it was hinted along the movie for a few times. I can't really say that it was a strong plot twist, but it is still a twist and just like those good guys in movies and dramas, Jin Hong took responsibility on his action.

Usually, this type of movie would involved a large number of supporting actors and actually had their roles but this movie had fewer of those. The supporting actors are only there to fill in the spaces. I am thankful for that as I can only focused on Jin Hong and his mother and not anyone else. 

I could say that I really enjoy the 91 minutes walk and I definitely recommending this movie to all of the movie lovers, especially to those who love thriller. As for that, I would rate this movie as 7.8/10.


Monday 1 July 2019

Reply 1994

July 01, 2019 2 Comments
Assalamualaikum, how are you guys doing ? I'm still facing up with great effort, I hope all of you can do the same. So, here is one of the drama that I finished watching last month. I hope you can enjoy this ~

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Reply 1994 / Eungdaphara 1994 /
Episodes : 21
Network : tvN
Related : Reply 1998, Reply 1988
Genre : Family, Romance
Cast : Go Ara, Jung Woo, Yoo Yeon Seok, Sung Dong Il, Lee Il Hwa, Baro, Min Do Hee, Kim Sung Kyun, Son Ho Joon
Plot :

The timeplay started on the year of 1994. Sung Dong Il and his family moved to Seoul and opened a boarding house. The house then filled with university students with various major. Sung Na Jeong, the daughter of Sung Dong Il is obsessed with a player in basketball team of her university meanwhile Jo Yoon Jin, one of the tenants is obsessed with Seo Taiji and the Boys.
The boarding house is the place that started the friendship of seven university students and also where the love blooms.


Honestly, I did not plan to watch the second and the third season of this drama because first, it went back to the year that I didn't aware of and second, I hate watching a spin off. But then, my friend had gladly gave me a copy of both dramas so I decided to watch it.

First of all, this one is a bit boring for me. The first episode was definitely a tortured for me. If I am not mistaken, each episode went over one hour and with the slow pace, I had to double (sometimes triple) the speed. Just like the first season, these friends are having a reunion at Na Jeong's house, playing with the audience to guess who is her husband. This is the part that I personally loved. Out of the five men, one of them is the husband of Na Jeong. The answer and their stories will be unfold at the end of the drama. I somehow felt like watching something growing up right in front of me.

I personally love how they did not change Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa to be the parents of the lead female. They both suited the character well and changing them might be a loss. I actually kind of shocked that Go Ara managed to play Na Jeong's character. I viewed Go Ara as an actor that suited passive and soft character. However, this character were the opposite of that. As for the other characters, I am not really familiar with their acting so I will not say much.

Unlike Reply 1998, this drama are predictable. I had no expectation on who is the husband to Na Jeong and I honestly disappointed because I expect some plot twist. I love how the character in Reply 1998 make a cameo on the few last episodes.

I personally love the concept of boarding house. I am not sure either it just the drama or it may be the actual life-style on that era in Korea but I love it. I mean, where can you find a boarding house with a very good house owner ? They even cooked for the tenants for every meal. I need to be in that house, really.

Lately, I am just too lazy to look for quotes (heh, I am lazy to remember and copy it). So, yeah my review will have less and less quotes, sadly. For this drama, I can only rate it as 6/10. I am not really satisfied with the storyline. Only if there's the plot twist, sigh.