Thursday 28 November 2019

Confession of a Murder

November 28, 2019 2 Comments
Assalamualaikum, so here is another review of a movie. And it was quite old one but it had a good reviews so, I had to give it a shot and hopefully, you guys too!

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Confession of a Murder / I am the Murderer / I am a Killer / Naega Salinbeomida / 내가 사린범이다
Runtime : 119 minutes
Genre : Thriller, Action
Country : South Korea
Released year : 2012
Director : Jung Byung Gil
Distributor : Showbox
Cast : Park Shi Ho, Jung Jae Young
Plot :

After the statute of limitation expires on the murders he had committed, Lee Doo Suk published an autobiography book called 'I Am A Killer' describing all of his crime in great detail. The book immediately became a best seller and grab the attention of the detective in charge of the case, Lieutenant Choi. Lieutenant Choi then began to pursue the killer that he missed 15 years ago.

There was a Japanese version of this movie and some review said it was more interesting than this one. But, I am too lazy to check that out (I didn't intended to put more movie on my pending list, maybe some other year)


First off, the timeline of this movie got me confused a few times because the opening scene shown that it was the year of 2005 when Lt. Choi had an encounter with the murderer. Then, it came to the present year, 2007, if I am not mistaken. I got confused of the time because I initially thought that 2005 was the time when the serial murder took place. But I was wrong as it happen during the 1990s something.

When Lee Doo Suk came to the scene and confessing that he was the killer of the unsolved serial murder, I know for sure that he was not the one that killed those woman. Why ? Because the silhouette of the man that disappeared to the dark alley after scaring Lt. Choi and that Lee Doo Suk was definitely different. That man was a bit chubby and he had a slouched shoulder. While Lee Doo Suk had a tall and lean frame. And he definitely did not slouched.

To say that this is a thriller movie, I didn't exactly agree with that. Sure, there was some thrilling moment from time to time but it wasn't much. As for the action scene, there was only two scenes that stuck in my mind; the one whereby the victim families tried to kidnap Lee Doo Suk and the bodyguard team tried to save him (this scene was actually gave me more laughter than tension). And the one when Lt. Choi saved Lee Doo Suk from being held hostage.

The movie intrigued me because I am definitely sure that Lee Doo Suk was not the killer but then how did he knew every details of the murder cases that wasn't reveal to the public. And with that, I kept watching for the answer. And to tell you, it was mind-blowing ! I definitely did not see it coming !

From this movie, I realized one thing. The people can be extremely toxic and somewhat crazy. I mean, who would idolized a person who had killed women ? Those high school students were seriously need to get a grip of their life. I know that it was made up to make the movie more dramatic but it won't came up if it never happen, right ? Maybe not as extreme as murderer but this is the reality of today's. You got the approval of the public if you had the face. Sick.

As for the ending, I am totally satisfied ! No argument. Full stop.


Saturday 23 November 2019

Doctor John

November 23, 2019 6 Comments
Here is the second review of the day ! This drama was released this year and I finally able to catch up my to-watch list. So, now is the time for me to catch up with my to-post list.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner
Title : Doctor John / Doctor Yohan / Doctor's Room / Uisa Yohan / 의사유한
Episodes : 32, 30 minutes per episode
Genre : Medical, Romance
Writer : Yo Kusakabe (novel), Kim Ji Woon
Network : SBS
Casts : Ji Sung, Lee Se Young, Lee Gyu Hyung
Plot : 

Cha Yo Han is a genius anesthesiologist who was imprisoned because he perform an euthanasia on a criminal. Kang Shi Young is a resident of anesthesiology who planned to flee after encountering an incident. She then works at the prison whereby Yo Han was at as a temporary medical officer. She then was provoked by Yo Han. After saving a prisoner, she made up her mind and came back to her post in the former hospital. She then was dispatched to the Pain Management Center and have Yo Han as her leader. They then begun to investigate the cause of their patients' pain.

Alright, I actually had no idea that this drama was based on a Japanese novel until I started writing this review. The sole reason I watched this drama was Ji Sung. His acting was too good for me to ignore.


First, the plot. I personally think the plot was simple and not too complicated. There was not too much of medical terms that I came across except from those that I had already heard of (maybe I should watch less meds drama). What intrigues me more were the reason why Shi Young was trying to flee from the country when she was the top from her class and a good doctor. And also, whether Yo Han actually perform euthanasia or not and if yes, why.  When both reason was answered, the real side of Yo Han made a huge plot twist. I was not expecting that, at all.

In terms of acting, I could see the chemistry between all actors. I personally love the relationship of Lee Yoo Joon and Kang Mi Rae more than Cha Yo Han and Kang Shi Young. The Lee-Kang relationship was not called official until the last episode. They just met by chance and their flirtatious act was kept the bare minimum. They were too cute to ignore ! Next, Kang Shi Young. I had never watch a drama nor a movie with this actress so I am not familiar with her. From my view, I think she did a fair good job on her part but I couldn't help but to feel awkward on some scenes.

No human being can feel others' pain like their own. All they can ever do is try to understand. To understand the person's pain is to understand the person. - Kang Shi Young

There wasn't much heavy case in this drama but they definitely gave the depth of every cases. The case of CIPA and CPRS patient definitely had me.Especially the CIPA one. That boy was finally able to feel pain but then he had to gave it up because it might put him in a more dangerous situation. When he was discharged, he came back in worse state because of bullying and eventually died. Dang, I cried hard when Yo Han was forced to give up on him. The CPRS patient was able to recover when they found out the cause of his pain.

The flow of plot was neither slow nor fast. It was just fine as when things were going too fast there always some elements to slow it back. And vice versa. I guess, the pace was good considering the field of medical. It would be an exaggeration if they put intense scenes on every case. I mean, the level of intensity was not always on the top. Some cases had a lower intensity and that make this drama interesting. 


The Gifted Hands

November 23, 2019 4 Comments
Holla peeps ! Alright, before I finished another drama, I should finished the long overdue entries review. This one is a movie from South Korea and it was very great for me ! 

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : The Gifted Hands / Psychometry / Saikometeuri / 사이코메트리
Runtime : 107 minutes
Genre : Thriller, Supernatural
Country : South Korea
Distributor : CJ Entertainment
Released year : 2013
Writer : Lee Yong Jong, Han Jun Hee
Cast : Kim Bum, Kim Kang Woo
Plot : 

Yang Chun Dong has been working as a detective for three years. He however, didn't had much recognition from his superior. One day, a woman came to report for her missing daughter. While the other detective didn't took her report seriously, Chun Dong believed that the kid was kidnapped. He then begun to investigate the case alone. Later, her corpses was found. Chun Dong then came across a graffiti that depicts the crime. He begun to pursue the one who drew the graffiti. When he finally catch Kim Jun, he learnt that Kim Jun had a special ability to read the memory from anything that he touched. Chun Dong then used the ability of Kim Jun to catch the real killer.

If you guys had ever watched a drama series called, 'He is Psychometric' then this movie might be familiar for you.


I freaking love the plot ! Like very very much ! Why ? Well first off, Yang Chun Dong's character. He is the living proof that not all detective were lucky and well-off. He even had a side job of being a water dispenser seller which then were caught for being fraud or something like that. His spotlight was often stolen by his colleague. At times, it get very frustrating.

When Chun Dong finally trust Kim Jun of not being the criminal, I was very glad. But then he broke his promise of not telling about him to others. Kim Jun was brought to the interrogation room for questioning about his graffiti. It was a sad scene for me because Kim Jun finally opened up to him but things turn the other way. He even went far to the point that he fainted to prove his innocence.

The killer identity was definitely a plot twist. I never thought that man would be the real killer because all of the image that Kim Jun saw, he couldn't just be a vet ! Anyway, he is a psychopath. Like, he killed the kids because apparently, they misbehave. He even went as far as comparing the kids to puppies. Crazy bastard.

The ending however, got me seriously frustrated. Yeah, the criminal was caught and the last kid was saved but Kim Jun left without a word. Both him and Chun Dong went their own ways. This is the only thing that I am frustrated of.

In term of emotions, this movie had me screaming of, 'come on', 'oh no', like so many times. There was also times where I would get sad because of the certain scenes. The suspense definitely were there. The most suspense and thrilling moment was when Kim Jun caught the hand of the killer right before he fall from his apartment (he was on the highest floor) and determined to save him even though he was having nose bleed due to continuous contact. Damn I was actually hoping that he will just let go.

The cinematography was great and definitely the best. The only thing was I was hoping that the lighting would be a little brighter. But then, considering the genre, that kind of lighting might be the best.


Thursday 21 November 2019

Thoughtless Thursday #025

November 21, 2019 8 Comments

too lazy for editing hence the low quality haih.

Assalamualaikum ! Last time aku post this weekly (tolonglah pretend aku update weekly untuk entry ni),  aku cakap pasal nervous nak amik lesen en. And my worst nightmare came. Aku fail. Haih. Tak tahulah cemana boleh fail. Tapi tulah, bak kata cikgu aku, tu bukan hari aku. Hmm, sis redo. Maybe next year baru amik retest.

So, untuk menunggu retest tu, aku actually nak kerja, tapi bulan 12 ni macam tak boleh nak gerak sangat sebab mak nak pergi umrah, so dia suruh aku jaga pokok bunga dia. Haih. Redo jelah. So, untuk mengisi kekosongan (ececeh) yang ada, aku pun decided untuk beli novel. Hah, macam tak ngam kan. Hahaha.

Aku sebenarnya plan untuk purchase novel-novel ni as a congratulation gifts sebab dapat lesen, tapi memandangkan tak dapat, so dia jadi consolation gift jelah. Hmm. Anyways, kalau perasan kesemua empat novel kat atas tu ditulis oleh Hana Ilhami. Aku actually a big fan of her since the first novel lagi. So, untuk teruskan sokongan, aku belilah yang aku tak beli lagi. Nanti aku dah siap baca, aku tulis review noh.

Till then,


Monday 18 November 2019

Queen For Seven Days

November 18, 2019 6 Comments
Assalamualaikum, it's been so long hasn't it ? I had actually quite a number of reviews to write and post but nah, not really feeling to type these days. :/  So, to lessen the number by one, here is a review of a 2017 drama that I had finished for about a month ago ? Please do pardon me for the bad review. :/

Title : Queen for Seven Days / 7Ilui Wangbi / 7일의 왕비
Episodes : 20
Genre : Historical, Romance, Political
Writer : Choi Jin Young
Network : KBS2
Cast : Park Min Young, Yeon Woo Jin, Lee Dong Gun
Plot :

Shin Chae Kyung is a daughter of a politician, Shin Soo Geun. She, however was forced to stay at a small village outside of Hanyang with her nanny. Being a rebellious teenagers, she found her way to her parents house in Hanyang. She then found herself fall in love with the Crown Prince of Joseon, Lee Yeok who lives under the tyranny of his half-brother, King Lee Young.

I'm sooo sorry for the poor synopsis ! I seriously had no idea how to come with better summary without spoiling what I should spoil in my review.


First off, I really love the plot of this drama. It filled with twist and emotions. The prologue in the first episode definitely got me hooked. The scene showed that Queen Shin was on her way to be executed. And for that, I keep watching the drama, especially when the later scenes in the episode showed how much Shin Chae Kyung and the crown prince loves one another.

Just like several historical drama out there, this drama also portrayed the thirst of the power and the throne. However, this drama showed a bit different in this case when the crown prince had no intention to take  the throne in the beginning. Even when he had the chance to take back the crown, he gave it back to his half brother.

The chemistry between the three main actors was really good. Especially between the king and the crown prince. They both actually long for each other's company. But the king was furious when their father cursed him to be a bad king if he ever took the throne. Their relationship fall when their father started to take side on the crown prince.

This drama had gave me a big impression on forgiving. When the crown prince had finally got the throne from his half-brother, he finally had the stressed of what his brother had. He then pay a visit to his brother, they ended up forgive each other and his brother died on him. Damn, I cried hard on this scene.

The ending however got me a bit confused because Shin Chae Kyung refused to became the queen again and lives as a normal person but she still together with the crown prince and even had a son together. If she wasn't the queen, then it leaves the question of, did the king get married with another woman to make her as the queen or not. And he didn't, the next king was probably not from his family or what. The after-story got me thinking so much.

Anyway, this is a good drama to enjoy.


Tuesday 5 November 2019

Lelaki Lingkungan Cinta

November 05, 2019 10 Comments
Assalamualaikum.. Dah selalu buat review movies and k-dramas kan.. So, this time aku nak buat review buku pulak. Actually aku banyak je baca buku tapi semuanya novel-novel lama. Sejak masuk asrama mana ada dah aku nak beli novel. Kalau baca novel pun mesti member tak pun family punya. Hahaha. This one pun bukan novel yang aku beli hahaha. Sekarang aku banyak baca online novels yang ada dekat Wattpad. 

corner terlipat masa simpan ㅠㅠ

Tajuk : Lelaki Lingkungan Cinta 
Penulis : Lily Haslina Nasir
Mukasurat : 636
Penerbit : Penulisan Enterprise / Penulisan2u
Genre : Malay Fiction
ISBN : 978-967-2102-13-7
Sinopsis :

Nakal. Itu perkataan yang paling sinonim dengan Adib. Semenjak di kolej sehingga ke universiti, Adib sangat terkenal. Bukan terkenal kerana kecemerlangannya tapi terkenal kerana kenakalannya. Semua pernah Adib lakukan termasuklah membuat 'dajal' kepada Esya. Bagi Esya, Adib adalah musuh nombor satunya. Kerana Adib dia didenda. Kerana Adib habis pakaiannya rosak. Kerana Adib dia terkenal di kolej.

"Saya mungkin tak romantik, saya mungkin tak kacak, tak kaya... Tapi percayalah, hati saya melimpah kasih untuk Esya." - ADIB

Mahligai cinta yang terbina ketika masing-masing bergelar pelajar. Esya pada awalnya tidak begitu yakin dengan Adib yang sangat nakal itu. Sikap Adib yang berlainan ketika bersama dia akhirnya menambat hati Esya. Bahagia yang dibina menerbitkan hasad dalam diri Zamri. Zamri berusaha memisahkan pasangan muda itu. Alasannya ? Hanya dia yang tahu.

"Adib! Kau jangan jadi bodoh sangatlah. Si Esya tu memang terhegeh-hegeh ikut aku." - ZAMRI

"Orang tak datang beli kalau Esya tak menjual! Memang dasar keturunan menjalang memang macam ni agaknya!" - ADIB

"Sampai hati Adib tuduh Esya macam tu. Esya benci Adib!" - ESYA

Retak menanti belah. Rumah tangga Esya dan Adib bergolak kerana mulut Zamri sehingga Adib mengungkit asal usul isterinya. Itu yang Zamri mahukan! Galau hati Esya. Dia nekad dengan keputusan untuk menjauhi Adib. Kerana pulut santan binasa, kerana mulut badan binasa. Adib nanar sendirian tanpa Esya di sisi. Ujian datang bertimpa-timpa. Esya tetap dengan rajuknya. Akan tersingkapkah kebenaran yang mampu menyatukan mereka kembali? Atau hubungan Adib dan Esya berakhir hanya kerana status hidup seorang Esya?

Perkara pertama yang aku nak sentuh, cover novel. Aku sangat suka dengan dia punya color scheme which was turquoise. Illustration cover pun nampak sangat nice and I can say that it is a bit minimalist which is a good thing. Some people (read:me) sometimes akan decide untuk baca or beli buku solely based on the cover. And yea, novel ni termasuk dalam category yang aku akan baca sebab cover.

Next, plot cerita. Honestly, aku ambil masa yang agak lama untuk habiskan novel ni. Jalan cerita novel ni start daripada zaman Esya and Adib dekat MRSM lagi and on that time, diorang ni on love-hate relationship,  or kind of. Sebab Adib memang ada hati dengan Esya tapi sebab perangai nakal budak-budak dia tu buat Esya menyampah. Tapi sebabkan ada satu kes and Adib jadi hero kepada Esya, diorang berbaik sebelum habis SPM.

Perjalanan cerita agak perlahan sebab first, kau nak kena hadap cerita masa diorang dekat sekolah. Lepas tu, cerita masa dekat universiti pun slow. Boleh kata kebanyakan scene lebih kepada kehidupan sebagai seorang pelajar U. Konflik sebelum diorang kahwin almost to none. Lepas dah kahwin tu je baru nampak konflik daripada mulut Zamri and Adib punya kepala angin (sorry for the language!) 

Konflik rumah tangga diorang ni sekejap-sekejap. Maksud aku macam, salah sorang mesti mengalah awal. Tapi, punca konflik semuanya sama, Zamri. Setiap kali gaduh pasal Zamri, tak pernah sekali pun Adib tak ungkit pasal keturunan Esya. Aku memang geram gila kalau baca part ni. Sebelum kahwin, punyalah kata tak kisah apa semua. Lepas kahwin, haram jadah mengungkit je tahu. Hish. Emo ni emo. Walhal, keturunan dia pun ada kisah silam jugak ergh. Anyway, bila dah terus terang dengan Mama Jarah (mak angkat Esya),  barulah Adib sedar salah dia.

Watak Esya dengan Adib ni memang berjaya portray kehidupan mahasiswa apatah lagi yang kahwin masa belajar (not that I'm experienced but the struggle). Salute penulis ! Aku tak berapa curious pasal Esya dengan Adib ni sebab aku lebih tertarik dengan rahsia keturunan Adib yang Kak Dayana, kakak Adib rahsiakan. Jujurnya, once dia beritahu, aku nak je stop baca tapi sebab Zamri, aku teruskan bacaan. Hehe. Aku puas hati gila dengan balasan dunia yang Zamri terima. Ingatkan bawak mulut je, rupanya besar lagi tanduk dia.

Overall, walaupun jalan cerita agak slow and tak berapa menarik pada aku, novel ni tetap enjoyable and banyak jugaklah aku gelak sendiri sebab Adib punya nakal. Till next,


Friday 1 November 2019

Hotel del Luna

November 01, 2019 4 Comments
Assalamualaikum and heyya. Its been long since the last k-drama review hasn't it ? So, here is a drama that I had finished for about a month ago (yeah I am this lazy) ? I pretty sure that everyone that enjoy K-Drama would know and maybe had watched this drama over and over again.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner
Title : Hotel Del Luna / 호텔 델루나
Episodes : 16
Genre : Romantic Comedy, Fantasy
Writer : Hong Jung Eun, Hong Mi Ran
Network : tvN
Cast : IU, Yoo Jin Goo, Shin Jung Keun, P.O, Bae Hae Sun
Plot :

Jang Man Weol is the owner of a hotel called 'Hotel Del Luna'. This hotel only served special guest, the dead. Jang Man Weol was a woman who had done evil things during her life and she was tied to the 'Moon Tree' for over 1,000 years to pay for her wrongdoings. She is beautiful but fickle and very greedy. Due to an unexpected event, Ku Chan Seong was promised to work as the assistant manager at Hotel Del Luna once he reached the age of 20. For that, Chan Seong had been living out of Korea until he reached 21 years old, thinking that the 'curse' would stop. With his soft heart, he then begun working at Hotel Del Luna.


First off, I didn't intent to watch this drama because the plot didn't intrigued me. But then the reviews that was written definitely got me hooked. And here I am. The first thing that I wanted to comment on was the really amazing CG. The first episode of the drama had my eyes widen because I was so not expecting the way the house(hotel) was build. The drama was filled with amazing CGs that I couldn't just simply ignored.

Honestly, I thought this drama would be a simple plot whereby a human had the ability to see the ghosts and make the hotel for them. But it wasn't the case. I was confused when it started with Jang Man Wool in the deserted place with the clothing from the older era. Then I realized that Jang Man Wool had lives long a very long life. The constant question on why and how she lived that long made me enjoying the plot even more. Especially when Go Chan Sung had dreamed of her past life.

I really enjoyed every character in this drama. Especially Jang Man Wool. Her rude attitude, sarcastic remarks and her loves for money. It was like watching another version of IU that I had never knew exist. She definitely killed that role. Yeo Jin Goo was as good as actor he is. I couldn't say much on him because this is the first time I watched his acting. 

Usually I didn't enjoyed an open ending dramas or movies but this drama may became an exception. When Jang Man Wool didn't took the drink that Yuna stole from Mago for the second time, to be with Chan Sung, I kind of glad. If she did, she would only be tied to the tree of moon for centuries again and Chan Sung would only became a tiny part of that centuries she lived in. 

I could say that I enjoyed this drama very much. Even though some episodes may went over one hour mark, I still enjoyed every part of this drama. It was very enjoyable because of its comedy, romantic and sadness elements in the plot. Even though this is a drama with the majority of the supporting roles were ghosts, I think the only time that I actually got scared was when the guest in Room 13 was let loose. Other than that, it was all bearable.