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The Vanished

March 26, 2019 1 Comments
Assalamualaikum ! I just finished midterm break and the following week after midterm are expected to be super stressful with all of the assignments, presentations, tests, programs and last, final. I just need a time to relax so, I wrote this review of a movie that I watch during the break. I hope you can enjoy ! 

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Title : The Vanished / Vanished Night / Sarajin Bam /
Runtime : 101 minutes
Genre : Thriller
Country : South Korea
Distributor : Kidari Ent
Plot :

The corpse of Yoon Seol Hee disappear in National Institute of Scientific Investigation the night of her death. Her husband, Park Jin Han claims that she still alive meanwhile detective Woo Jung Sik believe otherwise. 

This movie was not labelled as horror but I felt that it is a horror movie.  I honestly had never heard of this movie until my friends introduced it to me few days ago.


I am starting this review with the plot. In the beginning, it is mentioned that Yoon Seol Hee was killed by her own husband, Park Jin Han by using a special drug.  She was killed because she found out about her husband love affair. So, when her body disappear, Park Jin Han was very scared that she would be alive and took revenge on him. With the constant strange things that appear in front of him that only him and Seol Hee knows make him believe his instinct even more. With this, I almost made myself to believe that Seol Hee is alive.

But, here is the real deal. Soel Hee is really had died. So, who would do such things to scare Jin Han off ? The characters are only circulated on Seol Hee, Jin Han, detective Woo and Jin Han's lover, Hye Jin. As a normal person, I would think that Hye Jin is the one behind all of the scheme as she knows Jin Han drug and all. But, I couldn't figure out her motive.

The last 30-15 minutes, the real person behind all of the scheme was finally revealed. And as I expected, Hye Jin is one of them. Yeah, there is an accomplice. They did the crime for a solid reason and it was a perfect crime. At the ending, Park Jin Han was arrested for murdering Seol Hee and also for stealing her body - even though the latter part was not the case. I honestly had never expect that the person is the one who stole Seol Hee body.  The plot twist is the real deal. Totally unexpected.

Second thing, for the cast, I did not recognized any of them. But, it wasn't a problem as they could brought the characters and portray them perfectly. And, it is lovely to watch another person act. They are what I would considered as a veteran actor. This movie is a really great movie, with excellent screenplay and everything and definitely a must watch for all movie lover !


p/s : please pray for my ease while completing my diploma
p/p/s : I only had to endure for another 2 months, more or less

Tuesday 19 March 2019


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Assalamualaikum ! So, here is another movie review update as I am too lazy to do my assignments and all. Enjoy ~

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Title : Oldboy / Oldeuboi /올드보이
Runtime : 120 minutes
Released Year : 2003
Genre : Mystery / Suspense-Thriller
Country : South Korea
Distributor : Show East
WARNING : Massive violence, adult scenes
Plot :

Oh Dae Soo is a normal businessman who had his family of his own. One night, he was drunk and on his way home with his friend. He made a quick call at phone booth and let his friend talk on his behalf. Oh Dae Soo then woke up in an unfamiliar room. He was locked up for reason that he know nothing of and who did it. With the TV inside his room, he found out that he was framed for murder of his wife. 15 years later he woke up at a rooftop of a building, only to question why. A homeless man came to him and pass a phone and wallet full of cash. When the phone rung,  Dae Soo was challenged to find out who was his kidnapper and the reason in just five days.

Mindblowing, seriously. The plot itself got me almost losing my mind.


Okay, for once, I am both amazed and disgusted while watching a movie. And the reason for both feeling is because of the plot. I do admit that this is one of the best movie I've ever watched but it was uncomfortable for me when the secret was out (even I had suspected it will be the case). If Oh Dae Soo was me, I am sure that I will be crazy after two weeks being locked up. I can't stay inside a room for a long time, it is suffocating. I am a little bit claustrophobic, so yeah.

Secondly, that kidnapper, he is sure a crazy man. Its insane. How can he locked up someone for 15 freaking years and let them out just for them to play his stupid game ? I mean, Oh Dae Soo did him wrong, yes, but the mistake is something that he is not aware of. And, if you asked me, I don't think what he did was actually so wrong that he deserved to be locked up.

One thing that I should definitely mentioned is, this movie are not suitable for young audience. Full, like fulllllll, of violence. Example ? Cutting the tongue, plucking out teeth using hammer, gunshot and lots of fighting. I don't know how many times that I grimaced while watching the cruel, heartless scenes. Most important, there's adult scenes. It is very uncomfortable while watching this kind of scenes. Especially after I found out the relationship of the two, it is actually more disgusting.

Even though I am no better than a beast, didn't I have the right to live ? - Oh Dae Soo

Watching this again ? I might have to think again. Well, I am not saying that this movie doesn't deserve it but there a lot more to consider. With the blood and the uncomfortable scenes filled like every 15 minutes, I don't think I can do it again. Yea, I like, love crime and thrilling movie like this one but it is just too cruel. I can't bring myself to watch Dae Soo to get played again.

Curious to why Oh Dae Soo was locked up for 15 years ? Then watch this yourself, and you will found out that his kidnapper is psychotic. 7/10 because of uncomfortable scenes bring the rate a little down.


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100 Days My Prince

March 12, 2019 4 Comments
Assalamualaikum ! So, I am very excited as I am currently on midsem break so I thought that I could do two review. So, here is the first one, tehee ^^

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : 100 Days My Prince / Hundred Days Husband / Baekilui Nangoonnim / 백일의 남곤님
Episodes : 16
Network : tvN
Plot :

Lee Yul is the crown prince of Joseon. He tried to uncover the truth of his illness but ended up being in a situation that almost kill him. He then woke up at a small village, losing his memory. He is forced to believe that he is an army that came back home to marry his woman, Hong Shim. For 100 days, he lived outside the palace as a peasant.

Honestly, this is my second drama that had D.O as one of the cast. He really is a well-rounded artist. He looks so natural with his character.


Okay, it had been seriously long time since I last watch an old era k-dramas. The very last is Scarlet Heart, if I'm not mistaken. I am neither too excited nor bored when I watched this drama. The introduction left quite an impression to me, because the young Lee Yul, confessed to Yi Sul that he wanted to marry her. And how fate brought them back together after years passed.

The drama got a bit boring in the middle that forced me skip a few scenes. Due to too many characters in this drama, I constantly got confused who is who (like always) especially when they all had same feature and alike position in the drama. For those who hungry for handsome man, I think you can chose one from this drama. I personally liked a manly type of face so I am drawn more to the actor who act as Hong Shim brother, Kim Jae Young. Sadly, there is not much of his scene.

The plot is very nice and enjoyable. I would say that I seldom felt bored while watching the drama. It has both typical and unusual plot. The fact that the Crown Princess was forced to comply with her father to protect her lover was just so sad. She ended up being alone after her father crime was revealed.

Do Ji Han came as the cameo in the first two episodes as the crown prince friend as well as personal bodyguard. I was very delighted when I thought he is one of the supporting cast. But, man, he died too soon. I am actually looking forward for his acting. Too bad tho.

The political issues in the drama is limited to the 'Who is the next king'. It was not so heavy and the conspiracy to have the their generation as the next is the battle between the queen and vice premier only. I was glad that the queen using a quite good approach, using talisman (not like it works) and praying. The queen aren't so cruel to have her son to be a crown prince. I would say that the issue is light and not a cause of headache.

Loving is not about winning or losing. It is about giving - Jung Je Yoon

This is a must watched for all K-drama lovers ! 9/10


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March 05, 2019 1 Comments
Assalamualaikum !! 

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Unstoppable / Angry Bull / Sungnan Hwangso / 성난 황소
Runtime : 115 minutes
Released Year : 2018 
Genre : Crime / Action
Distributor : Showbox
Country : South Korea
Plot :

Dong Suk used to be a gangster but he had changed his way and begin to start up a king crab business. He is married to Ji Soo. One day, he went home and found his house in a mess. He then received an unknown call. Dong Suk went to the agreed place and found a bag full of cash. The kidnapper trade the money with his wife. When Dong Suk reported the case to the police, they took it as if he sold his wife off. Having no choice, Dong Suk began his mission to save his wife.

Every Ma Dong Seok movie are lit and very satisfying !


First off, even though this movie is labelled as a crime movie, the villain is not very smart. Sure, he did succeed in kidnapping Ji Soo and more women but he actually a coward. Some scenes that were supposed to be nerve-wrecking, turn out to be funny because of the villain. With all of these genre combination made the movie more fun to watch, even it is typical. The crime committed isn't bad and there was no scenes that would triggered someone. The kidnapped women was only mentioned to be sold and prostituted purpose but they were no such scenes.

This movie can be labelled as family-friendly because the violence scenes are not something unfamiliar or too cruel. The only problem is the vulgar language which is quite hard to avoid not using in a movie. Thus, it is safe for a young kids to watch this movie.

Crime or action movie usually filmed in dark ambient light scenes to get the right mood. However, this movie aren't using a very dark ambient light to get the right mood. It has a good balance of light and dark in scenes which is a good move for the audience. The cinematography is also on the spot. There was not much shaking during the fight scenes and it is very stable as they change from one scene to another.

I really enjoyed all of casts, especially Kim Sung Oh. In my personal opinion, he had a fierce type of face but kind at the same time. It is enjoyable as he tried to act as the cowardly villain but pretend to be cruel. All of the actors chosen had their own style and choosing Ma Dong Seok for the main cast definitely  a good move because this movie is definitely his typical style.

I am very satisfied with this movie and I highly recommended it ! 9.5/10